About Retrograde Planets

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Whenever a planet is retrograde IJ, we must mark it as such into the horoscope. The simple fact moving contrary () has as effect that they also act the opposite way compared to planets which move direct. A trine to a retrograde planet is evil and hurtful whereas a trine to a direct planet is usually favorable. Therefore so-called evil aspects, such as squares are favorable when made to a IJ planet.

A direct planet moves always anti-dock wise, while a retrograde planet moves with the clock. The retrograde motion lasts with Mercury a few weeks, and occurs about 4 times a year. The retrograde motion of the other planets is longer. The slow moving planets are about % °f their time in retrograde nnotioQ, losing not quite one half of whar they gained in their previous forward movement, so that gradually, they gain on the forward side anyhow and thus com niece their movement around the Zodiac in more or less long periods of time. The only planets that do not move backwards are the Sun and the Moon.

With the method I am reaching, do not attempt to use helio-centric planets' positions or aspects or try to erect horoscopes for heliocentric views.

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