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From this division we get the squares (obstacles) and oppositions in the birthchart For instance: a planet in Gemini is discordant to any planet in Virgo or Pisces. Any planet in Aries is opposed to any planet in Libra. By counting the planets in the Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable signs one learns in which element the emphasis lies. The person with many planets in fixed signs will respond to life differently to one with many planets in mutable or cardinal signs.

CARDINAL SIGNS The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These signs mark the return of the seasons. Aries begins the astrological year on March 21st. Cancer begins the summer season, Libra the beginning of the fall equinox, and Capricorn marks the beginning of winter. With many planets in Cardinal signs the keyword is "Activity." Action is fast, objective, direct and to the point; often too impulsive and impatient. Cardinal sign planets heighten activity and speed and lend executive ability. They give energy and strong ambition. They are the "go-getters" of the zodiac.

Ttay like to meet ail issue, solve it and go on to something else. They have the best temperament equipped to meet the immediate situation. Cardinal signs shoot first and argue afterwords. The keyword of Cardinal signs is "Creativity" for it is the outgoing, driving force of the universe in which the power to create expresses itself. All the Cardinal signs are self-assertive but in different ways. Aries is direct and uncomplicated outgoing energy. Cancer is less direct, but is more subjective and assertive on the «notional level. Libra is self-assertive on the mind level and their drive needs unprejudiced activity where others are concerned. Capricorn is the most materially oriented of the Cardinal signs and his activity is directed toward social prestige and importance in the outer world.

Squares and oppositions in Cardinal signs are faults and unlearned lessons of the previous life. They can be changed by constructive action and, if handled rightly, will not manifest as fixed signs at a later time.

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