The lime is equal to 4h 56' P.M. March 17th, 1341 at London. The Ephemerides give Ncx>n time of March 17th and Noon time positions of March 18th, 1941 at London.

Amount of Motion in degrees and minutes from Noon March 17th to Noon March 18th was exacriy 1*0' or 60'. Thtte had approximately 1/5 of a day eiapsed at 4h 56' P.M. London when it was 12h 01' P.M. New York. The Sun moving then 60' in one day, moved in 1/J of that day the fifth pare of that day's motion. Therefore:

Motion of Sun from Noon London to 4b 36' P.M. London (equalling to 12h 01' P. M. New York) amounted to SO':5 or to 12'.

Add this amount ro the Sun's place at Noon in London on March 17th.


© at 4h 56' P.M. London, March 17th was 26*30' K +" 12' or 26"42'

This is the equivalent for 12h 01' P.M. New York. This value is put into the horoscope. Use the proper Place and the proper House, going anti-clock-wise.

In the Aries horoscope the Sun's position comes to stand in the 12th house, very close to 0 f. since the house is 30* long and more than 2(3" of a total of 30* in X had passed already!

In the Ascendant Horoscope it falls into the 10th house which begins wich 24*12' so that che Sun just had passed the MC. Front this position we have a chance to note that, although our event occurred in New York at 12h 01' P.M., or just 1' after Noon (clock-time) the Meridian must have' been passed several minutes before already, since the horoscope Meridian shows 24'12' against a Sun's position of 26*42' ^.Therefore, when the clock struck Noon in New York, it was not the astronomical Noon, but an artificially constructed Noon.

Amount of Motion from March 17, 1941, to Match 18, 194L Noon to Noon was.14*24'. This is how I figured it:

If we have in 24 hours a l4'24' motion, how much motion is made in 4h 56m?

This we cannot figure by hearc; we use the logarithm Tables (Table VII).

In the column belonging to 10*24' we find the value log. 2223

In the column belonging to 4h 5<S' we find the value log. 6871

Bringing this value from the logs back into degrees and minutes we obtain the amount of degrees and minutes the Moon traveled during the 4h 56' and this value is then added to the Noon position of the Moon on March 17, 1941 given in the Ephemeris. The logarithm 9094 is equal to 2*57'. Note, thac in the log. Tables Hours represent also Degrees, just as Degrees and Minutes may also be called Hours and Minutes cherei

Noon position of Moon March 17, 1941 22° 5' TTL increment to be added 2*57'

by addition 25* 2' 1TL

Therefore, place of Moon on. March 17, 1941, at 12h 01' P.M. in New York or at 4h 56' P.M. London was at 25'2' TTL-

This value is entered inro the Horoscope.

In the Aries horoscope the Moon comes into the 8th house, pretty fur up towards the beginning of . In the Ascendant Horoscope this Moon comes into the 5th house just a little above the Centre of the House which extends from 0"li* n\ to 10*15'

This planet travels during the 24 hours in question 33', since it moves 31' from 0*29' & to 1*0' and extra 2' to get us to 1*2' ; 31' + 2 '= 33f. This for the 24 hour motion. In 1/5 of a day as we assume our 4h 56' represent approximately, this planet, travels 3 3': 5 or 6'. We may also call it 7', since the value 33' is a little closer to 35' than it is to 30', both of -which numbers are divisible by 5- Let us call the value 7'- This we add, since the motion of the planet is forward at that time. In the event the planet moves (IJ) retrograde or backwards, we would have to deduct that amount, of course, as you can readily see. Thus:

Mercury at Noon March 17, 1941 0*29*'

This is the 12h 01' P. M. place of B on March 17th, 1941, at New York.

For the time being I am trying to impress constantly upon you that it is che planet's place at New York which we are locating; actually, we locate its equivalent for London Time. Once this idea has been grasped, we shall drop the extra words. It makes no difference whether we say 12h 01' P.M. New York or 4h 56' P.M. London. The same planetary position must come forth. That we do put the planets for New York is fixed by the Sid. Time work and the consequent location of the House Cusps for New York and not for London.

It is by now understood that Noon to Noon is always meant and from now on chis specification shall also be omitted.

Motion March 17, IS, 1941. was 1*15' or 75'. 1/5 of this amounts to 15". Add this 1/5 day motion to the March 17th Noon position of 2 and you have the radix position of S for the moment of birth: 18* 9" H

Motion for 24h is 4l'. 1/5 of this is 8'. This puts g at time of birth at 19'5'Vj- See how simple this becomes nowl

Jupiter motion in 24h LI'; 1/5 amounts to 2'. % at birth 14*19' y.

Saturn ( b-) motion <5*; 1/5 1'; gives 11' 44' « .

Uranus (ftf ) has not sufficient speed; since it moves only 2' during these 24 hour; therefore we leave the value as it is found in the Ephemeris. at birth: 23*4' 8.

The same applies to the rest of the pianecs. Neptune (<4? ) moves 1' during that day and it is I>, while all others, so fat had gone D (direct). The value remains the same as in the Ephemeris, 26' 1 ^Tlg FJ.

Pluto (©) is also unchanged at 2*12' IJ. fi moves 3' and we can call its movement in 4h 56': 1' but, note, its movement is always IJ-retrograde, so that instead of adding that minute, we have to deduct ic and obtain the Nodes' ft place at birth at 2*10' instead of the 2* ll'-s. as found marked in the Ephemeris.

This completes the Radix Horoscope.

All the pianecs are entered into their proper Houses, respecting always the approximate distances from the House Cusps and be sure chat you put them into the right signs! Don't place a planet that is in g into n or nj).

For the correct placement of che planets for our birth consult Fig. 14 and Fig. 15, The former represents the Aries Horoscope, the latter the Ascendant Horoscope.

When the planets are all placed into those Radix Horoscopes, we begin to make our first prognostication of what is what with that birth.

THE SPECULUM (See page 49) STEP No. 5

The Table which I shall produce in Fig. 16 we shall call the Radix Speculum. It contains the various distances of the planets from each other at bitth. When you do this work first, use Fig. 3 as an aid to get the right measurements in degrees and minutes. Do the figuring on an extra sheet of paper and not by hearc, expressing all values m degrees as counted from O'Ti which my example will explain more clearly.

There are several short cuts to do this figuring fast. When you measure for example from a planet that is in the late signs such as jr or K towards planets that are in the early signs such as T, ft or H, etc., you figure first how fat the planet in r ot is from 0*T- In my examples you will note how I did it.

In case you make a calculation and obtain a value above 180*, you have to refigure by deducting this value from 360*, which you always should call 359*60' for easier work. Also remember that when a value occurs consisting of degrees and only a few minutes with it, such as the value of Q in our example, which is 2*,t.Q'=i, call that value 1* 70'.== or 181*70'T which makes the work easier.

In case you are very much interested in a horoscope, then figure) the entire Speculum; if your interest is only for business purposes, such as we may consider the case of our Horoscope here, where we want to discover what chance this commodity has to become a good trading medium and which planets are most important, besides, what we can expect of the big planets, fc and O), Q and then we figure only the four main planets and leave the others alone.

TYPICAL COMMODITY HOROSCOPE Out Fig.. 16 shows that D AO or 120*. This means, the idea suits Che public which represents . They will like to trade in this commodity. However, we see io the Speculum that the O has an evil aspect to both. J? and <21 (a close 45* angle to.each). We also see that J) casts an evil aspect of 165' very closely to both these planets b and QJ.. Although their distance is actually 169* and 166', we hare to call this distance unfavorable. The interpretation of these aspects in the Spcculum means rhar the public will get quire often stuck with this commodity even though they like it.

I would call this Horoscope, judged roughly, a typical commodity Horoscope, wherein unexpected things will happen quite often. Things may look rosy on the surface and a big drop might develop most any moment, cleaning out the public. At other times, again, matters may look bad to the public, but before they come to their full senses, prices can advance considerably without them sharing in the profits because the "looks" deceived them and stopped them from buying.

I have some 24 different horoscopes of various commodities traded in markets. They all have similar patterns which accounts for the difficulties people «cpericnce trading in them. However, when we follow the aspects formed by 5 to the various planets of the five-fold Horoscope, as shall be taught in this work, we will catch movements, up or down, that nobody can see before hand because aspects cannot be felt. Thereby we have to ignore news reports and gossip about a commodity completely, because as soon as we follow them to any extent we wade into water and we follow things that have no astrological cause or basis,

WEIGHT OF ASPECTS In the Speculum we may give a certain weight to cercain planets. For example, in. our Horoscope 1 would call both planets, Qj. and b , evil planers even though <2| is usually taken as favorable. However, here, when <21 ¡s in a 45" evil aspect co 0 and in a 165" evil aspect to any good aspect that is formed towards that planet must be weak in effect and any bad or evil aspect which progressed planets form towards it will be doubly bad; bad from the radix point o-f vievr and wo-rse because of their evil aspect. On the other hand 0 and aspects in this horoscope should be always favorable, or mildly so, though, they might be evil aspects on the surface. Therefore I would say that a 90* aspect which is evil between © and Tfr progressed will cause a small decline, while a 73* aspect or a 120* aspect should causc sharp run-ups in this commodity; i.e. they will be doubly good, good because from birth both planets have good aspects and good aspect joined to them later by progression will strenghcen them considerably.* Planets that have no aspects to the Moon must be taken to be more or less neutral, so that aspects ^ to 9 or ^ to a should not cause any special movement in the life of this commodity, but the effect will be good if they form by progression a favorable aspect and the effect will be bad, if they form by progression an evil aspect, depending upon the angle and on the ^ otD movement.

Therefore, we may conclude that from the Speculum we obtain the inherent strength or weakness or neutrality of aspects whenever they may be formed.

Side Calculations made to find the difference of places between two planets, the values ate to be placed ldto the Speculum as shown in Fig. 1(5. Figuring O to Figuring Q to S: Figuring: O 5 :

Aspect 121 "40" Aspect 26' 6' Aspect (57*37'

Aspect 71* 8' Aspect 190*43'

Since this value is above 180* we either take the difference existing between 190*43' and 180* which is 10*43' and take that amount off from 180* (make it 170*60') or else, take the entire 190*43' off from 360* which you must then call 359*60' for easier work. In both cases you will get the value 169*17' which is che actual distance.

It is not necessary to bring the calculations for each and every planet in our cslsc, since the various ways have here been shown with several examples. In order to gain experience you may figure che other values given in the Spetulum yourself and check them afterwards if they were done right.

When all this work of making the Speculum has been completed, we obtain a rough picture of the person or thing for which the Horoscope has been cast.

Too many bad aspects of the major planets among whom 1 include: O. b . and 01 are not so good and we have to do with an average individual who has lots of struggles to go through life. A few scattered good aspects together with bad ones, indicate sizable ups and downs, and a very uneven life. Sometimes the native is then weJl off, at other periods he don't know where to get his next do! la:.

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