O 19' 16' b 16-52' a *2l 15'16' » 8*50 a 18*22' X 25*49' .sr 19*42' f 14* 3' 14*41' -rqj I9i" 4' s 28*45' n

The latter values represent planets for che Mundane Mirrored Horoscope. Enter them into the 5th ring of the five-fold horoscope which is marked MM (Mundane-Mirrored).

Each of the five horoscopes is equally important; each planet is equally important. "We make no distinctions in that direction. Only the aspects to the progressed horoscope seem to be somewhat secondary, although at times they work as effectively as any other.


With the progressed planets and aspects formed towards any of them by the progressed ®, we must not forget to adjust the progressed planet to its aaual position for the time the aspect occurs. Our progressed planets are placed into the horoscope each year (for the March 18th date in the present example). However, should the progressed 5 have an aspect co any one on May 21st of chat year, the planet itself has also moved out of its own place and therefore, we have to consider the additional motion made since the birthday else our aspects won't hit on time. Supposing 5 makes an aspecc of some kind to O on May 21st according to our horoscope position. Then we say: from March 17th to May 21st there have passed 65 days (from Table IV we find that May 21st is the l4lst day of the year, while March 17th is the 76th day of the year, making a differential of 65 days).

To find O motion for the 65 days. .(© in 365 days 1*0' 60'), we divide 60' by 360 and multiply afterwards by 65. Then we get: 3600"-¡-3<S5— 9-8";

which equals 10'/: minutes. Therefore our Q position of March 17. 194l his moved by May 21st, 1941, 10Vi minutes further or from 26'42'X to 26'52H'X-In. that ^ travels about 2' per day, roughly figured, the aspect would therefore occur 5 days later. Instead of on May 21st it would have to be expected on May 2<$th. Thus, when progressed $) casts an a spree to a progressed planet, add first that planet's additional motion since birth day! (Each year from birth day).


The Progressed Ascendant and Progressed MC are somewhat complicated to progress, but, we should do this work, since we often find in important change of direction when an aspect strikes these points.

■When we count up the number of intervals that have been used in the Table of Houses, (see Fig. 10A), we note that the Sidereal Time of 24 hours ■was divided into L2 main pa its, each of which consists again of 30 parts, making a full division of 360 parts. These single parts vary gradually.

When progressing the Ascendant, we use one such unit for one yeat and the Ascendant, which belongs to it represents the point which is progressed. Howevet, we have to adjust the Ascendant; we also have to adjust the Progressed Ascendant on the same principle each year,

I shall illustrate the Progressed Ascendant for our horoscope of March 17, 1942, herewith:

The Radix Ascendant of our horoscope is 14"31'fo- The differential in the Ascendant at that time shows 46' (14'22'S to 15*8'S visible from Table of Houses for New "York). Since we are 9' from the lower place 14*22'as given Ascendant in the Houses for New York (Sidereal Time 23h37m48s), we have to be by progression the year following, also about 9" from the Ascendant of the next day (one day for one year), and therefore, we add to 15'8'fS, which is the printed ascendant in Table of Houses for New York belonging to Sidereal Time of 23Ml'39", and obtain 15*17'Si as Progressed Ascendant for 1942. For 1943 we would get: 15'53'S p1"* 9' or 16'2's.

As we note from the inspection of the MC table, the progress of the MC amounts to 1* for each 3'40" of Sidereal Time or foe 1/360 unit of 360*. As in the case of the Ascendant it would be mote correct to base our calculations on 365 days to be one year instead of assuming that 360 days are one year, However, we would have to live 363 years to bring forth an error of 5*0'.

If the error amounts to 5 '0' in 363 years, then this error »mounts to 50" a year. This value is the Precession of the Equinoxes. Therefore, instead of progressing the MC each year by just 1*0', we progress it by 1*0' + 50" (neatly 1 rain.) and we will have the righc proportion of progression for it. Therefore, in our actual case, we have a radix MC of 24*12'>£- For March 17, 1942, the progressed MC would show 25* 13 5-6; for March 17, 1943, it would show 26"14'H. etc.

Therefore, keeping the Ascendant progressed the same way, we have to add to each value given above an extra minute each year. Then, 1942 Asc. progr. would be 15*18'S and for 1943 it would be l6*4'S,<tc.

In such i case we have taken care a I all the possible errors.

When aspects are cast to rhese two points during the year, we also have to adjusr the progtessed Asc. and MC in a similar -way as shown for the Q before, by dividing the year's morion by 365 (turning the values first! into seconds) and multiplying by the number of days that have elapsed since the birth day. Then the result is added to the March 17th position as shown in the Progressed Horoscope. This way aspects to progressed positions are corrected.

AU horoscopes, i.e. the Radix, the Mundane, the Radix Mirrored and the Mundane Mirrored are permanent and are never changed after they are once completed. The only one which is changed each year is the progressed Horoscope and it is changed in the manner shown above foe each recurring birth date.

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