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Meditation on Planetary Deities

Meditation on planetary deities attunes our consciousness with the higher awareness within the planets, promoting both psychological and spiritual healing. It is best used with mantra as explained in the next chapter. Please note Astrology of the Seers for more information on the traditional forms of the Vedic deities and how to visualize them.44 Of main importance is to contact the living energy of the planets the forms that we choose are secondary. In addition, in our general worship of God or the Goddess, for whatever purpose, we should not forget astrological forms and energies, which are among the most powerful.

The Method Of Color Meditation

Lie down or sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Make sure that everything is quiet around you and that you will not be interrupted for the duration of your meditation (anywhere from about seven minutes to over half an hour). 18. Since this is a powerful meditation, you must now remember to say the words This is meant to be for the highest good of all. You do not want to manipulate others through the use of visualization. Its purpose is to help you to be healthy and to grow. 19. When you are finished watching yourself standing atop your pyramid in complete happy freedom, prepare to go back down. If you feel you have communicated with a source of cosmic energy, as eventually happens in many meditations, say, Thank you. If you have requested help from anyone while you were up there, also thank them. 21. When you have reached the last step, the red one, you have finished your color meditation. Open your eyes enjoy the feeling of trust and relaxation. Visualization means conjuring up...

Selective Survival Of Texts

First, whether actively or passively, both religions filtered out texts that could not be accommodated to the prevailing religious system. Second, both systems needed self-justifying histories in which everything had to have a place in a scheme of things that led to an ultimate enlightenment. The church needed philosophy only to defend itself from or win over people to whom philosophy was important. The church legitimated its use of philosophy by giving it a history, accepting it as limited knowledge that had pointed in the right direction and which had given some understanding to people who had lived before Christ.26 Monotheism seemed to be a stage of development preparatory to the Christian revelation. In short a history was constructed which emphasised continuity and development towards a final enlightenment. The texts that survived naturally seemed to reinforce this.

Curious Mobile Hyper energetic Nervous

She usually has an abundance of nervous energy, and it may take her decades to learn to channel it properly. She tends to scatter it, to periodically wind herself up and run nearly maniacally on nerves alone. With the help of meditation or relaxation methods, body therapy, a balanced diet, and proper nutrition, she can accomplish miracles with her prodigious motor.

Cancer The Sign Of Dizzy Heights And Profound Depths

CANCER or Karkatuka (Crab) as the Hindu seers have called the Fourth sign of the zodiac is a deeply mysterious sign representing, as Swami T, Subba Row has indicated, that level of manifestation where the divine syllable. Pranava, the sacred word, was resolved into four entities corresponding to the four states of Brahma as Vaisvanara, Hiranyagarbha, Prajna and Isftara. This sign according to Subba Row also represents the four aspects of Parabrahman. namely, Sihula ( physical), Su&shma (subtler). Bija (Causal), and Sakshi (the silent witness) as well as the four states of consiousness, namely Jagrath (wakeful), Sushupati (dreamful sleep), Tanya (deep sleep) and Nirvana (deep meditation). The Hindu scriptures are indeed very profound. Significance of various symbols used in them could be realized only b much deep study and right meditation. Nonetheless, we know that the cosmic manifestation according to the Hindu scriptures comprises of outer as well as of inner realities subsisting in...

Idea Of Five Horoscopes In

In the meantime on account of all that reviewing, we have not started yet to cast our horoscope for March 17th, l 4l. the day a commodity was first traded in New York which horoscope nevertheless shall be worked out in due time. However, while we keep talking general rules, we now get off them for a while and say something about the improvements which I made to produce horoscopes that have real value, which can be tead and from which we can say this and that should happen on such and such a day. I spoke already abo-ut the small number of aspects that can be produced when we use only the radix horoscope and nothing else. This bothered me so much because I knew the market changed quite often and no aspects were available to account for any of these changes. Where to take the aspects, if apparently chere are none I set myself thinking and went straight away into optics in which field I felt 1 could find some sort of enlightenment. My first though was if thete is a light somewhere, and an...

26th To 29th Birthday

The period may have opportunities for study and introspection, withdrawing for reflection and meditation, searching for inner peace, but the turmoil of the transition search will probably make it difficult to concentrate on any of these quiet activities (7 Essence present but secondary to 16 7 Essence).

Neptune in the Fourth House

Fourth-house Neptune people may have an idealized picture of what a home life should be like, but if challenged by aspects, the conditions of theirs may be unsettled, uncertain, confused, or chaotic. The problems might involve anything from an alcoholic parent to frequent moves. This placement also could indicate skeletons or mysteries in the family closet. This placement shows karmic or unconscious emotional ties to the family and home life, imaginative parenting, and also may indicate some self-sacrifice connected to the home. Meditation or spiritual practices may be important, too.

Planets In The Signs

You should continue to rehash and expand your knowledge of the influence of each Sign, House and Planet. If it is possible it would be wise for you to set apart a certain amount of time daily to just sit and relax and meditate on what you have already learned. You are becoming part of a very select few who are in touch with and can appreciate the laws of our universe. You must prepare yourself to accept a more liberal view of our life than those who are bound by their own lack of knowledge. The questions why and what for must become part of your very intellect. None except those with a well-developed and open sense of reason, a clear mind, and a good memory can effectively pursue the study of astrology.

Of The Exciting Or Stirring Up The Magical Virtue

Therefore, let those who would attain knowledge in these things, and be perfect in what we have set before them, constantly meditate and desire that the First Cause and Archetype of all things would graciously and mercifully illuminate their minds without which, they grope but in darkness and uncertainty, and are subject to the delusions of impure spirits and devils, who are only to be .put to flight by putting on the whole armour of God, in whom we all live, move, breathe, a. nd have our being.

The Moon in the Twelfth House

The Moon in the Twelfth House is sensitive, receptive, and intuitive, almost as if it's got radar, but it also can be easily hurt and may hide its true feelings. There will be a need for alone time or seclusion to process these feelings, meditate, or pursue spiritual teachings. If they don't get this, these people may feel pressured and will need to escape, either by zoning out, or through fantasy. They also have a creative imagination, and so this placement is commonly found in writers. These people also make good counselors because they're so sensitive to the feelings of others. This placement primarily indicates people whose feelings and emotional responses are heavily tied to their subconscious or past lives, and for this reason they may not understand why they feel the way they do.

Neptune In Scorpio 19571970

Some try to escape through alcohol, sex or drugs. Others do escape the pressure of the world through meditation and an inner connection with their real self. Medicine has taken enormous strides. Many of the souls born into bodies in these 14 years will pay past karmic debts through their parents' use of drugs. Scorpio rules generation, regeneration or degeneration. Neptune in this sign sounds a warning to choose the higher way for it's either-or where transformation or degeneration is concerned. Many deaths through violence. A strong interest in outer space is reflected on the inner side by interest in the inner worlds and after death states. The interest in the ancient mysteries will be greatly increased because of the chaos and confusion in the world. Many psychics and sensitives are bora with this configuration. If afflicted, they have been involved with the misuse

7 Analysis Understanding

The subject should concentrate on spending time alone or in quiet activities, as free from outside responsibilities as possible. He should try to get away from business pressures. This is a good time to meditate, examine inner depths, rely on the intuition. It's a year to study the past and present plan for the future. The subject should take little action but rather wait for developments. Associations and experiences may be completed and he may experience some loneliness at times.

Of Prophetical Dreams

Whosoever therefore, by quiet and religious meditation, and by a diet temperate and moderate according to nature, preserves his spirit pure shall very much prepare himself, and by this means become (in a degree) divine and knowing all things, justly merits the same. But whosoever, on the contrary, languishes with a fantastic spirit, he receives not perspicuous and distant visions but even as the divine sight, by reason of its vision, being

Astrological Symbology

Schools scattered in different parts of the world, there had been the minimal chances of any error though local and superficial variations could be found. These symbols, as well as the secrets made available to the seers at these initiations contained inbuilt defence against their vulnerability. These can be understood by any person according to his own individual spiritual understanding and attainments on which depends his insight. These symbols open vast possibilities for right type of earnest students but they have also inbuilt mechanism by which their accessibility is defended against the unwary. These symbols are therefore like mantras and tantras, objects of meditation and reverential use with a view to learning secret knowledge and acquiring power over nature.

Swimming Against the Tide

Time-Outs or void Moons are gestation periods that are better used for rest and regrouping. These times are good for research, information gathering, brainstorming, catching up on paperwork, filing, writing status reports, cleaning, reading, or reviewing ideas, meditation, introspection, and getting centered. These times also are perfect for just enjoying yourself

Analysis Understanding

MONTH He should meditate, reflect, analyze. r formation. A good time to review the last few days or weeks and plan for the next few days or weeks. The subject should make time, if possible, for at least a little quiet meditation and observe how much this contributes to his life.

Saturn In Sagittarius

Saturn in this position acts as the bridge between the Higher Self and the lower self. A critical incarnation, for the soul must accept the responsibility of regeneration and be about the Father's business. The High Self or Superconscious must be the positive pole, not the personality. Fixed in nature, strong, just, impersonal and scientific when unafllicted. When afflicted he can be vindictive, opinionated, cold and unloving. He would resent being told anything that did not please him. To the spiritual disciple It gives the ability to judge character, to concentrate and meditate, and to become the instrument of the Higher Forces of Light. In the physical body circulation of the vital forces must be kept in good condition. The test for Saturn in Aquarius is the test of responsibility.

Methods of Color Therapy

There are many methods of astrological color therapy. One very direct method is to increase exposure to the planet's color in your environment. This may involve changing the colors of your home or office walls, particularly the room in which you spend most of your time. You can paint your rooms according to astrological principles. Having a meditation room in a certain color can be very important. If you are a health practitioner, the right colors in the healing room are very The internal visualization of color is another important approach. The color or quality of our thoughts and emotions strongly affects the color of our aura. Our thoughts are affected by external factors, particularly sensory impressions, but we can also change them directly on an internal level. We can meditate upon specific colors or visualize them around us. In this regard it is helpful to first concentrate on an external source of the color in order to saturate the mind in its energy, like gazing at the blue...

Become A True Magician

IT is fit that we who endeavour to attain so great a height should first study two things viz. First, how we should leave vain and carnal affections, frail sense and material passions Secondly, by what ways and means we may ascend to an intellect pure, and joined with the powers of the celestials, without which we shall never happily ascend to the scrutiny of secret things, and to the power of working wonderful effects, &c. Now, if thou art a man perfect in thy understanding, and constantly meditating upon what we have in this book written, and without doubting, believeth, thou shalt be able, by praying, consecrating, deprecating, invocating, &c. to attract spiritual and celestial gifts, and to imprint them on whatever things thou shalt please and by it to vivify every magical work.

The Perfectionistic Rooster You the I Can Do Better Inspirer

Roosters are brave and confident in work and in life. They are hardworking, cautious, and critical. A Rooster doesn't mince words and can verbally shoot from the hip. Often brilliant, they are at their best in a crowded room, and shine more in company than in intimate situations. The Rooster loves to dream and meditate upon grandiose ideas and philosophies. In Asain tradition, it is said that the Rooster is so resourceful they can find a worm in a desert This explains the continual and restless activity that characterizes this sign.

Yoga and the Three Bodies

Yoga in the Vedic system is-a science of meditation aimed at Self-realization or union with the Divine as its ultimate goal.12 Yoga or spiritual practice of any genuine type is the main concern of the soul or the . causal body, the immortal part of our nature, whose intentions go beyond physical or psychological well-being to our eternal welfare. Dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (absorption) are the main yogic tools for developing the causal body and are the most important aspects of traditional Yoga. Yoga leads us from the physical to the subtle and then to the causal in order to discover our true Self and the higher Being behind all three bodies. In this regard the ultimate concern of Yoga is to take us to a condition of consciousness beyond all three bodies.

Saturn In The Third House

Serious and penetrating type of mind. Capable of deep concentration. Keen sense of justice. Early life apt to be unhappy. One apart from his relatives and feels no sense of kinship with them. Tendency to despondency and depression needs overcoming. Education interrupted, but individual is an eternal student. Will go on seeking knowledge the whole life. Apt to cling to the known and familiar due to unrecognized fear of new situations. Loneliness of growing up years apt to be an undertone that needs understanding in later years. Otherwise the person holds back from full participation in any situation or with others through fear of disappointment and disillusion. Lungs not strong and this position of Saturn says Don't smoke.

Chakras and the Exaltation Points of the Planets

Finally, we should recognize that the actual opening of the chakras is a matter connected to the practice of the higher limbs of yoga. The chakras cannot be fully activated by the usage of gems, herbs or external influences, however helpful these may be for ordinary health purposes. The. yogic powers of the chakras are only unfolded by Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation. Such an inner experience of the chakras requires a concentrated spiritual practice (sadhana) grounded in inner peace and connected to an authentic guide and enlightenment tradition.33

Purification of Gem Stones

One can also use internal methods, like clearing a stone through meditation focusing ones awareness on the stone while allowing the mind to come to a state of complete calm and rest. It is good to chant the appropriate mantra for the planet as well, meditating on the planetary deity. We should meditate upon the gem as located in the heart chakra, third eye or on top of the head, wherever we want its higher influences to manifest. Gemstones should be purified the evening before one chooses to put them on. One should rise before dawn on the appropriate day, perform a morning meditation and then put on the stone at the time of sunrise, repeating the appropriate planetary mantra at least 108 times, while meditating on the planetary deity. While gems naturally transmit the energies of the planets, what we are seeking from them has some influence on how they affect us. For example, a yellow sapphire for Jupiter may only give material abundance if used with purely materialistic intentions....

Meaning And Usage Of Harmonic Charts

This is said traditionally to be the chart of Upasana or devotional meditation. It indicates the religious development of the soul and our capacity for the yoga of devotion (bhakti yoga). It often shows our religious tendencies from past lives and the religions we have associated with. It shows the Shakti, the goddess-energy, at work in our lives and thereby indicates our capacity to surrender to the Divine will. It helps indicate the form of the Divine that we are inclined to worship (ishta devata). It can also show creative and artistic capacity. This is said traditionally to be the chart of mental or meditational achievements, including the siddhis or psychic powers. In the higher sense this is the chart of spiritual knowledge and shows the spiritual development of the soul from past lives. It shows our capacity for and development of the yoga of knowledge (jnana yoga). It is the most important harmonic chart for ascertainment of spiritual nature and the potential for...

Alternative Lifestyles

The Taurus Woman can be very understanding and sensitive to others, and she is loath to infringe on anyone's right to seek happiness and fulfillment where they choose. She will probably even listen to the close friend who has entered into an open marriage tell of the joys, the peaks of enlightenment, and the satisfaction such a relationship has given her. Listening with interest and performing are two vastly different things, however, and Taurus is relatively unshakeable in this case.

Pisces An Auspicious Beginning

IF problems of astrology which is one of the most sacred sciences of the world are approached not for selfish considerations but for enlightenment in Divine Wisdom, one would not be unduly agitated about banning astrological predictions but would rather endeavour to improve one's own personal character one would not get very much perturbed about the unhappy turn of events but would rather cultivate fortitude to co-operate with the Law of Karma. God's plan is evolution, and the knowledge of this evolutionary path, either for the individual or for the world as a whole, cannot be considered superstition. In fact, superstition is an act of not considering all the various facets of causation, in which case it is prejudice. The modern world is prejudiced to a great extent. The advent of communistic philosophy deprecating occultism and theism has really been retarding the progress of the reign of dharma religion. Efforts of the Aquarians are intended to pave the path for the advent of future...

L Which Gemstones to Wear Basic Rules

The second group consists of astrologers who recommend gemstones for the planets causing trouble in the chart, which are usually the malefics. Their logic is that it is best to propitiate the planet causing the problem, even if it is a malefic like Saturn or a lord of difficult houses like the eighth house. By removing the cause, the problem will be corrected. However, strengthening malefic planets increases their influence upon us and can cause dangers. Because of this, I recommend not to wear the gemstone of malefic planets unless you are really prepared to work with their energy on an inner level, doing extensive mantra and meditation practices. It is also best to have the ongoing help of a good astrologer or spiritual guide, if you want to follow this approach.

Application of Astrological Mantras

The most important and powerful of all mantras are single syllable or bija (seed) mantras like OM. Bija mantras are primal sounds that carry an integrated concentration of both sound and meaning from which all language and the very forces of creation arise. They can create a great force of transformation that penetrates deep into the subconscious mind, reaching the very causal body or karmic sphere of the soul. Bija mantras have an energetic effect that works well with pranayama and silent meditation. As such, they can be more powerful than prayers, which rely more on thought and intention. Bija mantras may be used by themselves or combined with other mantras, in which case they serve to energize them more strongly.

Neptune in the Ninth House

Neptune in the Ninth House is both imaginative and insightful (and may be prophetically visionary) and is often drawn to philosophical questions that are not easily answered. This placement, in fact, is often associated with mystical forms of religion, meditation, cults, or yoga. With their capacity for tolerance and love of travel, people with Neptune here relate well to foreigners. They're also interested in social reform. They have very strongly intuitive minds. But if challenged by aspect, there can be problems from following misguided spiritual leaders or neglecting to pursue higher education.

Nodes What Are Nodes Anyway

The South Node n can represent your heredity or your past, and some call the South Node the point of letting go. This means that you have already learned these lessons and mastered these skills if you continue along this path, it will be the easy way out. In other words, because you know how to do these things extremely well, there is no growth, no challenge, and no learning gained from doing them.

Introduction To Progressed Delineation

The response to a cycle probably will vary with age as well as desire for development. A child of ten usually reacts differently to a cycle emphasizing rest and meditation than an adult of twenty-five. A twenty year old is apt to react differently to a cycle stressing hdrd work than a forty year old. A person eager for growth is likely to use whatever influences are available and, in his own unique way, turn them to advantage. The individual less interested in growth may use only those influences which are harmonious with his own energies. He will probably struggle or rebel against influences less directly related to his energies.


The Sun symbolizes the cosmic intelligence, pure consciousness or the enlightened Mind. The ancient solar religion was the religion of Divine life and of enlightenment. In much of his worship no images of the God were used. He was lauded in the sunlight, the sunlit path of clear awareness (images or forms, however, were used more commonly in the worship of the Goddess who was the Earth or the Moon). The winged disc of the Sun was used throughout the ancient world to symbolize the soul and its inherent perfection and transcendence of time. The Sun was sometimes worshipped in human representation as the cosmic man, often made of gold, representing the true Man who contains within himself all the Gods.


Member that without any exception every great and true man and woman in all history was a lover of God and obeyed the Divine Law, You may question this, but look into the matter fairly, deeply and honestly and you will find my statement is the absolute truth. Avoid being skeptical or pessimistic don't talk too much, but be a good listener. You can become a very good and useful citizen by holding in your mind high and noble thoughts, and keeping well balanced. When a Capricorn person can fully control their mind so that he or she will no be angry, and free from worry or anxiety, there is no telling how wonderful they will become in their achievements. By often silently thinking and meditating on life and its meaning and the beautiful and higher things in life you will draw to you the Life forces of the Universe and all the good planetary and solar forces of your sign which will bring you to the greatest success and complete and perfect happiness. A study of occult science, philosophy...


Astraea, asteroid 5 (the 5th asteroid to be discovered, on December 8, 1845, by the German amateur astronomer Karl Ludwig Hencke), is approximately 120 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.1 years. Astraea was named after the Roman goddess of justice (the familiar blindfolded goddess who holds the scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other), viewed as the Roman form of the Greek Dike. According to Martha Lang-Wescott, Astraea indicates where people have difficulty letting go of relationships and situations, as well as a sense of loose ends afterward. This asteroid's key words are open-ended and witness. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance of this asteroid as problems with closure, difficulties setting limits. According to Barry McKenna, Astraea represents the most important individual needs, for which one must take exceptional personal responsibility. At the same time, it is easy for the needs indicated by this asteroid to be set aside...

Moon In Aquarius

You consider experience a proving ground for yourself. You react to everything on a utilitarian and, at the same time, idealistic level. Release is very necessary for you, as you tend to overload yourself emotionally. You need a cause or project to release tension, or you become frustrated. This can lead to restless wandering and search or to spiritual enlightenment.

Fire Signs

On the higher level, they give independence and insight, strong judgement and high values. Fire types, those with strong planets in fire signs, are able to penetrate into things and understand the underlying energy, motivation or force behind them. Fire signs give leadership, the capacity to make alliances, the ability to project warmth, light and beneficence. On the lower level, they may make us destructive. Our will may clash with those of others and bring us into argument and conflict. They may cause us to be vain, proud or self-promoting. Well-placed planets in fire signs give illumination, freedom and enlightenment. They show the soul coming forth in its manifestation. Wrongly placed planets in fire signs can be burnt up and show the will in turmoil and complication.

Chapter Xiii

Icy-cold, limited and barren, up to the calm, cool, contemplative meditator on things divine. A great number of persons born in this sign favour a concrete or ceremonial religion, and they are always more or less am bitious, ever seeking in some way or other to display their independence There are many who ' ape' humility born in this sign, it is true, but it nevertheless gives us some of the strongest characters, able and willing to serve the world to its great advantage.

Coping with Jealousy

Another step in detachment and mental reprogramming is meditation. Meditation will help you overcome the source of your jealousy your own ego. What follows is a simplified recipe for self-hypnosis. I recommend a weekend seminar on the subject for further exploration. Remember, too, that any form of meditation is not a cure-all it may take some time for the effects to show, and it is in no way a substitute for therapy. Self-hypnosis is a good start on the road to self-healing. To practice self-hypnosis begin by sitting comfortably. If you can, use the lotus position. Program the length of time you wish to spend meditating. Choose a quiet time and set a timer. The usual duration of this exercise is three to five minutes, though some people meditate for much longer. Look at three objects of your choice, then slowly reduce your concentration to one alone.

Saturn In Pisces

Influence of Saturn is weakened in this sign. Takes life too seriously and reacts emotionally to negative conditions. Too self-conscious and fearful Fears are apt to stem from the subconscious and appear on the surface as vague anxieties and depressions. They need to let go of the past and dump the ghosts that haunt them. Capable of sympathy and compassion but identify too personally with other people's troubles. Need to learn a loving detachment. Test is one of severance, letting go and letting God. Pisces rules the feet, symbol of understanding.


Mantra refers to freeing oneself from the mind. The Sanskrit roots of the word mantra are manas, meaning mind and trai, meaning to protect or free from. Therefore the purpose of mantra is to take the mind out of the relative and into spirit. Mantras are used in a variety of ways. Many forms of meditation use mantras as the vehicle to lead the mind from the conscious thinking level and arrive at the source of consciousness itself. Other mantras are used verbally to create an impulse or influence that subtly shifts energy in the physical world.


In the judgment, the diviner stands once more in need of his inmost and utmost attainments. He should exhaust the intellectual sources of information at his disposal, and form from them his judgment. But having done this, he should detach his mind from what it has just formulated, and proceed to concentrate it on the figure as a whole, almost as if it were the object of his meditation. One need hardly repeat that in both these operations, detachment from one's personal partialities is as necessary as it was in the first part of the work.

Of Oracles by DREAMS

Therefore he who is desirous of receiving true oracles by dreams, let him abstain from supper, from drink, and be otherwise well disposed, so his brain will be free from turbulent vapours let him also have his bed-chamber fair and clean, exorcised and consecrated if he will then let him perfume the same with some convenient fumigation, and let him anoint his temples with some unguent efficacious hereunto, and put a ring of dreams upon his finger then let him take one of the images we have spoken of, or some holy table, or paper, and place the same under his head then, having made a devout prayer, let him address himself to sleep, meditating upon that thing which he desires to know so shall he receive a most certain and undoubted oracle by a dream, when the moon goes through that sign which was in the ninth house of his nativity, and also when she goes through the sign of the ninth of the revolution of his nativity, and when she is in the ninth sign from the sign of perfection.


A difficult transition period with substantial changes possible in the life pattern. At the end of the period, the subject is often in a better position than at the beginning, but the period provides little in the way of signposts. It is difficult or impossible to clearly comprehend the direction to take. The apparent direction must often be accepted on instinct. Confusion, negativity and frustration may be felt until a final understanding is reached. The turmoil of the period often negates any attempts at study, reflection, or meditation. Much of the energy at this time is devoted to clarifying and . r * searching for the different stages leading to a final breakthrough. With its significant difficulties, this Essence is a fine time to learn the meaning of faith.

The Dog and Love

They desperately seek a partner who understands the deep anxiety and seriousness that pervades their soul. The Dog withers without tenderness, yet they can have trouble expressing their own buried affections. The Dog's brand of love is earthy and passionate. However, the heart-wrenching howl of a betrayed or rejected Dog can make any bite seem innocuous. A Dog has difficulty letting go of relationships, and difficult partners respect them for their patience and loyalty.

Ayurvedic Healing

This comprehensive program covers all the main aspects of Ayurvedic theory, diagnosis and practice. It is not just an introduction to Ayurveda but an extensive training program on Ayurveda in all of its branches. The course has a special emphasis on herbal medicine, using western as well as Indian herbs, providing an accessible model for treatment in the West. It explains diet and food in great detail as well. It adds to these an integral mind-body approach that includes spiritual and psychological treatment methods, with colors, aromas, gems, mantra and meditation.

Virgo Anger

The first woman has the quintessential Virgo attitude prior to enlightenment (the term my classes have used to denote the point of no return in a person's self-awareness). After enlightenment, only forward movement is possible. This woman has pushed her anger down and is not sure when she is angry. Her use of the word might indicates how tentative she feels about being angry. She would rather think of something else. Anger, however, is not a thought. It is an emotion. It cannot be cheated or ignored out of existence.

Christino Karen

Christino is certified Level IV by the NCGR, has a B.A. in English from Colgate University, and took graduate classes at Columbia University. She studied traditional astrology with Zoltan Mason and Robert Zoller and modern techniques with Al H. Morrison. She practices yoga and meditation and has also studied zen, Reiki, and numerology.

The Veil Of Saturn

Each planet imparts its basic characteristics to the nature of the house to which it is related, the judgement of which involves not only knowledge of the basic rules but an integral view of the entire horoscope and an intuitive perception of the influences generated. While judging the 1st house, need for clution is great. It is through this house that the Universal Consciousness, of which the various planets are the visual symbols is linked with the individual soul and marks the sojourn of his present incarnation. While predicting the influence of Saturn, it is necessary that the nature of Lagna, disposition of Saturn and the general strength of the horoscope are taken into account. Generally speaking, Saturn in Lagna has a great influence on the life and prosperity of the individual. Whatever the course of life, if Saturn is in the 1st house, the present incarnation of the individual is going to be very momentous from the standpoint of his soul. To an ordinary ego, such a placement...

House Classification

The houses are also divided according to groups of three, depending upon the element of the signs associated with those houses. For example, the three houses associated with the water signs (4, 8,12) make up what has been called the psychic trinity or the trinity of soul. For the sake of brevity and simplicity, I'll call these houses simply the water houses. All of these houses deal with the past, with the conditioned responses which are now instinctual and operate through the emotions. Planets in these houses show what is happening on subconscious levels and indicate the process of gaining consciousness through the assimilation of the essence of the past, while simultaneously letting go of the useless memories and fears that hold us back. These water houses relate to attaining emotional peace by freeing ourselves from the grip of the past. At the deepest level, these houses symbolize the most profound yearnings of the soul for they indicate the process by which the emotional residue...


Emerald sharpens the mind for yoga, mantra and meditation. It helps us develop the higher or spiritually discriminating aspect of the mind (buddhi) for the Yoga of knowledge and aids in teaching spiritual subjects. It is also good for developing Prana and healing energy.

Birth Stones

CAPRICORN relates to black and brown stones, such as smokey quartz, obsidian and jet. Picture a black goat walking on brown earth. The ancient druids used obsidian to symbolize midnight as part of a triad of stones. (The other two stones were Hematite to symbolize dusk and Tiger's Eye to symbolize dawn.) These stones were used for divination, meditation and as an aid to memory.


Although the nervous system is Mercury-guided, the actual impulses that leap from one nerve synapse to another are ruled by Uranus. People with strong Uranuses tend to buckle under stress or to react to it more strongly than other people. Thus they may be in continual states of nervousness, unable to relax. Such stress can cause the Uranian portion of our bodies to disentegrate. These people need to learn to unwind through exercise, meditation or some other form of biofeedback the quieting of the mind will quiet the screaming nerves.

Dark Matter

For science it is easier to think of mind as a product of axons, neurons, and such stuff that makes up the brain--all neatly housed within the skull. If this is the case, then death of the organism confirms death of the psyche there is no path back from eternal blackness and nothingness.

Sexual Selfimage

In bed she may remain preoccupied with images of perfect beauty and sex appeal, thus blocking her feelings. She may try to assume positions that she thinks are most flattering to her, thus reducing spontaneous response and interaction. She may also suffer from the fear that at the moment of orgasm she will look unfeminine, or even ugly. Finding this unbearable, she will often clamp down on her sexual feelings, and as a result she may not experience the total letting go that is necessary for a satisfying climax.

Planetary Lords

These two powers are one--the undivine is the inversion or reflection of the Divine. The planets in their higher or harmonized nature function as deities to carry us up into the light. In their lower or conflicting nature, they become the demons that drive us into darkness and despair. It also depends upon how we use their energy. Using it consciously through self-knowledge, meditation, mantras and gems, it moves us upwards. Taking it unconsciously, not regarding the cosmic powers in our life, it drives us downward, puts us under a negative spell of illusion.

Uranus In Pisces

You are very changeable, but in your heart, you always have good intentions. Intuitive, idealistic and imaginative, you have mystical tendencies and are interested in meditation, yoga and eastern philosophies. Artistic and aesthetic, this is an excellent position for acting, because you like to escape into different worlds. You can be self-sacrificing and may experience a spiritual struggle to overcome materialistic tendencies and seek other, more evolved achievements. Overly sensitive, your nervous system is touchy you need to know your limits and learn to relax both physically and emotionally. With challenging aspects, you might have a wish to escape with the help of alcohol, drugs or sex. Uranus was last in Pisces from 1919 through 1927.


Ketu is ruled over by Chitragupta who is the God of karma, connected to Yama or the God of-death. Chitra means 'a picture', and gupta means 'hidden'. Ketu reflects the karmic residues that are present like pictures in our deeper subconscious mind. These come out in sleep, death or deep meditation when the ordinary mind ceases its activity.


She uses her active imagination to construct and fantasize what she really wants out of life. She has learned well in her Sagittarius phase that she possesses the key to the future, that the high ideals she learned there are indeed right for her and are attainable. She learned, too, that enlightenment is a necessary adjunct to knowledge, and she seeks to place all things in the light of her higher mind. She has learned from her Libra phase that she must bend and adjust to the river that flows around her, that she must become part of that flow if she is to be an active participant rather than a passive observer.

House Twelfth

Termed the House of Bondage, and of Self-Undoing, it is also the House of Initiation and ultimate understanding. While it is frequently tenanted by the significators of scandal, self-approbation and hardness of heart, its qualities can be advantageously employed for work done in seclusion, for confidential behind-the-scene activities, and for meditation and inner development.

Mantras for Jupiter

The first verse is to the Vedic God Brihaspati, the priest of the Gods, through whom we can overcome all difficulties by the power of ritual, prayer, mantra and meditation. These powers are more potent than all worldly powers and grant a greater and more fulfilling and enduring reward.

1992 Through 1996

Until your 34th birthday in 1996, there's likely to be emphasis on the growth of relations and associations, new interests, study, meditation, advancing business affairs (continuation of 2 Essence, H, E, Y Transits). There will be some different emphases added each year different Personal Years), but the stress on cooperation, patience and sensitivity will continue continuation of 2 Essence).


Yantras are special geometrical and numerical meditation devices, sometimes fabricated in the form of small copper squares, which help attune us to the underlying order of the cosmic mind. The universe itself is like a gigantic yantra, a multidimensional geometrical structure that embodies cosmic law or dharma. The mineral mass of the earth is composed of crystals that one could call embodied yantras. Gemstones themselves are like solid crystalline yantras. Each planet is a yantra, as it were, with its energy field circumscribing a special geometry and with the various minerals and gases within it creating various 'yantric fields'. Yantras magnify the energy of mantras and are used as part of meditation, particularly for developing concentration (dharana). One can use yantras as substitutes for gems but, like mantras, they require considerable attention in order to energize properly. In the use of a yantra, one meditates upon the geometrical form, transforming ones mind itself into...

The Goat Woman

Physically, her resistance to viruses is low, and she is especially vulnerable to digestive ailments and intestinal troubles. She suffers from stomachaches, edema (due to a tendency to retain water), and endocrine hormonal imbalances. She must avoid a high-carbohydrate, starchy diet as well as sweets and baked goods. Danielle needs more sleep than other women and, like her Rabbit sisters, her emotional stability depends on leading a quiet life. Meditation, t'ai chi, yoga, and qi gong would be very beneficial to her physical and emotional health.

Venus Neptune

1 Conjunction Your compassion and vivid imagination can make you an inspired artist, but they can also get you into trouble, especially in romance, because you unconsciously let your desire for love (or enlightenment) cloud your vision. You're a romantic, an idealist, and a spiritual seeker. Your ideal mate shares those inclinations.

Major Planets

It would be too much space to explain all these attributes in detail, how they function and interrelate. Please meditate upon these attributes and their planetary forms yourself. What follows are a few typical indications. Planets which are creative will further our projects in life. Those which are destructive in action will limit them. For example, creative planets will be good for children destructive ones will tend to deny them. On the other hand, too many creative planets may get us too caught in the outer affairs of life, while destructive planets may also remove us from the lower aspects of life. Planets which are sensitive will increase our openness to others. Those which are insensitive will cause us more to focus on our own individual needs. Those which are relating will connect us to things. Those which are isolating or separating will remove us from them.

5 The Fifth House

If the fifth house is dominated by Jupiter, the person will have good judgment, a sense of ethics and conscience and devotion. The creative intelligence will be strong but directed toward public or spiritual, rather than family affairs. One can easily develop the higher mind through study and meditation.

Aquarius Sexuality

The Aquarius Woman, due to her innate sense of curiosity and her experimental attitudes, has a propensity to explore all avenues of sexual enjoyment, fulfillment, and enlightenment. She will probably be most happy when her sexual life is a combination of the traditional and futuristic. Employing the missionary position during a videotape playback of 2001 in her bedroom suits her fine.

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