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The idea involved in the preceding chapter is common to all religious systems, and consequently we may expect it to be reflected in any system of kabalism which has regard t the unfolding of human destiny this unfoldment is the natural means by which man draws near to the attainment of the "full stature of Christ", which, as we have seen, is kabalistically represented by the square of 12, or 144, the enumeration of the name of the primal ancestor, or of that race of humanity which became "sons of God" by the inbreathing of the Spirit (Cosmic Symbolism, chap. i). What in the animal man is merely desire becomes in the Adamic race converted into will, and this same force of divine energy working in man will eventually bring him to a state where he is both mentally and physically capable of a fuller expression of the Spirit.

Doubtless it is the fact that in the process of evolution each individual goes through the whole gamut of development from 1 to 9, i.e. from mere vital functioning to the expression of individual will in its quest after freedom from limitation and bondage. But some study of particular cases in connection with the doctrine of spiritual hierarchies has led me to the conclusion that each individual is permanently related to some one spiritual hierarchy, which, through a dependency of states, spiritual, mental, and psychic, is ultimately expressed in a group of incarnations coming directly under the influence of some particular constellation, star, and planet.

Thus the particular destiny comes to be controlled by the asterism which is rising at the time of one's birth, that under which a person is said to be born, and this asterism is related to a particular part of the Cosmic Man and answers to some specific function in the Cosmic Mind. And this may be taken as a partial explanation of Emerson's exhortation to "Hitch your wagon to a star", which is serviceable advice if you only know which one. It explains why a variety of individuals born under the direct influence of one of the planets are found to be altogether dissimilar in their tastes and pursuits, and different in their objective. For the planet is but one and the last of a series of screens through which the spiritual monad expresses itself in the process of incarnation. It thus becomes of greater importance to know what "star" one is born under than what planet. For the planets are but seven in number, or nine if we regard the luminaries as in the category of apparent planets, while the stars are innumerable, and together as celestial molecules constitute that Grand Man or Cosmic Body which according to all mystical philosophers is the "vestment of God".

In a true philosophical system of cosmogony we shall find that as Deity is expressed in Nature and Spirit in matter, so every physical atom is the expression of a spiritual atom, and thus there are two monads, the physical and the spiritual, the one working up through the various stages of physical evolution to the up building of the human form, and the other working downwards by a process of involution for final expression in the inspiring of the human form. The union of the two monads is the supreme fact of the alchemy of the soul, and the process of their fusing and complete interaction is represented in the unfolding of individual consciousness and the establishing of the will to be and the will to do in man. Until this union was effected it could not be said that the human soul existed in the man-form or human animal, for the psyche is the child of Spirit and Matter. Traced to their source, these two, Spirit and Matter, must be regarded as essentially one, although in some systems of speculative philosophy the one (Matter) is regarded as a reflection of the other.

In developing these ideas I am but extending the cosmical conceptions of Bruno into the realm of the true Kabala. We observe one cosmic energy or life working through a variety of states of matter to the production of various kinds of forces, and we understand that essentially all matter is identical, but apparently different by reason of a variety of characteristics produced in the process known as differentiation. The various stages at which energy is arrested by matter appear to answer to states of consciousness in man, for all consciousness appears to be the result of resistance. Individual consciousness or what is called self-consciousness is thus the product of the incarnation of the monad. If we take an etheric vibration or an electric current and set up resistance to it we shall get light as the result. By slowing this down again we get a partial conversion into heat, and by further resistance we institute the phenomenon of combustion. The descent of the monad through the successive planes of matter thus gives rise to successive states of consciousness from the various degrees of resistance set up by the material conditions through which it passes. The physical body of man and the cosmic body of the universe thus represent resistance coils of the greatest power, and it is therefore in its associations with gross matter that the centre of spiritual energy we call the monad is capable of elaborating the degree of consciousness and the forms of intelligence which relate it to the material world. Thus it is that Vulcan = Mars = Will, is both the desire that tends to the forging of our material bonds and also the volition necessary for our release from those shackes. And we see that Saturn 8, the symbol of restriction, is the cause of transition to Jupiter 3, which is the symbol of expansion, and finally to 9 Mars, which is freedom.

There arises another point of some interest both astronomical and kabalistic, which I have incidentally referred to in the foregoing chapter, where the numbers allotted to the planets require that 2 is the value of Lilith. To many of my readers this name will be unfamiliar, and I may therefore explain that among the Kabalists there is a tradition that Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who was changed into a night spectre in consequence of her refractory conduct. She is described as especially inimical to women and children, and from all accounts appears somewhat akin to the hag known as the Banshee, the apparition of whom in any house is certain disaster to its occupants.

Cosmically Lilith is the second or rather the first satellite of the Earth (Adam), and is no longer a luminous body, but revolves still about the Earth in an orbit at a mean distance of 1,040,000 miles in 119 days. Proctor in his Other Worlds than Ours asserts that in his opinion there is every reason to believe that there are myriads of these dead and non-luminous bodies floating about in space, any one of which may be the occasion sooner or later of a vast cosmic cataclysm as the result of a collision. The satellite Lilith is only visible to us under certain conditions, namely, when at a particular angular distance or elongation from the Sun and at the time of its transit over the disc. From observations made by Waltemath of Hamburg and various records both before and since his discovery, we are able to establish the synodical revolution of the planet as 177 days. Thus there is recorded a transit of a black spot over the disc of the Sun on 27th March 1720, by Dr Alischer at Fauer; another in the following year by the same observer on the 15th March; another at St Neots, Huntingdon, on the 6th June 1761, recorded by a writer in the London Chronicle; another seen by Lichtenberg and Sollnitz on 19th rd

November 1762; another by Hoffman near Gotha on 3 May 1764; another by Supt. Fritsch at Quedlinburg on 25th March 1784, recorded in Bode's Astron. Alk., 1805; another by Dr Ritter, of Hanover, on 11th June 1855; another by Gowey on the 4th September 1879 at N.Lewisburg, Ohio; another on 4th February 1898 at 1.30 p.m., seen by Dr. Zeigler and eleven other persons, and seen at Wiesbaden on the same day at 8.15 a.m.; another on the 4th February 1898. Now, as we cannot accuse these several authorities of aberration or conspiracy, we are bound to accept their statements as veridical. A cursory examination will show that every one of these dates of transits are separated by a period of 177 days to within a few hours. Then, as the motion of the Sun will be about 174 degrees in the same period, the satellite will have travelled 360 + 174 = 534 degrees in 177 days, which gives its mean diurnal motion as about 3 degrees and its revolution as 119 days. Retrogressive computation shows that the satellite should have been in conjunction with the Sun on the 13th September 1618; and 11 days before this Riccioli, as recorded in the Almagestum Novum, vol. ii. p. 16, saw a fiery red globe to the west of the Sun. Cassini the elder and Maraldi saw the transit on the 7th November in the year 1700, rd and it was seen again in Hungary on the 23 December 1719, like a red sun with a white line across it.

If the Moon, an old and worn-out body, still perseveres in its orbit, there seems no reason why other bodies more remote from us should not have persisted. It is altogether probable that as the Moon is now receding from the Earth, so formerly the further satellite was much nearer the Earth than now; and indeed the suggestion may be hazarded that even before the Moon was in the position of a prime luminary to our globe Lilith may have been functioning in that capacity. We have only to assume, as I think we may, that the Sun has a direct pull on the body somewhat greater than that of the Earth, and we at once see that at the conjunction, when the satellite is between the Sun and the Earth, the former pulls it a little out of its course, so that at no successive revolution does it return to the same relative position as regards our globe, but is always being urged towards a wider orbit and a commensurately slower velocity as required by Kepler's law. This is found to be the case in regard to the Moon, and it must be so in regard to any other satellite of the Earth. Possibly Lilith held the same or similar relations to the Earth in a former period of activity (manvantara) as the Moon does in the present period of our terrene life. For it is not believed, at all events by the Kabalists, that this is by any means the first period of life through which the Earth has passed, but that it has had successive periods of alternate activity and quiescence (manvantaras and pralayas), and emerged from its last long sleep about eighteen and a half million years ago. I have stated the case briefly in the opening chapter of Cosmic Symbolism, and need not therefore discuss the grounds of this belief again. Enough has been said to institute a basis for the enumeration of Lilith, which for various reasons may be regarded as of value 2, in contrast and complement to the Moon = 7, which has already been established.

Speaking of the Sun and Moon as the male and female symbols of cosmos in relation to the humanity of this globe, we are reminded that a wider interpretation was given to this symbolism by substituting the Earth as mother in place of the Moon. This leaves out of consideration the moot question as to the origin of the Moon. It is at present our satellite. That it was always so does not transpire from any astronomical evidence, and I shall not say that they are wrong who assert that the Moon was mother of the Earth and not the contrary. The fact that at the present time our globe is estimated to be about fourteen times larger than the Moon proves nothing as to seniority, for we know that the Moon is a dead world, or at least a sleeping one, and that it has gone through a process of shrinkage during the course of ages which has left it a mere remnant of what it once was. We are, of course, astronomically aware of the fact that the Moon has for many ages been receding from the Earth; and we also know that it has reached absolute zero in its axial rotation, which shows that its vitality is at lowest ebb. If it were to rotate slower than now - and it makes exactly one rotation while it revolves around the Earth it would appear to rotate from West to East upon its axis, contrary to its present motion, and we should have the gradual revelation of a thing as yet unbeholden, the other side of the Moon !

On the other hand, if the Moon were suddenly caught in one of those great cosmic streams of energy which Sir Hiram Maxim speaks of with such remarkable intuition, the Moon's rotation on its axis would immediately be accelerated, the planet would begin to live again, and, roused from its long slumber, it would enter upon a new day of activity and development. The evolution of new forms of life would begin anew, and the now barren globe would in process of time become a centre of teeming life. Who knows how long this catalepsy may last, or how soon the sleeper may awaken? But awake or asleep it is regarded by the Kabalists as the mother of our world, and it holds true among astrologers that "the Sun is the father and the Moon the mother of every mundane event".

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