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Total Money Magnetism Summary

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Gifts and Capabilities

Being high-strung by nature, Rats hate alarm clocks, agendas, and pressure. They work most efficiently in solitary situations. Rat souls are rarely content working for others. This explains the surprising number of business owners, shopkeepers, and entrepreneurs who were born into Rat years. When Rats make money it is directly attributable to their acute intelligence. Those born under the sign of the Rat enjoy the material comforts of life. Food and housing are their highest priorities. Rats always stock up for a rainy day, feeling most comfortable with a little extra stored away. The Rat lives in the present and harbors fear of lack in the future. The Rat can feel isolated and tends to suffer alone. Money, or the lack thereof, is a particular concern. However, as a result of their cleverness and meticulous attention to detail, Rats usually make money rather easily. The Rat is an organizational genius at home and prefers a neat and tidy atmosphere.

Problems With Money And Material Satisfactions

I don't know if I was careless with money. I don't relate to that, but I feel like I've always had problems in relation to money . I have a different attitude now. . . .1 think I understand money a little bit better than I used to. I see it more as an exchange. When I got divorced, I was terrified about money. I did not know how to do the accounting at all. It had to do with who was responsible for it. . . . For the last few years, I am just constantly wishing I had more money.

Goats and Their Money

Goats understand the power that can come with money, and, as a cardinal sign, they're likely to do things with it in order to turn it into even more money buying, selling, and making deals. Goats use their money to attain and maintain power money means control to a Goat, and control and power are Goats' driving forces. They also are generous with their money once they have it, but the generosity is tied to their power and prestige Goats truly understand the phrase Money talks.

0 Ee Mercury In Cancer keyword receptive

Pressionable and changeable, you are sensitive to your surroundings kindness and praise are the best ways to get through to you. Your mind is retentive, and your thinking js creative. You have flashes of intuition, and you like poetry You are a sensitive listener, full of sympathy for the suffering of others, but you might have trouble thinking objectively since your emotions are always involved. This could lead to feeling sorry for yourself. You are diplomatic and have good business ability, although much of your orientation is around home and family. If your Mercury has many challenging aspects, you might be evasive rather than honest. Writer Pearl Buck, writer Thomas Mann, attorney F. Lee Bailey, billionaire John D. Rockefeller, Sr., poet Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Good Executive Hates Details and Shirks Routine Big Spender

She usually spends money easily, almost as if she expected it to replace itself. Some mates resent her attitude, often accusing her of thinking that money grows on trees. Her best bet is to make money herself and hire a maid. Another option is to live with or marry a man who will share household or family duties ungrudgingly.

Pisces Through The Houses

Wherever Aries is placed in the blueprint is where the soul initiates its activity and begins to operate in the world of appearance. For Pisces, values and resources are of utmost importance. Not only must he feel successful in financial matters, but the uses of his personal resources are very important as well. There is great ambition to achieve. Capricornians want to achieve worldly success for the power it brings. Not so Pisces I He needs to achieve success in order to prove his own worth to himself. A deep-seated inferiority complex is behind his drive for significance. He is the one who is never satisfied, no matter how well he does or how successful he is. He is much harder on himself than he is on other people. With Mars as ruler of the second house, Pisces finds It difficult to hold on to money. Wherever Mars is ruler in a house, there is need for control. In this house there is a need to curb the tendency to extravagance. Mars hates to stop and think. It would much rather act...

Pluto In The Second House

You are able to turn liabilities into assets you may have several different sources of income. Wealth often comes to you in a sensational manner and, with your astute financial ability, you handle it well. Because you have a desire to acquire material things, you must guard against treating your loved ones as possessions. This is a good placement for tax dealings, monopolies, corporate finance and banking. Pluto in the second house is often found in the charts of millionaires. If improperly used, you can be grasping and avaricious, and you may stoop to any level for financial or political gain. Billionaire J. Paul Getty, Secretary of State George Marshall, writer Henry Miller, actor John Travolta.

Of The Wonderful Virtues Of S Ome Kind Of Precious Stones

IT is a common opinion of magicians, that stones inherit great virtues, which they receive through the spheres and activity of the celestial influences, by the medium of the soul or spirit of the world. Authors very much disagree in respect of the probability of their actually having such virtues in potentia, some debating warmly against any occult or secret virtue lying hid in them others, as warmly, shewing the causes and effects of these sympathetic properties. However, to leave the se trifling arguments to those who love cavil and contentions better than I do, and, as I have neither leisure nor inclination to enter the lists with sophists, and tongue-philosophers I say, that these occult virtues are disposed throughout the animal, vegetable, an d mineral kingdoms, by seeds, or ideas originally emanating from the Divine mind, and through supercelestial spirits and intelligence always operating, according to th eir proper offices and governments allotted them which virtues are...

Pluto In The Eighth House

No one but the person himBelf can help the person with Pluto in this house come to victory over his appetites and desires. There must be no desire to control others but a sincere desire to help others find and use their own resources. Financial independence can come through a legacy. The aspect between Pluto and Mars will be very important with Pluto in this house. If one uses others for one's own ends there are drastic and violent repercussions.

The Signs In The Houses

Gemini exerts its dual influence here and indicates that the native will make money through a variety of efforts. Although the main source of income will be the native's normal business or profession, he has the capacity to develop an auxiliary force for extra money. When Gemini influences the financial side of life it would be wise to warn the native to see that the inclination to overlap interests and activities does not involve dual obligations. Those will produce nothing more than unnecessary problems. This position of Cancer intensifies the power of imagination in regard to making money. The main significance, however, of Cancer is that it incites the conserving principle. This does not necessarily interfere with willingness to spend money when he has to. In other words, the native is very efficient when dealing with his money. Rarely does he waste money and yet he does not horde it all to bring it to the grave with him. He is in the middle of the two extremes. On the other hand,...

Getting Along Venus Jupiter Aspects

While we haven't got the time or the room to take you through all the aspects, we thought we could at least illustrate how aspects work by showing you two planetary relationships through each of the major aspects. Charismatic Venus and expansive Jupiter, for example, get along quite well. Jupiter, the slower planet, expands Venus's function, so there'll be more money, more love, and more relationships

The Planets through the Houses

SUN The ability to make and spend money will be very important in this case, as will a liking for sumptuous things. Possessiveness will occur, and self-indulgence is likely. MOON The Moon's influence will work strongly from this house. A hankering for the good things of life will be matched with possessiveness, which could lead to regret. Shrewdness in financial matters is common. MERCURY People with this combination will enjoy making money - and spending it quickly Financial situations will therefore fluctuate, while the speed of Mercury thought will be slowed. VENUS Venus is powerful in this, the Taurus house. There will be Taurean characteristics in the personality -modifying them by the Venus sign or enhancing them if also the Sun sign. Very loving, but possessive. MARS A passionate person who will want and get a lot of everything. There will be masses of strong feelings which need an outlet, and a keeness to make money. Physically tough, especially the men. JUPITER Will work well...

Taurus in permanent relationships

Something else that must be considered is likely to be more of a problem with a male Taurean than a female (though a successful businesswomen can fall into the trap too). If he or she becomes overly involved with making money, they may find that they have very little time for anything else. The excuse will be - as in most cases of this sort - that there is a need to make more money to improve the home and standard of living, and eventually to be in a better position to educate any children they may have. with Taureans this can become an obsession, so that there is little space for quality time spent with a partner, and companionship can be seriously lacking.

Venus In The Eighth House

You will have many benefits through a partner, or you may gain through insurance and inheritance. You should have a long life and a peaceful death. This is a good position for big business, banking and writing. You may have spiritual tendencies if you pursue these, you will find happiness and peace of mind. Your sexual relationships are harmonious. With challenging aspects, you may experience inertia, lack of discipline, too much sensuality and excesses in food and drink. Writer Hermann Hesse, billionaire John D. Rockefeller, Sr., transsexual Christine Jorgensen, White House Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan.

Getting Your Feet

The easiest way to make money from astrology is to offer your services as a speaker to different clubs and groups. Usually, you will not be paid for the talk but will find it easy to sell items afterwards. If you offer computerized charts, hand out brochures to everyone and take orders. You can sell pitch books, twelve month astrological guides, astrology posters, and almost anything you can think of that could be remotely connected with astrology. There is no need to try and hard sell these items. The best way is to be dignified, as befits a serious astrologer, and act as if mere mundane sales were of no importance at all. Now why did he not think of using these skills himself He had loved doing them in prison, but regarded them as simply something to fill in time. It had never occurred to him to try and make money from them. His parents did not even know of these interests. Consequently, if they had not come to me, this young man would still be unemployed, or possibly even dead.

Jupiter through the zodiac

This placing endows individuals with sympathetic friendliness and natural empathy. There is a great desire to please, especially lovers, and considerable generosity will be showered on them. Libran charm will be present, and altogether these are lovely people to be with. There is a huge love of luxury and keenness to make money. A tendency to procrastinate will definitely be present, and if we chide them for a somewhat languid attitude they will in turn chide us for being in too much of a hurry These individuals might well make que sera, sera ( whatever will be, will be ) their motto in life.

Cerebral of Two Minds Inquisitive

Her restless mental state often leads to insecurity, for she doubts that anything can be known for certain. There are so many variables and possibilities that can color what is so. The Gemini Woman constantiy seeks self-improvement. She will sign up for night classes, start working on her real-estate license, or buy a set of self-help cassettes in short, she is open to anything she thinks will improve her lot, sharpen her intellect, or bring in more money (a constant problem). She is an intellectual creature and is fascinated by puzzles, word games, anything written by Dorothy Parker. If she must sit still mentally, she is likely to explode emotionally.

Chinese Love Signs Karmic Connections

Eastern sages have known for millenniums that certain souls seek each other out. Powerfully drawn together by what some people call chemistry, or that certain something, specific signs act as magnets to one another. These unusual attractions are sometimes unex-plainable. Some examples of these karmic connections include a strikingly handsome man happily married to a simple, somewhat physically unattractive woman a brilliant and well-educated woman happily betrothed to an uncomplicated man with little formal education a wealthy person quite happily in love with someone from poverty-stricken roots.

Progressed Chart Rulership Analysis

Radix Neptune occupies the 2nd Zodiacal House. Neptune, here, signifies that our client has a strong driving urge to make money easily and quickly, and as a result he must be very careful that this urge does not interfere with his sense of discrimination between right and wrong. The prospect of easy money will always be attractive and can be responsible for numerous problems.

Saturn In The Tenth House

Good position if person doesn't build a superego into his personality. Pride is the great danger hue. Called the Napoleonic complex. A rise to the top followed by a fall This is only true when the person hasn't learned humility and built his foundation on secure ground. Can be social climber, and make money and prestige more important than service. Not an easy incarnation for it is a testing one. Power will be the test. Self-reliance and ambition strong. Good business ability. Apt to have trouble through dominant parent. Often lack of father image In life.

Interpreting Empty Houses

Having an empty house of marriage, for example, doesn't mean that you'll always be single. Just ask Elizabeth Taylor, who has had eight husbands (so far), despite the fact that her seventh house is totally vacant. Similarly, an unoccupied second house of money doesn't mean you're destined for poverty. Look at Bill Gates, the youngest self-made billionaire in history. His second house is empty (as is his eighth house, which is also associated with money).

Businesses Also Have Birth Charts

Through the process of natalization, when a company is first created, the astrological chart of that time of creation (date of incorporation) becomes the chart of the corporation, and the Planetary Geometry of the chart determines the ability of the company to make money.

Leo determination is in a class of its own

Existing in a dull job simply to make money, they really should go in for some soul-searching in order to discover what they would really like to do during their working hours. Obviously there are limitations. For instance, if one is 30 and has never taken a ballet class, one cannot expect to dance Swan Lake, and it would be most inadvisable to give up a steady job to write a novel. But certain compromises can be made. A person with office experience could land an administrative job with a ballet company, or in a publishing house. Leos, when being interviewed, will show genuine enthusiasm and inspire confidence, and this is a great asset.


Her motto is often Easy come, easy go. She feels there will always be ways to make more money, and her incredible mind will always provide a reservoir on which she can draw. She believes in having what she wants when she wants it, and she will spend her last dollar to get it.

Ascendant Cancer

Aquarius Will make money possibly working from home in own business. Virgo Will make money through accepted channels - stockbroker, own business, financial advisor. Virgo Keen to make money. Hard worker. Suffers from too many changes of direction. Libra Needs to work in partnership, but should take the lead. Beauty, fashion, or entertainment industries. Scorpio Will pursue career with tenacity and discipline. Hard worker. Scientific flair. Astronomy, archeology, or antiques. Sagittarius Slightly unpredictable, but superb teacher or lecturer. Writer, innovator and or inventor. Pisces Very creative and artistic. Career or hobby should involve the arts in some form.


With Midheaven signs Capricorn Strong urge to make money. Love of the land, ambitious, musical potential. Aquarius Will need a career that is different . Conflict between freedom of expression and conventional outlook. Pisces Creative potential. Needs security, but will lack direction.

H Saturn In Libra

Although your attitude is disciplined, responsible and serious, you are pleasant, philosophical and have a great sense of justice and fairness. This is a good placement for lawyers, judges and mediators it is also good for organizational planning, business arrangements and government work. It can indicate a late marriage or partnership with a serious person. Marriage requires a need for patience and hard work relating to others is one of the lessons to learn with Saturn in Libra. Socially aware, you often attain positions of honor and wealth. Diplomatic and tactful, you work well with others as you prefer cooperating to competing. Difficult aspects can make you demanding, intolerant, lacking in forgiveness and even insincere. You may have kidney problems. Secretary, of State Henry Kissinger, billionaire J. Paul Getty, Congressman Maurice Udall, comedian Jack Benny, astronaut Walter Schirra.

Signs of Affection

Capricorns will want to impress their lovers, and will vacillate between spending more money on them than they can actually afford and penny-pinching, when conscience strikes and common sense is the order of the day. Their partners will have to accept this quirk as part of their cautious nature.


Now, you mixed these three cards and placed the queen in the past position. This tells me that you became aware of your own individuality and of your special gifts early on in life. Your self-esteem has continued to grow and blossom since that time. The two is the present. This is the special relationship I mentioned. If he has not arrived yet, he soon will Two is also a highly intuitive number, so you will certainly be using that talent a great deal as well. In the future we have the nine, the caring number. It is also the Nine of Diamonds. Diamonds is the money suit, so the future will be good in that regard. You will never make money your god, as the nine is a strong number. However, you will ultimately be well provided for. This money is largely earned, but most of it is earned by someone else.

Super Aspects

Of these 12 Super Aspects, the Jupiter-Pluto enhancement and the Jupiter-Uranus enhancement were given special names because they were the most special. The Jupiter-Pluto enhancement was named the SUPER SUCCESS ASPECT because it was measurably more powerful than any other aspect in helping the native achieve super success. Seven out of eight of America's richest men (as determined by Forbes magazine in 1995) were born with that aspect. This makes sense from the symbolisms of Jupiter and Pluto, since Pluto rules power, big business, and profits from business and competition and Jupiter rules enrichment, success, and good fortune. All of the eight billionaires listed in Forbes as the richest individuals in America made their fortunes in big business, the way their Jupiter-Pluto aspects would predict. The Venus-Chiron enhancement is also one of the most powerful of all aspects for a Business Chart. The most logical interpretation is that of a career (Chiron) involved in making money...


Mercury in the second house in a morning rising makes the natives of humble class, of criminal disposition, with no knowledge of letters, destitute of all means of livelihood. But if Mercury is an evening star and in a nocturnal chart, he will make money-lenders or managers of others' money. In a diurnal chart he makes students of language skilled in

Jupiter In Taurus

Able to attract substance and material benefits. Materialistic. Sensuality strong. Fond of good food and has a keen appetite. Ability to make money, and it is important to Jupiter in Taurus to have it Quietly stubborn and cannot be pushed. Inclined to put on weight In middle years.

Scorpio and careers

Whether they aim to become high-powered financiers or plumbers (their choice of possible careers is very wide), emotional involvement is extremely important for Scorpios. If, for some reason, they find themselves stuck in a dull and uninvolving job, it will be especially important for them to have an extremely stimulating leisure interest. As opposed to this, some Scorpios are highly motivated to make money and, therefore, devote all their energy towards this end. Such people find fulfilment in the growth of their bank account. But in far more cases - although prosperity is

Mikhail Baryshnikov

The answer is It's because of the rest of his Planetary Geometry. Baryshnikov was born with a truly extraordinary DYNAMIC SYMMETRICAL PATTERN. We explained earlier that a symmetrical pattern is dynamic if all of the planets of the pattern match degrees. Please look at Baryshnikovs birth chart (end of this chapter) and note that Venus, Neptune, and Pluto form a symmetrical pattern and each planet matches degrees, thus making aspects to each other. This particular pattern is called a YOD. Only Magi Astrology has formulated a set of simple rules to guide us in interpreting geometric patterns. The special talents imparted by any Yod can be understood by combining and integrating the symbolisms of the three planets that create the Yod. Venus is symbolic of grace and beauty Neptune rules artistry and creative skills and Pluto rules sexuality and the ability to capitalize on and make money from a talent. Together with the Sun-Mars aspect, the three planets in symmetrical pattern create a...

Aspects To Ubanus

This aspect last occurred in the cardinal signs. Uranus was in Aries and Pluto in Cancer. Individuals born with it (1930-1935) have seen the world in a time of great crises. Wars, revolutions, and economic catastrophes have greatly influenced their lifestyles. Women born with this aspect represented the seeming subservient role allotted to them by previous generations and fought for their own individuality. Mrs. John Doe wanted to be considered a person in her own right. She found that only through financial independence could Jane Doe emerge successfully. Yet, these are the same parents who feil to come to terms with the free Bpirit of their children (many of whom were born with the sextile of Uranus and Pluto). Trying to strike a happy medium between family tradition, responsibility and personal freedom, left many with nervous disorders. They were rebellious by nature and independence was sought.

T Pluto In Aries

Individuals born with Pluto in Aries have a tremendous desire to reform, an obsessive need for power or revenge if they feel attacked, great daring and much vigor. Their imagination knows few bounds, but they need self-discipline or they can deplete themselves physically. Writer Jules Verne, billionaire John D. Rockefeller, writer Horatio Alger, artist Paul Cezanne, outlaw Jesse James.

2nd House

It is imperative to stress here that when we talk about money gained or lost we do not mean as a result of speculation or investment, for that comes under the influence of the 5th House. When it is gained or lost through legacy or an inheritance it is through the influence of the 8th House. In the 2nd House we are concerned only with the gain or loss of money through personal efforts. Individual physical labor and any other similar means. Neptune in the 2nd House implies that the native has a strong urge to make money easily and quickly. He must exert extreme caution so that this urge does not interfere with his natural sense of discrimination between right and wrong. If matters are not going smoothly the temptation of crime and dishonesty may be too great for him to ignore. The prospects of easy money will always attract him and he has to watch himself.

Sun sign Scorpio

While this adds Sagittarian fire to Scorpio passion, the Venus influence will lighten intensity, bringing a more relaxed attitude and a need for good intellectual rapport within relationships. Sometimes the Sagittarian need for independence will conflict with Scorpio jealousy. There is an ability to make money, but a tendency to gamble too.

Sun sign virgo

This is a very meaty placing for Venus, which will considerably increase emotion and sexual desire. The sex drive is powerful, but seriously conflicts with Virgo inhibition. These individuals are extremely sexually attractive, but may not want to appear so. Relaxation in sexual enjoyment is essential, then huge pleasure and fulfillment results. There is a considerable ability to make money.

Aquarius and money

Very few Aquarians like to spend time studying the markets in order to make money or deciding how to invest their capital. To keep boredom at bay, and to make sure that their cash is safe, they should opt for a savings account at a bank which offers a reasonable level of interest, or perhaps an investment bond where the interest level is low but offers no serious risks.

Sexual Intimacy

Aquarius, you need to learn that you don't give up any space when you give someone true intimacy you expand both yours and his. The masses you embrace don't often reject you what makes you think one person is more apt to You're willing to ask the state legislature for help, the school board for more understanding about sex education, the women's board for more money for famine victims why are you afraid to ask the man who loves you for something (like affection, like protection, like love)

Lesson Xi

As usual, Saturn brings it's periods of worry and delay. When posited in the Second House it indicates that the native will experience much anxiety over his financial obligations and responsibilities. This position implies difficulties as far as the development of financial plans are concerned. The native must learn to allow more time for his plans to develop and mature. He must cultivate his quality of patience and endure initial financial setbacks and delays. Neptune signifies that the native will have a strong urge to make money easily and quickly and, as a result, he must he very careful that this urge does not interfere with his sense of discrimination between right and wrong. In other words, if things are not going smoothly for the native temptation of crime and dishonesty may be too great for him to ignore. The prospect of easy money will always attract the native and he must be very careful that it does not ruin his or his family's lives.

Hitting The Streets

It is an easy way to make money, and, if you like getting up early in the morning, I recommend it. My friend and I are not planning to develop a code act but, if we were, working flea markets would be a wonderful way to practise and make money at the same time.

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