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There are many people who in schools have studied ere or two foreign languages. One might have taken up French, another Spanish, a third Latin, a few, several languages. Hundreds of times I heard people say: yes, I had French two or three years, but I focgoc it. This simply means: he or she never understood, because, once you understand something, you won't forget it.

Some pretend to even have forgotten their mother tongue!

Others pretend to know a language, assuming that che other knows Jess than they do of that language. Often times such people get away with the bluff. They appear important. To understand a language aces not just mean that we can ask for food or for the direction of the road. It means che knowledge of grammar, syntax, a commensurate vocabulary and many other things. The other things alluded to represent what Swedenborg called the "internal thought" or "internal meaning", that, which Goethe refers to as "That a word does not always mean just one thing."

Since this latter knowledge or understanding of a language is as foreign to professors as it is to the student, shall be amply shown. We may say: "Ail those who speak the English tongue for example, are only able to speak the "surface language", but ace ever unable to speak or understand the inside or interior-language. "We could make a scale to measure those who speak a language such as English.

The number of languages spoken by men on this earth is very large. I believe there are more than 400. It is impossible that one man could speak them all. When we say: English is the best known and most widely spread of all the languages, we may be right, from one point of view, but from other points of view we would be wrong. As far as business is concerned, English is the language used most. For scientific work it is Latin. In cookery it is French,

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