Every aspect worked 100% right when we make the following changes; On April 8th and 9th, 1941, we. have two aspects very close together: g RM 15' & if Mt<S5*. 1? acted first and $ afterwards and not as we had it. s first and tj second. Due to the Three-divisions and the proportioning, aside of having the planets only correct to the minute, the result was wrong by one minute which, 25 you ¿in see from the actual chart, makes a whale of a difference! Therefore, we have to make the adjustment: put t! at 25'55'H and $ at 25*56*

This is what was explained on page 98; This situation is IMPORTANT!? See also Notes on pages S7, 89 and 95.

Another discrepancy we find: The trines 5 to © worked both times downward for radix as well as progressed. We cannot rarrle on facts. Trines direct should work upwards according to out rules. Bur, with Wool they work down and we take note of that fact for the next time.

Otherwise there was no flaw whatever in the entire movement for the period we analyzed.

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