Word About Latin

The Latin language seems to have been produced from the French language.

Valerian=vaux-rien (good for nothing), Caesar—C'est ca (that's it!), Nero= noir (the Black One), Jesus=Je suis=-I am, are examples.

Caesar had a first name, too, that of Julius. To explain this word we need the common French dialect. Julius represents the word "celui", that One. So, Julius Caesar is: Celui, C'est ca! (c wich cedille), In English: That One, that's him!

We note, that there occurred no such letter shifting as in Greek. A sort of slang pronunciation was used ro arrive at this language. Nostradamus, so called (=Notte Dame), whose works are also very important, but hard to get, could have been the inventor of the Latin language. In fact L'Etln, in French means "the tin"=Latin! You ought to know the difference between gold (the Greek) and tin (the Latin) !

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