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For personal horoscopes I have found in stationery stores books which ate used to make double entry bookkeeping which hive 6 columns on a page or 12 columns on a double page. Use the first column to encex the Moon's progression from day to day, the second column to enter the aspects next to the proper values as taken from the fixed permanent aspect table. Each column is long enough for one month, since the lines amount to 32 or 34 downward, allowing one month for one column, or three months for one single page.

Such a book you can use for many years. On the side of the columns is ample space to make notations about the effect of each aspect as it strikes. * Nelson, Chicago, 111., carries it.

The entire process is shown on page 97 for our example of the native of March 17, 1941.

THE PROGRESSED MOON FOR OUR HOROSCOPE OF MARCH 17, 1941 Note: 3 Increment is 2.367', which is to be added each day. Table below is for calendar year 1941 All aspects as due are taken from the final rotation table of planets' positions.

3< i*)*2<f V M+Wi. 35 13*21' TJ M+Vii. 2* 23*23' 37 23*26' 3i ij* IS' 35 «"JO" JO 75-35-31 IS-Si' April I Il'ja'ui i as-^o-ia i ¡j^r

A pat

7 2nr s iyw oM+miv .9 3J*3¿' iW+z 1>" 10 U'ssf

16 2i"IV

No aijiccu


1 27-ir

1 ir-fo" ( 2T*<3' S 27 '4 5' ! 27*48' ' 27-50' I 31-J2 I 27-1 J'

No upccts

No upecii

[ 28' 13* ! 2«*2l' I 2«*W 1 2S*J3' i 28-»' ; 28*37' ' 28*40' I 2i*<2'

> 2S-4C 1 3S-47' . 3&M5»' t 2a-M' I 28-34' ; 2«-3<T l 28*3?" ; 2«* 1' ' 21' )' t 29' <r

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