Additional Information About Aspects

Some astrology books tell you about orbs of influence. They say when an aspect is due for example on May 21st, it makes itself felr 2 or 3 or even more degrees before that time and, after striking on May 21st, it gradually fades out, so that after 3 or 4 degrees have gone by, the aspect is completed.

Here is my finding about the way aspects work.

Supposing you follow during the night in a hilly country an automobile. You wacch its tail light. As it reaches a high place in the road you can see the light plainly; as soon as it goes down a grade, there is suddenly no more light. The same with aspects.

Unless an. aspect is actually full ro the exact degree and minute nothing happens on account of this aspect. Something will only happen when the aspect is full. This aspect will last until some other aspect comes into the picture and the person or object for whonr the horoscope was made: will be guided by the new aspect and follows its effect, whether good or bad. When you follow markets of commodities you can sec the effect of aspects very nicely, in fact from these markets I made my deductions throughout.

The trend of a stock or of wheat is up, until an unfavorable aspect com« and knocks it down. It will be down, until a good aspect stops the decline and makes things go up again.

Therefore, our aspects of 13", 30', 45*, 60', etc., ace meant for 15"0', 30'0", 45 "0', ¿0*0', and not for an aspect of 14*58', or of 15*2' or any such nearby figures.

Conjunctions and oppositions usually bring about a 100% change in the direction of the move. If we had an up move before, we can reckon the movement will be down and if we have moved down just prior to some conjunction, then at the actual moment of conjunction an upward movement will start in the situation of the native.

However, should a d or 8 cause a further move in the SAME direction as prevailed, then a QAV in the direction of the way things moved before the aspect arrived will be made on that day. Sec what I explained about gajri in "Time Factors".

Some time ago I read in a paper that there exist 37 ways to spell a name that sounds like Bayer and some 27 varieties of the name Snyder: Snyder, Schneider, Sneider, Shneiter, Scrneder, etc., Let: us throw this type all into one btg pile and call all these people 60" angles in our work. Whether it is a ^ 2 or a ® sfcQi, approaching the planet or departing from it, or a ^f? , etc.

In life we are not so much concerned about the details of how an aspect affects us, buc we are more concerned to know that on this or on that specific day something good or bad is supposed to happen. When the time is there we soon sense what ir is. Going over a lot of astrological books, I found that they are all concerned what the effect of a certain aspect should be. On the other hand they are mostly so fir off with theic calculations, as to the exact time of its occurrence that it does not do them any good.

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