The on I)» variation that muse be stated is found with aspects to the Ascendant. They usually concern the native himself. They most always concern his health. As we iiow go over to rectifications of charts I like to bring forth that persons very ofrcn can fix or rectify their Ascendants even without the actual method which I bring, by watching their health condition. Especially those who are subject to vertigo, sharp headaches, etc., can get their ascendant correctly without difficulty. They will note that, for example, a vertigo spell or a headache spell begins say at lhl2Vi P.M. on a certain day. The next day everything may be OK until at lh 16VS P.M., when another spell comes on. The third day if it should occur, it will begin nearly 4 minutes later, at lh20m P. M. The progression of the Sidereal time is the cause. It is usually an important planet that just then crosses the Ascendant by transit. This means actually: An evil planet in the heaven ic the moment crosses the place that rises in the East at the cument of yout birth. I have tested this often with my own ascendant.

The way to find in this Case your bicth moment is to erect for that moment a chart (a single chart is enough), insert all the planets the way I showed you to erect a Radix Horoscope. You most likely will find that some important planet's position, usually Sarurn, is at that moment either in conjunction, square or oppo-sicioD to your oical ascendant, Further, when your time of birth is once down to four possibilities, it is not hard to find the actual time.

In the event of a sudden illness or that a sharp fever begins I would look for Mars as being in one of the four positions stated above.

As far as the plotting of aspects is concerned we must make some distinction between aspects to a slow moving planet and those to a fast moving one. The slow moving piincts are stronger in their effect as far as the angle of incline is concerned. Thus a ® & B M or RM, MM, M, or Pr. should have an angle upward of 60', when plotting it on a chart, while S A 21 ^ay be plotted at an angle of 70 degrees. ® A b should be plotted at an angle of only 50 degrees, being an unfavorable planet in itself. The same applies when plotting unfavorable aspects. Any aspect begins on the day it is due and lasts until another aspect arrives. Nothing is in. between, The good aspects last until a bad one comes. A series of good aspects bring forth a forecast line that moves' upward constantly (bull market) while a series of bad aspects are plotted constantly downward until i good aspect stops the decline in the native's life (bear market).

The above paragraph is seemingly in contradiction to what I said earlier in this chapter. However, it is not. Fot the beginner I believe it is important to know that a 60 degree angle is equal or nearly so for all planets when aspect ed by the Moon. The slight variations given now are self explanatory, since common sense teLls us that 3 b must be somewhat different than arid an saempt has be« made to show this. However, as it is, even though you treat s.!l ^fc alike, the results will be fine, .is a rest would soon reveal.


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