-; 259615-'-600■"433' Or 7*13' from the 3rd Cusp of the 6th

600 Mundane House;

10'18'K? Place of ty Mundane. Figuring the Node Mundane (J2M).

il is ia at 2*10' and therefore belongs into rhe 7th House, although this £i is together with tp in the Radb; Horoscope in the 4th House of the first third-division.

- —-; 135X385-s-600»"86' or X"26' from Isc Cusp of 7th House;

Figuring 3 M: (belongs into the 10th House, 2nd Decan) 10"0' 9*5' 545X601

Figuring 3 M:

10* 0*36' 36X6S5 24660 10'15'H - — -; - —- = 41' + 41'

* See ipecial not oa pa-ge

10' 8-24' 504X636 345240


Note, how the change of the sign was made! (31'15'U) -Lastly, we have to mrn the radix MC into its Mundane position. This MC is 24'12'K 10* 4*12' 252X685 172620

11*25' x 600 600 Mundane House.

All these Mundane Positions are entered into the special ring (Fig. 23) provided fot Mundane Positions. It has the initial M (along the Asc. line in the FIgu re) .

For demonstration's sake Fig. 20A has been made, but you should enter values right into Fig. 23. (See pages 55 and 60).

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