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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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It has already been shown that the Hebrews, Aryans, and Greeks had each their methods of kabalism - that is, of using numbers in place of letters, and of giving to numbers a specific significance. It will now be my objective to illustrate some of the more generally approved methods of kabalism, so that others may apply their own tests and gain advantage of personal experience in this study.

The Hebrew alphabet has special reference to the Tarot -which is obviously of Semitic origin, although it has received a more catholic interpretation. The method of applying the Tarot to the resolution of a person's signature is as follows:-

The values of the letters are set down against a person's name and multiplied successively by the number answering to the converse position of the letter in the name. The Christian and surnames being thus dealt with, the totals of each name are extended and added together, to which also the place of the Sun at his birth is added. The sum of all is the key number of the name, and this, added to the year in which the person is born, yields the sum of the nativity, which, when extended and added, gives the Tarotic signature of the person. Thus;-

John Milton, 9th December 1608 (O.S.) = 19th December (N.S.) Sun in 9th sign, 28th degree.


1+4 =



4 x 6

= 24


7 x 3

= 21


1 x 5

= 5


8 x 2

= 16


3 x 4

= 12


5 x 1

= 5


4 x 3

= 12


7 x 2

= 14


5 x 1

Sign Degree sum

1608 Year

Sum 1646

Here the key number, 38 = 11, answers to the Tarotic Key called The Muzzled Lion, which denotes force, determination, mastery, vitality; while the sum of the nativity, 1646 = 17, answers to The Star of the Magi, denoting hope, illumination, intuition, success. This interpretation is certainly apposite to the character and work of the epic poet.

The key number, when thus obtained from the Sun's position and the enumeration of the name, is further applied to the current year in order to obtain the signature of that year. Thus:-

Key number 38

Year 1674

Then 13 is the signature of the year 1674 in regard to John Milton, native of the 28th degree of Sagittarius.

The 13th Major Key of the Tarot is The Reaping Skeleton, change, collapse, reaction, death; and in the year 1674 John Milton died.

Other examples of an equally striking nature will be found in my Kabalistic Astrology.

Another method of using the Tarot Keys consists in adding together the year and the age a person attains in that year, making a sum which answers, when reduced, to one of the Tarot Keys. Thus Napoleon was born in 1769. He became First Consul for life in 1801, aged 32. 1801 + 32 = 1833 = 15, an evil portent.Typhon seated upon the iron cube in the Inferno.

Emperor in 1804, aged 35. 1804 + 35 = 1839 = 21. The Crown = position, power, honour, distinction.

Divorced Josephine in 1809, aged 40. 1809 + 40 = 1849 = 22. The Blind Fool = selfishness, vanity, inconsequence, blindness, detachment, conspicuous folly, etc.

Defeated at Waterloo, 1815, aged 46. 1815 + 46 = 1861 = 16. The Stricken Tower = the descent of Typhon, pride of intellect and its consequences, humbling of the autocrat, overthrow, reversal, ruin, catastrophe.

It is not necessary to multiply instances. These will occur to every reader, and considerable interest will be found to attach to the calculation and interpretation of the numerical values of personal instances. It will hardly be necessary to point out that only great import attaches to the names and dates of great men. Where one literally gains a crown under the 21st Key of the Tarot, another, of less ambitious life and smaller powers, should be well pleased with a commensurate fulfilment such as a rise in position or some passing honours. The measure of one's soul in the universe is an equation not easily solved, and I know of no means outside of direct revelation - other than astrology which can aid in that direction. Yet it is well known in what sphere of activity the powers may be most profitably employed, and to this end the Kabalists have devised a key based upon the square of three, which is the Table of Saturn or Fulfilment. The square of 3 is 9, and if we arrange the digits 1 to 9 in such form that they make a magic square, i.e. so that it counts to the same total in any direction, we shall have this figure:-

Here it will be seen that the sum of any three figures, in any direction, = 15, which number has already been mentioned as one of the sacred numbers, as it embodies the name of the Deity.

These numbers, 1 to 9, are divided into three groups, namely, the spiritual, the intellectual, and the material. Thus, the Sun 1, Jupiter 3, and Mars 9, are the spiritual numbers. The Moon 7, Mercury 5, and Venus 6, are the mental numbers; while Saturn 8, Sun 4, and Moon 2, are the physical numbers. We have, therefore, a second arrangement of these nine figures, which now stands as follows:-

On the base line we find the vital or solar principle, the astral or lunar, and the principle of mortality involved in their association, represented by Saturn.

In the middle region we have the emotional principle of Venus and the intellectual or Mercurial principle, united as Hermes-Aphrodite, to form the psychic or soul principle proper to the human being in process of evolution, represented by the positive lunar principle.

In the superior region there are represented the principles of freedom, that of expansion, and that of individuality, denoted by Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun respectively.

The next step is to take the date on which a person was born, employing always the date at noon preceding the hour of birth, for this is the true solar date, being 12 hours behind the secular date. Thus, 26th June, at 5.40 p.m. = 26th, while 26th June, at 9.00 a.m. = 25th, the 26th day not being complete until noon of the 26th. Let us suppose, for instance, a person born on 26th June at 10 a.m., in the year 1899. This gives us the date 25/6/99. The century figures are not employed. From this we derive the following table:- - 9' 6 - 5 2 - -

The first point that strikes us is the double 9; but as this is common to the year, it must not be taken as specially applicable to the person, but to the generation. He comes, then, of a stock making for spiritual enfranchisement, zealous and enthusiastic. Next we observe the 6 as peculiar to the month of the birth. This gives artistic faculty and intellection, tending to expression in art. Next we have the 2 as still more closely related to the individual. It shows material changes, flexibility, unstable fortunes, no strong bias, but much sensibility.

Lastly, the number 5 claims our attention, and this is the number which gives the final and personal touch to the direction of the character and fortunes. It shows a capable intellect allied (through 6) to the artistic and ornamental; some accomplishments.

Next we take the sum of the figures 25699 = 31 = 4, which shows a practical tendency to the whole character, a disposition to realise.

Finally, we take the combinations represented by the planets.

Moon (2), conjunction Venus (6). Mars (9), conjunction Mercury (5).

The first of these shows art, music, poetry; the social accomplishments; refinement. The other denotes keenness, alertness, acumen, with some degree of cupidity, cunning, and opportunism.

Having observed that the sum of the nativity is 4, it will be seen that any date whose figures add to the unit value of 4 will be fortunate to this person; while those which have the unit value of 8 will be unfortunate. The key to this effect being that the Sun (4) is opposed by Saturn (8), Saturn tending to destroy both Moon and Sun. For, on the material plane, Saturn (8) is the element of corruption involved by the relations of the Sun

(male) and Moon (female) elements of Nature, as here shown:-

Moon Saturn Sun

But, in its relation to the higher union of the Sun (spirit) and Moon (soul), it subserves the purposes of development and evolution, being, as it were, the corruptible husk whence spring the spiritual germ and its envelope or sheath. Wherefore, it is said: "It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption", which has reference to the soul of man. For which reason we posit the numerical analogue:-



It will be seen that the planetary numbers are employed throughout, and also the planetary interpretations as already set forth. In this scheme:-

1. stands for individuality, domination, egotism.

2. Flexibility, change, instability, travelling.

3. Expansion, increase, growth, opulence, congestion, riches.

4. Realisation, materiality, practical results, pride, ostentation.

5. Realisation, materiality, practical results, pride, ostentation.

6. Intellection, learning, activity, commerce, language, science.

7. Art, poetry, music, the social accomplishments, affection, love, sympathy.

8. Psychic force, influence, popularity, voyages, adaptability, versatility, progress.

9. Corruption, disease, death, decay, loss, hurt, imperfection, obstruction, privation.

10.Freedom, energy, keenness, acumen, zeal, penetration, fire, fever.

The following synoptical charts will prove of interest:-

Napoleon I Cecil Rhodes


Conjunctions Sun & Mars Sun & Saturn

Conjunctions Moon & Mercury 2

Shakespeare 3/5/64

Milton 19/12/08

Conjunctions Jupiter & Venus Mercury & Sun

Conjunctions Sun & Mars Moon & Saturn

The most amusing parallelism, and one that I think will conjure an answering smile to the lips of my readers, is to be found in the following:-

Cagliostro 19/6/43

Sepharial 19/3/64

Conjunctions Sun & Jupiter Sun & Mars Venus & Jupiter

Conjunctions Sun & Jupiter Sun & Mars Venus & Jupiter

This clearly shows some constitutional affinity, and the same may be traced in the famous parallelism of St Louis of France and King Louis XVI, thus:-

St Louis 23/4/1215

Louis XVI 23/8/1754

Wherein we see that in the chart of St Louis the Sun is dominant and conjoined with Jupiter, while in the case of Louis XVI the superior Sun is in obscuration, and Saturn involved by a conjunction with the inferior Sun and Moon. In the one case we have the Christian saint who was anxious to give up his throne and become a monk; and in the other an unfortunate monarch who was deposed and executed, his son being consigned to prison, where he died.

Now, by the numerical values of the names Louis IX and Louis XVI, we obtain:-

Louis IX = 3619 = 19 = 1, Sun Louis XVI = 36116 = 17 = 8, Saturn clearly showing the difference of their fortunes. Those who would purse the subject, however, may find some interest in the remarkable kabala of the two kings of France set forth in my Manual of Occultism.

The chart of Oliver Cromwell shows a remarkable feature. He was born 4/5/1599, or, old style, 25th April of the same year:-

Here the zeal, fire, and sword of Mars is most conspicuous, as it comes twice in the year number and also in the sum of the nativity; the conjunctions being Mars and Mercury, Mercury and Sun.

The unfortunate exile, Napoleon III, has a chart quite in line with his known character and destiny. He was born on the 29th April 1808, of which the chart is:-

Sum, 14 = 5 Conjunctions: Moon and Saturn

Sun and Saturn.

A fairly rotten basis on which to effect a restoration.

It would be possible to adduce an indefinite number of instances in which the character and fortunes are clearly denoted. I may here cite an illustrious example or two before concluding:-

Conjunctions: Sun & Jupiter; Sun & Mars; Mars & Mercury.

Horatio Nelson, 29/9/58

The deprivation of the right eye and right arm are shown by the conjunction of Moon and Saturn;

the dominant double Mars, the zeal and fighting genius of the great admiral; while Mars and Mercury conjoined point to his astuteness, acumen, and alertness of mind. The sum 6 gives that Venusian touch to the character which is in line with the best traditions of the naval profession.

It should be carefully observed that the old style dates must be converted to the new style before dealing with them; and, further, that the astronomical date must be taken in all cases, the observation being that, when the birth took place in the afternoon, the date is the same as the secular or civil date; while if it took place in the morning, the astronomical date will be that of the previous day in the civil calendar.

Emperor William II has a characteristic chart:-27/1/59

The conjunctions are those of Sun and Mars, denoting the spiritual zeal and tireless energy of an enthusiastic nature, with Moon and Mercury, showing learning, activity, commerce, etc. The sum of the nativity gives just that touch of art and sociability which rounds off the corners of a naturally intense and keen nature.

The chart of the Empire, proclaimed 18th (morning) of January 1871 = 17/1/71, is very remarkable:-

Conjunctions: Sun & Moon.

It shows a triple Sun and double Moon, which surely ought to make it shine; but the sum of the chart is unfortunate.

The chart of the Union of Ireland and Great Britain does not show elements of stability:-

2nd January 1801 1'

But, if it was effected in the forenoon, then a double Sun presides over its destiny, to the greater advantage of the kingdom.

On the whole, I think, it will be seen that the chart of the Square of Three, when properly dealt with, is capable of yielding some very striking results, both in regard to character and fortune. The Chinese use this chart in their divinations, and it is, perhaps, the oldest form of which we have any record.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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