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Some of my own predictions in my weekly analysis were these:

In letters to my clients during October, 19*11, I said: "I am afraid of December 7th, 1941. Something serious will happen on chat day." (See weekly analyses, copies of October 25, 1941, and repeated November 5th, 1941. Or could you say on. December 4th, 1942: "On July ljch, 1943, I have a big earthquake in score which will have great bearing on the wac and on markets", as 1 did in Analysis- of Dec. 4, 1942.

On July 14 th we went into Sicily. It surely was a quake!!

Or, could you say on Sept. 1st, 1943: "On. September 7th, 1943, there will, come some cheerful news all around which should be the incentive for us to go places". Blah, you may say; chat capitulation: of Italy we only heard of on the 8th and not on the 7th, But, we know now, that the event happened on the 7th and the radio was too slow spreading che news, whereas my clients knew of that on the 1st of September 1943 already.

Therefore, forecasts of simple events such as this, the entry of our country into the World War, the landing of our troops in Sicily, the surrender of Italy, should not constitute difficulties provided you get to study my various works, pass up a few movies or pinochle games, and start with bigger, more important things.

When out troops landed on November 4, 1942, in North Africa, I explained to a friend about the expected campaign as follows:

"We have here a simple astrological-physical phenomenon: At Algiers, we have our troops, the English are over in Egypt. They will try to meet in the Tunis area. The outline of North Africa is that of a curved candle stick holder. Tunisia, where 1 lived fot a year in 1912, represents that part of the candle;holder, wherein you place the candle. The Mediterranean, between Tunis and Sicily, we shall call the candle. Sicily proper is the wick. We shall light that candle. Once lit, the old rag that hangs over it, Italy, in form of a boot, will catch fire here and there. All will depend on how this rag takes fire. Is it a cotton rag or one made of straw? In the latter case, it would just burn up fa^t and without much smoke. A cotton tag, however, is better; it smoulders slowly, becomes warm throughout, and then, when it starts burning, we wilt get a lot of smoke with it; all of Europe will be choked and enveloped in smoke.

When a home burns ,it is usually the inside that gets the worst. The frame may suffer substantially, bur is left standing anyhow. Under certain circumstances, this frame can even be used to patch the inside once more. Therefore, England and the Noith Countries should not be the great sufferers.

Fire usually starts in rubbish in the cellar, sometimes, also in the atrrc".

Of course, it's hard when, you start. ,It is strange to the average man. The average man is used to talk "cold turkey", cash, dollars, profits. He doeé not care to follow these planets around the sky, who find their way without him. He hates to do careful figuring, to the 5th decimal, if necessary. Since my first writing of "Time Factors" I have accumulated 62 bound books each containing between 220 and 240 pages of notes or about 13,000 pages in all. These notes are remarks, made while reading books, all of which deal with finding events ahead of time. In order to guide you rightly, I will mention several of the books worked through and even groups of them which you should study also. All books that are ^'Literal" translations of old Greek and Roman texts deal exclusively with the subject of1 forecasting arid not with things people think they treat. Examples: Livy, Cicero, Marc Aurelius, Aristophanes, Hesiod, all the Egyptian writings, also Paracelsus, Jacob Boehme, the Rattenfaenget vort Hameln, Tijl Uilenspiegel, the "Legends of the Jews", the Niebelungenlied, the Fairy Tales of Grimm & Anderson; all the great poets and their writings, such as Emerson, Tennyson, Shakespeare, Goethe, Balzac, Montesquieu, Dante, Heinrich Heine, Raskin, Nietzsche, Francis Bacon., Plutatch, and others.

They all knew the laws, had worked them up of themselves and used them without telling anybody what they used as a basis, giving out just the products of their results. Even though at present you may know little about the laws of motions and of life you might have thought, once in a while, why the works of these "knowers" had such an immense circulation, why so many translations into all sorts of languages were made and why ouc of some 10,000 books published In the U. S. A. each year, most of them never teach a bookstore and many become merely shelf warmers therein. Only a handful of books obtain a good circulation, but within a year's time they also join the others, becoming dead and a burden, to the bookseller.

The works of Casanova, the Count of Monte Cristo, Marco Polo; Thousand and One Nights, are also of that class, which explain only planetary movements and their effects upon mankind.

Most of these works start "too high", with only a page or two of introduction, so that rhe average man can never get an inkling, as to what the basis is. These works take the normal astrological and astronomical knowledge of the students for granted.

The bulk of mankind condemns any book, as soon as they gee aware that the basis is planetary movements. They (the bulk) like the Masters works because they don't know what they contain. A good deal of mischief his, of course, been done just for that reason by people who use rhese and similar works to make a business teaching things, of which they themselves know nothing and the buyers still less. But, even in a beehive, drones ire tolerated that live off the works of other bees.

I do not want you to con/use ordinary textbooks as being of the class explained above. Algebca books, trigonometry books, language books, physic chemistry, botany or zoology books arc merely recording facts.

The public likes to delve into the unknown, but those who use the "Twelve Easy Lessons Methods" to master something in a monch's time have not found the key to gcr to the unknown.

It is hard for a man who has solved the puzzle to start right at rhe beginning to build from, expecting a litde something of the student in the way of basic education. In fact, to work over the Five-Fold Horosocpe was quite a job foe me, going back to che first grade In school, so to say, once more. It would not be very suitable, if a professor of many degrees of several universities would get into a class to teach six year olds. I would say, he would be a failure in that place. For students of ordinary astrology hundreds of texts frorrr three and four hundred years ago have been just "taken" by so-called astrologers, translated and put out as "newest astrology". Many of those books I have seen. They were bought in the belief they would be just the book to find something "new". But, sorry to say, an astrology book—those usually called astrology books—are not che ones to get to the unknown.

My own study of many years of chis subjeKc has shown chat house positions, sign positions, and all those things upon which an ordinary astrology b>ook puts all the stress, are unimportant. They try to overcome the difficulty of having but 7 planets available (now they have 9 oc 10) and Che aspects formed by any one to all the others occur coo far apart, but yet, much happens in. the mean time.

Which, aspect had there been on December 7th, 1941, which aspect on Sept. ■8th, 1943? There weren't any of the kind looked for by the average astrologers.

GIST OF BAYER'S METHOD My astrological method, as you will now recognize, is radically different front the ordinary astrology. It is of mf own invention, found in no book. Its basis is reflecting acrual positions in the sky, so that at the reflection places, the same planets again appear and act, as if chey were bodily there. We obtained that way some 52 places of planets, against 9 places the ordinary way. We do not consider signs. We do not differentiate between one planet and another. They all are expected to have the same effect. We do not consider the house positions of planets, nor the signs of the Zodiac, except to erect the horoscope. The latter is spoken of for the benefit of those who have done some study of astrology already, others, not knowing of it, do not have to rid of a troublesome burden.

THE REQUIRED A. B, C A little knowledge of arithmetic is essential, also the ability to figure the Moon's motion by proportional logarithms, which are given on the last page of each Raphael's Ephemeris of Planets' Places. Of course, you have to learn the twelve signs and how they are placed around the Ecliptic which represents the imaginary path in which the Sun in Heaven moves from year to year. You must know that, to facilitate such figuring one Certain place hid to be fixed, once and for all, so as to have a beginning from which to measure. The Sun's path being an ellipse, it always will bring the Sun back to its former places. One point of the ecliptic is called 0* T, when ic 15 said: "Spring" begins. The Sidereal Time

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