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THE FIVE-FOLD WHEAT HOROSCOPE MADE FOR THE BOOK OF ORDERS Bom on January 2, 1587, (Old style, Anni vetcris), London.

Longitude 0*0'.

Latitude 51*32'-

Time: 6h20m A.M. Venice, Italy. —JMOm before Noon or —1/3 diy f>ifoTc Noon of Jwluary 2nd each jeu DO NOT USE Jhälm AJrf., London!

The Progressed Horoscope of this chart made for the leap year 1<?44 9 motion in 1?44 13'IT. Daily mouon 2.16'.

Wc note, that some oí the letters have been changed into two completely different individual letters, as need required. Some letters, such as delta (3) act in a sort of "telegraph style". Two words were put together, but separated by the delta. The two words sound like one single word. Other letters were used to separate two connected words with the special stress "&". It meant that the two words thus joined had no direct relation to one another, whereas when joined by a delta, they have some relation to one another. An example in our own language will clarify the situation; Apples & pears (are fruits)—salt & pepper are used as seasoning. But big and small apples!! The latter would be separated by the delta.

The great difficulty to understand che meaning of the words for those who do not have some knowledge of medieval German, which, as was hinted at previously, has parts left in the Dutch language, also parts are found remaining in several German dialects, such is in the Bavarian dialect as spoken around Munich. Both these languages (Dutch fit Bavarian) use a lot of guttural sounds. They sound rough ana tough and have no relation to French, Italian or Spanish which are spoken more with the front of the mouth.

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