or Star Time ii then at OhOm, the latter, a "Time"—24 hours in length, is measured in hours and minutes (h & nr) whereas the Planets' Places in the Eciiptic are measured in degrees and minutes (* '). There exist some 23 different motions fox the Sun alone and you can verify this from a Nautical Almanac, published for $1.50 each year by the Government (write to: The Superintendent of Documents at Washington, D. C.) For each planet we can find about the same amount of individual motion. Having 9 planets, wc obtain about 230 motions for the planets, each one a special, personal motion, the same as you can move a leg or an arm, a finged, the neck to the left or to the right. You may use the finger to point at something or to scratch your head about what 1 tell you just now. The astrologers of the masses have one planet and one motion for it—that of longitude, 9 in all. What happens to the rest of the 241 motions? Arc they so shortsighted. even though the public may be, as to believe that the Universe is running only on one cylinder?

True, we have to begin with one thing when we learn, but, we have to be able to add more to it, gradually, as we learn. However, I have never seen an astrologer who would admit that he still has something to learn after he has mastered his signs, angles and houses and their supposed effects upon human being, according to their position at certain moments.

One "famous" European astrologer has in one of his books a remark that people should be satisfied when they (the astrologers) can detect within a month or rwo that certain things "should" comei to pass. 1 am sure that man is not forecasting the movements of Markets!

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