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When we speak of a chance event, we really express our ignorance of the law governing the occurrence. We do not seriously assume to mean that Nature has not provided for such event, or that it had no natural causation. We speak of coincidences, as when an astrologer makes a singularly pointed prediction which afterwards proves to be in line with the facts. But we must not think that in the use of that word we have disposed of the scientific possibility of prediction. We may take comfort in it as did the old lady in the blessed word "Mesopotamia", but that is all that it can do for us. The use of the expression "coincidence" is a scientific statement of a fact. We assert thereby that the time and circumstance prescribed in the prophecy coincide with the event in fulfilment - that the prediction, in short, is true to time and nature of event.

But many coincidences make a law. If some apples fell off the trees into space, some obliquely into our neighbour's garden, and others directly to the earth, the law of gravity would never have been discovered. Ages ago things were supposed to fall because they were heavier than air, and a good deal of suffering would have been spared the pioneers of scientific thought had this belief been maintained. The fact, however, that all the apples fell in lines perpendicular to the tangent of the earth's circumference, i.e. in a straight line towards the earth's centre, and that one of them coincided with the thinking-box of a scientific man, set the whole world wondering. The attraction of gravitation had been discovered. Modern science has said much which is contrary to the Principa of Newton. To-day it has stumbled up against certain phenomena which seem to indicate that, after all, it may not be the attraction of gravitation that does these things. he facts do not answer to the theory of attraction. When it is seen that intermolecular either is negative to spatial ether it may be found convenient to look at the obverse side of the door, and, instead of reading "pull", the scientist may find "push" as an answer to his question. In other words, bodies may be impelled towards the earth by the "push" of spatial ether, instead of being drawn to the earth by the "pull" of the earth's mass. So much, then, for the argument from coincidence. Suppose that, instead of relegating everything we do not understand to the domain of chance, we endeavour to seek a law which shall not only include the facts but render the prediction of others of a similar nature possible. I will hazard a suggestion which may form a working basis for an intelligible theory of prediction.

We have already viewed the universe as the personality or embodiment of a Creative Power. We have seen that it is a symbol, and that it answers to a system of physiognomy by which we have learned something concerning the character of the Creator whose forces ensoul it. Let us, then, regard the universe as man. The Rosicrucians so regarded it, and called it Adam Kadmon; Swedenborg called it the Grand Man, the Macroprosopus.

The astrologers have for many ages related the encircling zodiac to the zones or divisions of the human body. Aries they found to correspond to the head, Taurus to the neck, Gemini to the arms, and so down to the feet, which corresponded to Pisces. "As above, so below"; the great is reflected in the small. The circle of the zodiac has its mundane relations. An empiricism continued through many centuries determined the signs corresponding to various areas of the earth, to territories, kingdoms, cities, and towns.

The method employed was that of the scientific experimentalist. Here is a toxin, let us see what effect it will have when injected. The experiment yields certain results, and research is made for an antidote, something that will neutralise the action of the poison. Or, a bacteriologist makes a culture of germs and studies their effects upon animal bodies. He also experiments on the culture itself to ascertain what medium favours the development of the germs, and what tends to sterilise the medium and render it fatal to the development of the germs. Then, by empirical means, he has two great facts before him: (a) that certain germ cultures produce certain morbid conditions in animal bodies, and (b) that certain media neutralise the action of these germs.

The astrologers followed the same method. They observed the effects following immediately upon the ingress of the various planets into the signs of the zodiac, and what happened during the stay of the planet in each sign. They determined the specific natures of the planets and their modifications by a careful and patient empiricism. Then the deductive method was more extensively employed, and, from like causes, like effects were anticipated. A retrospective calculation gave them the means of ascertaining the past effects of planetary positions, while a prospective calculation enabled them to predict what might reasonably be expected from identical causes in the future.

When two clouds are electrified, one becomes negative to the other, they rush together, and their impact produces thunder; while the discharge of electricity produces lightning, as if the terminals of a battery were brought together. The lightning flash is only a big spark.

Now, the astrologers had already discovered that Mars was a positive planet and a heat producer, while Saturn was a negative planet and a cold producer. They were naturally curious to observe what effects would transpire when these planets were in conjunction, i.e. in the same part of the heavens as seen from the Earth's centre.

There were two means open to them, one being to "wait and see", the other retrospection. By a combination of the known orbital motions of the two bodies, they were able to construct a table of the past conjunctions of these planets through the entire circle of the zodiac. Astronomy, chronology, and history conspired to the result, and the effects of the conjunctions of Mars and Saturn in the successive signs of the zodiac were predicable in a general manner for all time. Needless to say they were of an adverse, and most frequently of a violent, nature.

There is a conjunction of these planets every alternate year, the conjunction falling in the next sign on each occasion; so that in 265 years it performs nine revolutions, and comes nearly to the same place in the zodiac.

If we trace the conjunction through recent years, we find a singular uniformity of ill effects attending upon the countries ruled by the sign of conjunction. Sagittarius rules Spain and Italy, the opposition Gemini ruling the United States; Capricorn rules India, Aquarius rules Russia, Pisces rules Portugal, Aries rules England, Taurus rules Ireland, Cancer rules Scotland and Holland, Leo rules France, according to ancient observations. Let us trace some recent events:-

1897. November, Mars and Saturn conjoined in


Hispano-American War, 1898. 1899. December, conjunction in the same sign.

King Humbert of Italy assassinated, 1900

1901.December, conjunction in Capricorn.

Bande-Mataram Agitation, 1902. 1903. December, conjunction in Aquarius.

Russo-Japanese War, 1904. 1905.December, again in Aquarius. Russian Revolt, 1906. "Red Sunday", 1906. 1907. December, conjunction in Pisces.

Assassination of King & Crown Prince of Portugal, 1908; followed by revolution. 1909. December, conjunction in Aries. Death of King Edward VII, 1910. Democratic Ascendancy, 1910. 1911. August, conjunction in Taurus. 1913. August, conjunction in Gemini.

What we may expect to follow will best be defined by reference to the past effects of similar positions. The last conjunction in Taurus was 1881. This was the year of the Agrarian outrage in Ireland, and the murder of Burke and Cavendish in Phoenix Park.

Using our greater period of 265 years, we find the following parallel:-

1644. Saturn & Mars in Aries. +265 Marston Moor. Overthrow of the Royalists, 1644.

1909 Democratic Ascendancy, 1910. Death of King Edward, 1910.

1646 Saturn & Mars in Taurus. +265 The Irish Rebellion, 1646.

1911. The Irish Protest, 1911

1648. Saturn & Mars in Gemini +265 London invested by Cromwell, 1648. King Charles in flight. The House of Lords abolished, 1648. King Charles beheaded, 1649.


1650. Saturn & Mars in Cancer. +265 Great Floods in Holland, 1650. Scotland invaded and reduced by Cromwell, 1650.


The question now arises, what connection have planetary periods with numerology? In a general sense they tend to establish the physiognomy of Nature as a scientific study. If the powers that be elect to signal us by means of celestial phenomena, why not by numerical figures? If by planetary periods we may trace the periodicity of events, why not by numerical sequences?

What we have to remember is that there is no such thing as chance in a universe controlled by law. We have to reduce all our observations to a statement which, if not conformable to any known law, is at least not in conflict with such laws as we know. A law should include all the facts. A theory should be sufficiently elastic to admit new observations. An intelligent theory of the universe leaves room for variety of interpretation.

The Hindus say that the period of 120 years is the sum of a human life. Ptolemy, who had no associations with Hindu thought, ascribed the periods of the planets as follows:- Moon 4 years, Mercury 10, Venus 8, Mars 15, Jupiter 12, and Saturn 30, and all these periods are comprehended in 120, which is their least common measure.

From this we derive a very interesting kabala as follows:-Moon 4 years into 120 = 30 Saturn 30 years into 120 = 4

The Moon and Saturn are opposed to one another in nature, and rule opposite signs.

Mercury 10 years into 120 = 12 Jupiter 12 years into 120 = 10

Jupiter and Mercury are opposed to one another, and rule opposite signs.

Venus 8 years into 120 = 15 Mars 15 years into 120 = 8

Venus and Mars are opposed to one another, and rule opposite signs; the whole scheme being thus symbolically expressed:-















n m








Outside of this scheme is the Sun, ruler of Leo, with a period = 1 year = 360 degrees, embracing 3 times 120, the symbol of divinity, of the Trinity in Unity.

The period of Mars multiplied by that of Venus = 120 years.

The period of Jupiter by that of Mercury = 120 years.

The period of Saturn by that of the Moon = 120 years.

In one day the Sun completes its apparent circuit of the heavens, and advances 1 degree, making 361 degrees. This quantity is 19 x 19, and Ptolemy gives the period of the Sun as 19 years. It is also to be observed that the Sun and Moon are conjoined in the same point of the zodiac every 19 years. Thus we see that there is a connection between periodicity and the symbolism of the heavens, and between symbolism and numerology.

(B's note; Both Sepharial and Jensen have this scheme in their books, an explanation can be found in Raphael's "Manual of Astrology".)

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