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All the mutual aspects from progressed planets, progressed ascendant and progressed midheaven to radix position in the new Five-Fold Horoscope must be reckoned carefully to minutes, whenever possible, to find when the aspects hit, i.e. so many days away from January lsc of each year. The angles are the same as with moon aspects, viir 0*, 15', 30\ 4V, 60', 75", 90*, 105*, 120*, 135*,150*. 16J*. 180.

These angles produce the main swings in the market.

The lunar aspects are to be used for the minor swings. These minor swings must be interwoven with the big swings.

The reason why we did not want to admit chis sooner is that the lunar aspects happen to coincide with major swings of mutual aspects.

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