90* □ 105* 120" A 135" □ 150" x 165* iso* e apart; effect weak ■weak if planets are direct; exactly the opposite effect if planets are Retrograde. But fl is always !

(Sometimes good)

the aspects

As said;above, an aspect is simply an angle between two planets. Therefore, know once and for all time, that at all times and at any moment each planet casts an aspect to all the others; in other words, aspects are constantly present. How can we then distinguish between aspects? The ancients have discovered that, if and only, when rwo planets are certain definite spaces apart, do these aspects act or bring about changes for human beings. These distances or spaces are: 0" 6 apart; effect strong either up or down, depending upon planets, (usually good)

good good strong evil strong good strong good strong evil strong evil strong good weak evil weak evil strong evil

Strang either up or down depending upon planets (usually evil)

There ate some text books which bring aspects Uf- 36*, 72", 144*. Othets say each aspect of 7y2* light around the clock to 360", should be usdd, bat if we would do that, we never would arrive at the important ones. One group uses each unit of 12. such as 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 degrees, etc;, others 7*30', 16", 22*30', SO", 37*30', etc. Forget about then)! I mention th«n to! draw your attention to paths that must not be entered into, since I have wasted many weeks and months testing around with these and obtained no results whatever.

. While we are at criticizing, we might just as well get something else off the chest: Don't ascribe one thing to the first house, some other thing to the second house, something else again to the third house, etc., like you find in textbooks. The houses are all alike and mean nothing but twelve divisions of the Zodiac. If we arc able to distinguish between good and bad we are doing very well. The same applies to the so-called rulerships of planets. Don'11 use any ruler ships! They say: this planet rules tie first house, another the 2nd, another the 5 th house and because it rules that house and is to aspect to a planet which rules the 9th house this and that must happen. Bolo-gny! Just a lor' of nonsense, for want of. something better.

"We use the list given above and ascribe to the aspects the effect marked next to it and we shall fare well.

Some of you may notice, I am trying to get over, to the matter of the Aseend-and and the Sidereal Time, but as hard as I try to swing leisurely into that phase, which is very important, I don't seem to succeed. I just have to start with it some other way.

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