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In the average astrology book they ascribe various natures to the signs. They distinguish between northern and southern signs, between signs of long and short ascension, between male and female signs. They speak of fiery trincs, of earthly trines, of airy and watery trincs. They have movable and fixed signs, common and fruitful signs; they have mental signs and musical signs; in fact the litany could be continued for another 30 or 40 kinds of differentiations between signs. For each of these distinctions they put several signs together. The result of such distinction, causes the student to gather a lot of ideas that are worthless, meaningless and troublesome. Don't make any such distinctions! Ic matters little whether a planet is in a fiery sign or whether it is in a melancholic sign. An aspect coming on to it "will either cause an upward or a downward move, never mind whether the planet feels melancholic or otherwise. These differentiations plainly show •where these astrologers have taken their wisdom from': they took these ideas from the Ancients who meant entirely different things by it, but I cannot go into that because this book is not to be an interpretation of the Scriptures.

The next things they do give ate gorgeous descriptions of the signs individually such is Gemini, Leo, etc. What each sign is supposed to cause or bring about- It causes nothing and brings nothing about! It may be compared to a street through -which people walk. Take the main street of your town! Does this street bring some thing about? Does this Main Street give a'good memory when you go through it, such as our famous book astrologers try to tell you when you read: Cancer gives a good memory and makes people savingsful? Whhhoo—

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