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The 256 Verses Of

The real core of ifa interpretation lies in the thousands of memorized verses associated with the 256 odu of Ifa. The verses form a corpus of myth, folk-tale, incantation, song, proverb and riddle to the Yoruba their aesthetic merit is secondary to their religious significance. A babalawo is expected to know a large number of these verses, as an accepted authority on Yoruba religion. When the odu has been produced, the correct verse bearing on the client's problem must be selected from those which the diviner has memorized for this figure. This verse may prescribe a sacrifice to be offered, to modify the outcome of the matter. It is then necessary for the client to offer this sacrifice in the prescribed manner in order to avert the

0 V3 Mercury In Capricorn

Hard-working, cautious and earnest, your mind is penetrating your memory for facts and figures is excellent, and detailed work is right up your alley. When you want to make a point you can be tactful and diplomatic, but basically you tend to intellectual snobbery. You have good common sense and the ability to turn ideas into practical use. You are self-disciplined and a good disciplinarian, but you must remember to add heart to your head. You are methodical in both thought and procedure, which gives you executive and political ability. You like to uphold traditional ideas you are realistic rather than idealistic. You also have keen awareness and good powers of concentration. You may lack the ability to laugh at yourself, but if you have a sense of humor it will be somewhat satirical. If there are difficult aspects to your Mercury, you can be too materialistic, ambitious, dogmatic and even suspicious.

Mercury In The Fourth House

You are determined, your memory is retentive, and your thinking is economical. Proud of your family and interested in your ancestry, you love antiques and might be a book, stamp or coin collector. Your parents were probably educated and cultured. This is a good position for real estate, agriculture, ecology, archeology, geology and other professions related to the earth. It is possible that you will work out of your home. You might change residence often, or there may be a lot of activity in your home. Perhaps a relative will live with you. With challenging aspects, you are easily irritated and quite high-strung.

Table Of Planetary Keywords

And their effect would be much more marked than if they were placed in the signs of their fall and debility. By memorizing this table and bearing in mind the matter of elevation, the student will be able to form a much more accurate judgment of the effect of planets in any particular horoscope than if this is not taken into consideration.

Applying And Separating Aspects

In judging oppositions the judgment depends on which planet la stronger. This is why the table of dignities, exaltations, falls and detriments must be memorized and understood. The closest aspect in the chart will be of very great importance. An exact aspect gives no leeway. Whether it is a so-called good aspect or a negative one that aspect will be the keynote to the chart.

The Signs In The Houses

Note From here on the Sign and planets for each decan will not be listed. We feel that it will be excellent practice for you to note which are involved from Illustration 1, the decanate chart, or if possible from your memory. Remember decanate and decan mean the same thing. See also note 1 page 2.

Steps to Refine Delineation

Look first at the chart as a whole then take it apart and interpret the Sun by sign, house ruler and aspects then do the same with all the other planets and houses. Refresh your memory on any keywords that may elude you at the moment. In our classes, we always have a review lesson right after we teach the math, which is a subject by itself and totally apart from astrological judgment.

The Signs Of The Zodiac

Under ordinary astrological rules we have to divide a horoscope or the circle of the Universe into 12 equal parts, which are called houses. Therefore we get 12 houses or stalls. Each of these stalls must be 30* long, since the size of each equals the next, in that 12X30* gives 360 , 360' represents the contcncs of a circle. The ancients had given each of such houses a name, which we shall call the Signr of the Zodiac. These signs have a definite rotation which never varies. We have to learn the signs by heart as well is their abbreviations, because we have to operate with them constantly. It is best to memorize them by numbers, since I will show later that, by doing so, you can constantly and quickly measure angles between ibe various signs which is of great advanca e See Fig. S, page 45).

Earth Signs

It is through planets in the same element that harmony prevails. Two Fire signs are in harmony with each other, two Water signs etc. They have the same nature so there is a basic understanding between them. These divisions must be memorized for they are extremely important. In a chart if the preponderance of planets are in Water signs the lessons for that individual lie in the field of relationships. If there are many planets in Earth signs the person puts too much emphasis on material things and he has to attain a truer sense of values. If there are too many planets In Fire signs the person is apt to act before be thinks and has to learn

D nj Moon In Virgo

This placement of the Moon emphasizes your mental qualities, but here the restless mental qualities of Gemini are replaced by steadiness and practicality. You don't value knowledge for its own sake, but you seek it in order to use and apply it. Your memory is excellent. You analyze and criticize all sense impressions with care. This is not the most sexual position for the Moon.

3 Fa ifa and voodoo

Thus as the practice is carried across the Sahara and into the tropical areas of Dahomey (Benin), Togo and Nigeria, the sand which was previously used to generate the figures becomes the powder on the diviner's board (see p. 68), whilst the figures themselves are generated by manipulations of beans or palm nuts. Together with this adaptation, the unique verbal heritage of the Yoruba contributed material to the complex set of verses designed as a mnemonic to aid the practitioner to memorize the interpretations of the various combinations of geomantic figures passed on to them by the Arab traders.

8 Mercury In Taurus

You never jump to conclusions you like to hear all the evidence first. Mentally you are conservative, cautious and constructive. You depend more on life experience than on book learning. Your memory is good, and your approach is traditional. Your mind is practical, and this is an excellent position for business and management. If this placement has difficult aspects, you can tend towards mental inertia, but trying to push yourself into action will not help you need to work at your own rate of speed. Industrialist Henry Kaiser, singer Barbra Streisand, violinist Yehudi Menuhin, poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, President John F. Kennedy.

Mercury In Pisces

You are psychic and intuitive, and you learn by absorption rather than by study. Your memory is retentive your mentality is reflective, romantic and poetic. You may keep your real thoughts under cover and only express them when you are with close friends or relatives. This placement for Mercury shows a duality evincing contradictory qualities combined with your receptivity to outside influences, it's no wonder that you are often accused of being moody and sensitive. You get hurt easily. Harmonious surroundings are very important to you because you react more from the subconscious than from reason. You like to be well-informed and often have a great love for music or some sort of artistic talent. With difficult aspects, your sense of reality might be distorted and your mind may vascillate you may tend to wool-gathering or daydreaming you could be pessimistic, melancholy and confused. Too many difficult aspects can give you a morbid imagination, a persecution complex or other neuroses...

Mercury In The Signs

A general review of Mercury's basic characteristics will aid our study. If these do not come to your mind easily it would be wise to refer back to lesson six and refresh your memory. You should automatically think of the intellect and progress when considering Mercury. It exercises influence over all of our mental abilities. It represents our potential knowledge and wisdom. Mercury is the ruler of the signs Gemini and Virgo, it is exalted in the sign Aquarius, has its fall in the sign of Leo and is detrimented in the sign Sagittarius and Pisces.

13 S1k 13 507 13 495

Check a few pages back in this lesson, when we corrected the planets for Example 1, where we showed you how to eyeball all the planets except the Sun and Moon. Refer to those pages to refresh your memory. We'll list them here for you to check against your results (going from the slowest to the faster planets) Pluto 11 Libra 32 Neptune R 13 Sagittarius 50 Uranus ft 7 Scorpio 41 Saturn 16 Leo 30 Jupiter 22 Gemini 28 Mars 26 Taurus 55 Venus 7 Gemini 06 Mercury 5 Leo 14 (Computer Saturn 16 Leo 31, Mercury 5 Leo 13, all else the same)


You are now working at the beginnings of delineations. Your skills in going forward as an astrologer will be developed in the remaining lessons. The next lesson will conclude the signs in the houses and then on to the vital points of aspects. At this stage in your training you should be able to realize how extremely general are the sun sign horoscopes of every day newspapers and magazines. You already have a wealth of knowledge in your memory and at your fingertips in your lesson books. Yet there is so much to come at the end of which you will be capable of erecting and delineating a very accurate chart which will do so much good for your client, relative, friend or yourself.

Planetary Yogas

Many Hindu astrology books contain long lists of these yogas, which astrologers often memorize. Yet even when they exist in a chart they may require other supporting factors to be really effective. It is more important to understand the principle behind yogas than to memorize specific yogas. All chart interpretation, which must involve synthesizing or correlating indications in the chart, is like a building up of yogas. The more the same result is indicated by as many different

Standard Time

Since the meeting of train schedules, etc., is impossible on the basis of local time, Standard Time Zone meridians were spaced at intervals of 15 degrees of longitude east and west of Greenwich, and all clocks within each zone were adjusted to the mean Solar time of the mid-point of the zone. The material which follows need not be memorized. You will refer to it many times in the future and eventually it will become part of you.

Lesson No I

The above symbols are to the astrologers as the alphabet is to a writer. Actually, they are no different from symbols which are used to express numbers. When you see the number 3 you immediately envision a group of three objects of some kind. When you see a zodiac symbol, in the future, you will instantly be reminded of a certain group of stars which represent a specific place in the horoscope. Actually, the word horoscope means hour pointer, so start with Aries at nine o'clock and memorize the signs in a counter-clockwise fashion around the zodiac i.e. Taurus is at eight o'clock, Gemini at seven, etc. (See Illustration III)


Astrological glyphs are symbols that represent celestial bodies, signs, or other components of a horoscope. Glyphs constitute a kind of shorthand that allows astrologers to concentrate a large amount of information in a small space. To many new students of astrology, these symbols seem to constitute an unnecessary and difficult hurdle Why not just write the names of the planets into the chart But, once memorized, they are easy to use and are far preferable to drawing in other kinds of abbreviations. The increasing use of asteroids by astrologers has led to the proliferation of new, not particularly memorable, glyphs, as well as questions about who should have the final say on adopting new symbols. One proposal is that an interorganizational glyph committee, parallel to the International Astronomical Union nomenclature committee, be created to standardize new glyphs.

Critical Degrees

Another division of the Zodiac which it is easy to remember and important to take into consideration is based upon the massage of the Moon from the first degree of Aries through the twelve signs. It takes the Moon about 28 days to go around the Zodiac and she moves with an average velocity of 13 degrees. Thus if we start with the first point of Aries and measure one day's travel, the second day will commence at the 13th degree and the third at the 26th the fourth commences at 9 degrees of Taurus and the fifth day she starts at 21 degrees of the same sign on the sixth day she reaches 4 degrees of Gemini on the seventh day she starts at 17 degrees of Gemini and completes the first quarter by reaching the cusp of Cancer on the morning of the eighth day. It is evident that she will strike the same degrees of the signs composing the other three quarters during the three weeks it takes her to complete the circuit, and thus we may easily memorize the critical

Basic Stuff

Here are some keywords for the planets. There is no need to memorize these, but it is useful to be familiar with them. I remember the planets in order by saying My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas . (M Moon, V Venus, E Earth, M Mars, J Jupiter, S Saturn, U Uranus, N Neptune, P Pluto.)

Planetary Powers

One of the most important tables to memorize in studying astrology 1b what is called 'Planetary Dignities.' On this rests all your understanding of the laws and the prophets.' In some signs the power of energy we call a planet is able to project itself without any hindrance for it is functioning in a field harmonious to its own nature. In other signs a planetary energy is blocked by being in a sign not compatible to its nature and its full expression is hindered. You will find the ability to judge the power of a planet very necessary in interpreting charts, especially when you are interpreting horary charts. It is not hard to memorize the tables of detriments if you know the signs the planets rule. The detriment is the opposite sign. Planets in their detriment are regarded as unfavorable and weak.

Self Knowledge

We will now, in the next lesson, turn to the specifics of Astrology. You will often be called upon to defend astrology and or why you believe in it. The first 2 lessons give you the answers for this type question. You don't have to memorize those 2 lessons, but you should

Separative Planets

The Sun creates independence or burns things up Saturn creates loss, alienation or detachment Rahu is dispersing and gives an attraction to what is foreign or distant Ketu makes us contract and causes negativity and the ruler of the twelfth house projects its energy of loss and retreat, which is the nature of that house. So all these factors possess a common separative effect. This rule is very useful in chart interpretation and should be memorized.

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