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This horoscope must be renewed and made each year. All orhers remain as they arc produced for the birth moment. The procedure of how to remake the progressed horoscope is the very same as when you make your original radix horoscope. Only it is made for so many days later as years have elapsed in the native's life. In out sample horoscope it would be made each year for 12:01 P.M., York Time, figured over into London Time and planets pro portioned to it from the London Noon positions as found in the Ephemeris of the progressed day (so many days from birth day a* the native has years on his back).

The tabic for progressed planets is only good on the actual birth day and not for the whole year. "Whenever we strike a progressed aspect of out table we have to adjust it, ยป explained already, by measuring its speed over the year (the progressed day) and figure for it also its daily motion. Add to the position of the day, when the aspect becomes operative according to the progressed chart, the extra motion which the planet made from the birth day to the day the aspect becomes operative. This may sound complicated but it is quite simple in actual operation. Several cases will be shown with our test horoscope.

When all aspects ate entered into the table of the Progressed Moon for the entire year, which may be on loose leaves with columns or in a book of the sort described above, we may finally take a graph paper' which Carries the days of the year every 5th day 'to be had in good stationery stores or in stores who carry drawing material and plot the expected effect of each aspect as each one comes during the year. We give upstrokes to good aspects and down strokes to bad aspects, the size depending upon the distance (length of time1) from one aspect to the next; also upon, condition of Speculum as explained previously. Should two aspects fail very close together, which can happen cjuite often, we must watch which one strikes first so as not to get the direction mixed up.* A bad and a good aspect striking on one day usually causes nothing, but should they be a day or so apart, one may be good, followed a day after by the next one which may be evil. This evil one should then continue until a good one comes again. If, on the other hand, a good aspect begins and is followed by another good one, it should cause an increase of the' previous good effect as soon as the second good aspect strikes. At times, good horoscopes have 5 and 6 good aspects in a solid row. This then would cause a general bullish movement for the native, the same way as a string of evil aspects would produce a bearish cycle for the native".

Add direction after direction as they come and follow the way they are to be interpreted from my explanations of the effect of angles.

We have now touched on all points that have ro be used and considered for the erection and interpretation of the Five-Fold Horoscope.

Nothing his been overlooked, everything has been explained carefully step by step. The process for making individual horoscopes is at all times the same. There ate not short cuts. It takes about 3 hours to 4 hours to make a complete horoscope after you have gained experience.

- Set Wool Tablt April S-9, 19-fl, ijMs i RM. pig" 97; also Noic on pases 95, 87, 89.

The effect of such horoscopes is often times astounding as co correctness and direction of the aspects -when they arrive, provided the horoscope is based on the right birth moment. Of course, most of the time we have not (he correct moment of birth available and mu-ch hardship is caused on that account.

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