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A letter received from St. Louis, Mo., yesterday, prompted me to rewrite the Five-Fold Horoscope, which was originally published in 1937. A part of it was rewritten already in May, 1940. Of course, many additions and changes will now be made. Since I5>3 7 much water had flown down the Arna2on River. Much has been found out since that time about che laws governing our movements and that of the other inhabitants of the earth of which this Part 111 is but an idea into whit sort of paradise we can work!

The letter wis one of the strangest ever coming my way. The party who wrote it had bought in the course of time my various works starring with "Time Factors", "Handbook of Trend Determination for Stocks and Commodities",

The "Egg of Columbus" (which deals with the cycles in general of human beings, of stocks, of wheat, etc.) Among these works he also had obtained one of the original copies of the "Five-Fold Horoscope".

In the letter he enclosed a focecast which he was able to make, after studying the books showing me what wheat prices should do from hcce one. He was able to produce exactly the same forecast as I had made, showing rhe peak of prices and the lowest prices due to come cogethec with the right dates.

Now, if one person can make a good forecast of future events with the aid of the Five-Fold Horoscope—this man is just an average man like you and me— why can't you try foe the same results? You may say: Why, it took him six years to do that! Weil, what have yott achieved during the last six years? Can you buy Wheat or Stocks at the right time and sleep well and not be afra.id they might go the wrong way,

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