the present time, we hardly can believe the ancient books to be astrological texts. We juat don't recognize them as such, because not a word is breathed about the angles, about the planets, about sidereal time etc.

But, when we examine a text book on college mathematics and compare it with an arithmetic book for the fitst grade public school it has some relationship. These ancient books anticipated, that all known sciences had previously been acquired by the student. The reader was supposed to be of the type who is not satisfied with common, everyday knowledge, but aspired for much deeper knowledge, a knowledge which is not intended for the misses. Another illustration that should bring home the idea clearly: Compare an ordinary calendar issued gratis by pharmaceutical companies every year with the Nautical Almanac issued by the U. S. Government! Both are almanacs- The latter sounds Greek to but a few And the masses do not even recognize that it is merely a calendar. With the latter you can do a lot of scientific work; the former can also be put to use.

Of course, there is one great hindrance to help recognize chat these old texts are nothing but astrological texts, when our own education tells us: The telescope was only invented a few hundred years ago. Many instruments needed for exact observation of the planets" motions were unknowQ about 500 years ago. Furthermore, some contend that several of the planets were not known, which are now used for the interpretation, of horoscopes.

Bat all chese apparent disadvantages did not prevent these ancients to have ways and means of forecasting future events and to bring the laws in concise form, which never require a change.

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