Where does the word "coffee' come from.-' Naturally, everyone will make a bet, that on account of dictionaries stating that is was first in the 17th Century, the ancient Wizards didn't know a thing about ir. How could they? How could they ever allude to coffee in theic letter switching process when they created the Greek language? Here I will show you how they did it.

We uke the Greek word Clialepaino (-/ciAE.-toívtú), to be angry. This word consists of two parts chale, of which ch (y) is used as k and 1 (J.) is used as f, which gives us our coffee {Kaffee in German) ; the nu (v) of paino comes from an "m", ihe p being merely a separating letter between the two connected word, so as to make them palatable or pronounceable. The omega (to) is used as the ending of the word, -er in this case. Thus we get the word: "Eitnei" meaning in English: Ewer. We have (hen the following picture: Coffee-pot. Don't say: Oh, now I am sure, he is screwy, bringing us a picture such as this to mean "angry", even in the "cloak and coat" language. It may be all Greek to you just yet, but the Sun will shine, sometimes ... I amr not considering the second part of the word Chalepaino, i.e. Paino as being related to the German word "Pein", which in English means pain to bring us into the idea of Coffee-pain.

The Greek word rheipan ( which means to melt, to flow away, is derived from the old German word Fein (ours pain) thus: rh (¡5) used as p, pi { ji) used as n. When profits in markets flow away or health flows away, we then begin to feel pain because the after effect is always used or meant!

Next we rake another word, related to coffee: Chaikos (^aAxó-g)■ meaning brass, copper. In this case the letter kappa (■/_) is a "filler" to connect the two words: Chai 8c os. Chai (x<zk) is Coffee and os (0^) is our Ochs again, giving us the meaning of Coffee-ox. The word Eimer (ewer) is thus a synonym to Ochs (ox) in this delineation, and it is so, too, because a pail, bucket or ewer has the shape of an ox-head. Both contain water only!

Next word: Cheiroconew (^iipwrovEw) . meaning: co vote, to elect, to choose. Ch ('X) in this case is used as G; rh (9) as n; t (-c) as s, giving us the German word "Genossen" which means reiat-ed people, people who belong to a fraternity or society. The people of a state or country are just that and this is why they vote for rulers.

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