South Of Equator Chart

■Whatever has been said so fnr was meant for births north of the Equator. It is different, -when we have to do with births occurring south of the Equator. A small example will suffice to make this clear.

When a horoscope is to be erected for a southern birth (south of the Equator, such as in Chili ot Tasmania), we add an extra 12 hours in' Sidereal Time. Besides, we >averse all the signs completely. Let us assume the birth of February 24, 1941, had occurred at Wellington, New Zealand, instead of ar Tokio. All other things being equal, we would have:

Latitude-41* South; adjustment for Wellington—1 lh39rn from Greenwich): —115 seconds.

Sid. Time 2/23/41 22hllm57s

Time elapsed since Noon +16hl5m

20s for each hour elapsed + 2m42s Adjustment for Wellington (called Reduction from Greenwich to local Sidereal Time of Oh at the rate of 10 seconds per


50h27m44s 2 circles or —48h OmOOs

Sid Time for Wellington at 4:15 A.M. Feb. 24th, 1942 2h27m44s

The nearest given Sidereal Time in the Ephemcris is 2h26m23s, using New York Latitude. It shows for New York, 41" North the following cusps:

10th house 9'y (to be corrected to exact value with Table XI): look f-or 2h2 5m in that Table!

11th house 15*11-

12th house 19' 23.

1st house (to be corrected b)- proportioning of Ascendant as ex plained) .

2nd house lO'TTJJ.

Since these values are for 41* North, we have to turn them into South Latitude to get to 41* South. "We turn these signs exactly 180 degrees forward and obtain:

15'.A 19"k?, lS'jr, 10" Hi and <5" <p as rhe respective house cusps.

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