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The Science of Astrologjy is Infinite, never ending, when once the right road has been found. Skimpers will ever ride around on wooden horses; they will never follow the exhortations of Father Abe.

For example,' practically all diseases can be cured when astrological laws are properly used. On this specific angle I am working for over a year. I have discovered that we have a limited span of life alio we'd to us by God. But many people get sick and die before the allotted span of life has' expired. All those diseases which develop within the actual allowed span of life are curable with the proper diet and other procedures, involving nothing but the correctly proportioned use of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. This is why Cancer, Paralysis, Dropsy, Gout and other so-called incurable dinatts are curable provided our life span is not exhausted and many a time, when such diseases get into one's system, the life span is not exhausted for a long time!

Therefore, as you may readily see, I have set myself a big goal and the laws of Markets -were just a stepping stone into much bigger things thac come forth from there again.


In an old "Who Is Who" edition I found an advertisement of a correspondence school which offers "training for authorship, how to write, what to write, and whirc to jell". Isn't it stiange ibat they do not offer a course to authors about "WHEN 10 write", This is the most important thing. The answer is simple: they don't know anything about that. I wish anyone good luck who starts something, be it study or writing or any other thing, when in his horoscope he just then has progressed "g>Q l? or UOQ1- Similar ideas appear also in books on the stock market, wherein they teach and explain: how to buy stocks, which stocks, in which case they mention those listed on an exchange, and where to sell: through a broker. They do not tell you anything about when to buy and wbiti 10 jell, because this is an unknown quantity for them. In fact that is what they would like co know themselves. These types of books are the ABC and are fit only for the lowest grade of Grammar School. A little while ago I was trying ro come to this point whrn saying: I have to assume something of the reader. How would a Dean of a University act teaching the first year Grammar School pupils? It just can't be done. Of course, there are many books oil a 11 sorts of subjects, starting from ABC and building up gradually, but such procedure in a book is so dry for one who has learned something, that he puts the book away. Associating things from one field with another is advantageous, provided the writer has had experience in various fields.

Yes, the "WHEN" is the most important word to analyze of all the words aside of the word "God". Although it is said. He is Omnipresent, we must not forget that there are three Persons in One. It does not say they are separated or each alone, but it .may be three in a row, as is explained in the Odes of Solomon (Lost Books of the Bible) and thus they are One anyhow. The question then arises: when does One start and when the Others?

I put this question not only from what I have learned about the Godhead, but also the Bible shows clearly, that in the New Testament there is hardly any reference to God or to the Holy Spirit, but only to Jesus, the Son of God who is treated. When you read the New Testament, you hardly ever get the Idea that there are three persons, but you just feel as if it was one single person acting.

Now, WHEN does one begin and end, when begins two and ends, and when begins three and ends? If you only would know! The various symbols used in the Catholic Church are worth studying. Rough drawings of the various pictures, vessels, ect., should be made; old illustrated Bibles should be bought to study the pictures contained therein. The color schemes used in the religious masses should be studied and the causes for their use sought. Do not for > moment believe that the colors or precious stones selected by astrological books-is belonging to the various signs are rightly chosen! Neither is thete anything of value in so-called Sun Horoscopes! To verify chis, all you have to do is accumulate a lot of birth dates of friends and trace just one group that is born say between 0* T and 3"T, a matter of 3*. You will find chat a slight trait is present, but oftentimes not even that much. Why? Because the "When" comes often in between, which makes out of i + j — sign or out of a — a ■+■ sign. Of course, Jesus once said: "Make my way scraight". This is worth sizing up, what it could mean. The corrupt nations ought to be easy to understand: it means the retrograde ones. Righteousness means straight—or direct motion. Of course, the world was corrupt before Noah. This is why God sent a Flood (1^)-This mens: The planets in Geocentric motion had backwards movements before "No--ah!" The flood sent, means, wipe out all that what you have done all these years and use the tight path. This explanation would give us two parts of persons of our God. The third one I prefer not to hint at. But, if you are clever ttid have learned a lot from this work, follow this idea farther! You sviil find the third person in those two and the Gordian knot is solved.

Be it said, however, thuc no tegular divisions ate made (as explained many times in all parts of the Bible), but the apparent division is found in a much round about way. And, should it take you ten full years to figure it out, it still would be worth your while to constantly try for it, because that would reveal to you the "When".


So much has been written about astrology already that the average man must feel as if the entire field had been covered already thoroughly. But, alas, if they would know that only the surface has been scratched and not even the skin of the "apple" removed by ail what has been written about astrology. Yes, when we speak of books which are "called" astrology books. It is different, when we consider those best sellers, such as the Bible, the Fairy Tales, 1001 Nights, Casanova, Bocaccio, the Koran, Swedenborg's Works, the Latin Wcitecs, the Greek writers, the medieval poets, etc These works are also astrological works, but written in Code-form, so that the average man, common or learned, does not recognize them as such.

The difficulty why the student of astrology is so blind not to recognize these works as being astrological works, lies primarily in the tremendous difficulty of the subject proper. In order to illustrate this idea lightly, we have to analyze first of all, how die present day student of astrology goes about to acquire his wisdom about the stars.

Before the advent of astrological magazines, from which the present day student takes most of his knowledge, there used to be almanacs issued once a year, which contained prognostications about the weather, supposedly figured out via planetary aspects. In these almanacs actual planetary constellations were also given, such as <J, A between 0 and 5 , or f? and OX and others. The general feeling of people who can think is that the planets do have an influence upon us. No one bur a trader of Stocks or Wheat can recognize this better, since stocks, wheat and other commodities show irregular up and down movements, the so-called swings. Price levels reach tops and go down, uncil they make whar is called a bottom; from that level they rise again to make a top.

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