3 Motion For Stock Horoscope Of 1944

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When all Planets are prepared for the Progressive Horoscope for 1944, we bikle the g daily motion (0'40'th, to 14*26'T1^) which is 13"4S'; divide by 3*55, because 1944 is not a Leap Year for us; apply the resulting increment from day to day from May 17, 1944, forwards, to May 18, May 19, May, 20, 1944, over to iiay IS, 1945, -when a new progressed chart with a newly figured Moon is to be ciadc. La short, add for each day 2.26', beginning with May 17, 1944.

Make also a planets' position table for the Stock Horoscope as was done for the Wool Horoscope (page 60) which is permanent and from which you see aspects as they are formed, measuring the angles, which belong to each position is shown in Ephemeris for the Noon Time, May 17, 1792.

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