Virgo Through The Houses

When we know the house which Aries occupies in any chart we know where the real ego — the self — makes its start in life and commences its real mission. That will be the starting point from which the individual projects his divine fire and initiative and goes out to meet life. Aries is where we begin activity, and Virgo starts from the eighth house, the region having to do with regeneration and transformation as well as with the resources of others.


The transformation and regeneration of the self comes through giving oneself away in service to others. Virgo is the sign of service, and Virgo must serve if he would be free. His "dharma" is to serve, but also to learn discrimination In service. To lift the burden from one who needs the burden keeps that person from the development of character and strength that is necessary to his progress. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, as is Gemini; but here Mercury is in a different role. In Gemini, Mercury goes out to experience — and the more experience the better. But in Virgo, Mercury is assimilating the experience, building into his nature the power to discriminate — the power to evaluate, what he should keep that is of value to him in the experience and what he should eliminate.

We take in physical food and it goes through a process of digestion, assimilation, and elimination; but we are apt to forget that the mental and emotional experiences are food too. Hie same process is necessary where impressions are concerned. If experience, whatever it may be, leaves us suspicious and resentful, we suffer from faulty elimination and pay the toll in disease. Virgo has rulers hip over the house of health — the sixth house in the natural zodiac — and health has far more to do with our attitudes than we surmise. He who is busy in service does not have time to think of himself and consequently is healthier. Virgo is a mutable sign, and people born in this sign are adaptable and flexible. There is a strong independence within him that isn't apparent on the surface. He prefers to go his own way rather than ask for help. His independence sometimes deprives him of reward and support that he has truly earned and needs.


Virgos' approach to religion is practical and realistic. No visionary flights or fancies are part of his equipment. He has a subconscious fear that he will lose his grip on terra firma if he becomes Interested in the Buperphysicai. There is a dogmatic side to Virgo so that a conception of what a thing should be often blinds him to what it really is. If some-thing displeases him, he is apt to ignore it if he can't change it rather than accept it for what it is. Even in his unorthodoxies, Virgo can be quite fixed. The reformer is strong in him; and while not a fighter, his outlook is critical. He tends to be mentally detached but curious about various philosophies, even if they do not accept them wholeheartedly. He must get something practical and useful from any concept or out it goes. The ninth house also pertains to relatives by marriage; and if Venus is afflicted, there is some adjustment to be made where in-laws are concerned.


With Gemini on this house, there is an outer flexibility where career and human interests are concerned. For real satisfaction in work, Virgo must have personal contact with many people and practical outlets for his abilities. Unless there are a variety of interests, he can become bored, restless and unhappy. He is a "doer" and~must be doing. When things are dull, he loses interest. When the self-consciousness of Virgo is overcome, he makes an excellent speaker and is able to communicate his Ideas to others. He must have a hobby other than work, for he feels the need for a variety of activities. Relatives play a prominent part in the life of Virgo people whether for good or ill, depending on the aspects of Mercury and the planets in this house. Virgo often has two jobs at the same time, and does both equally well


Material security is Virgos' aim and objective, for there is an underlying and subconscious fear of lack. He has a strong money consciousness in his sense of material values, but that wont keep him from excessive spending under emotional compulsion. Virgos' do not like large groups of people because he has an innate shyness and finds it difficult to feel at ease with too many people at a time. He much prefers one or two intimates rather than a gathering of many. Cancer is the most personal sign in the zodiac, so Cancer on this house makes it difficult for Virgo not to be too self-conscious in social relationships. He is the one who gets "butterflies" in his stomach when a situation arises that calls for poiBe and assurance. He can appear perfectly calm outwardly; but, inside, he is unstrung. He makes a good friend to those to whom he gives his friendship, but takes only a few into the inner sanctum. He has strong feelings about people that are usually right In his quiet way he sizes up people very accurately.


This sign — the powerhouse of the zodiac — locked up in the twelfth house of subjective sustainment and self-limitation is the reason Virgo can often be the power behind the throne, but is not allowed to be on the throne. His job is to sustain and strengthen others, thereby redeeming and transforming himself. He has dreams of magnificent self-expansion that are not likely to come true for the soul in Virgo has chosen to serve others, not himself. There is a self-sufficiency in Virgo that keeps him from being lonely when he is alone. He needs time out from the busyness of life in order to renew and revitalize himself. His power lies in understanding the depths of his own nature; when he does, he is a powerful aid in helping others to understand themselves. Virgo's power lies on the subjective level; and when he understands how to tap that power, he is able to attain any goal he sets for himself.


With Virgo on the first house, an individual bom in Virgo or with Virgo rising at birth has the gift of eternal youth conferred upon hiirr due to Mercury's rulership. Many times, a time chart may be rectified by knowing this fact, for if a person has a Virgo ascendant he never looks his age, no matter what it may be. A great sensitivity and a feeling of inadequacy are inherent in the person born In this sign. Because his power is locked up in the twelfth house, Virgo has a greater sense of power than he is able to express. The result Is an inferiority complex. Psychologists say an inferiority complex is a superiority complex turned fn on itself. The first house is the exLcmalization of the self, and the personal self in this sign is learning the lesson of humble service and patience. Humility is willingness to be the least The Master did say that those willing to be the least were the greatest of all Virgo finds its fullest expression through serving others, being willing to do It quietly, silently, but thoroughly. To him falls the endless details and routine jobs. In the long run, his is the greatest satisfaction. Despite how it seems in the world of appearances, to the earner belongs the fruits of the labor that no one can take away. Virgo has to do with the end of a cycle of purely personal development. It points to the overcoming of self through self-transformation. It can come through a devotional self-surrender of some sort, or by means of the acquisition of techniques or adequate training in skills, creative as well as


This is the house of the resources of the self as well as possessions. Virgo is always trying to balance his checkbook as well as his human relationships. He can veer from throwing his resources to the four winds to being so stingy he is downright selfish. There is a hidden influence of Saturn in any house ruled by Libra; and Saturn makes for over-caution and selfishness if in a negative mood. With Libra on this house, Virgo likes a job where he does not have to get his hands or clothes dirty. He is neat and fastidious, as a rule, and likes order and system. One of the personal resources of Virgo is an innate refinement and dislike of anything crude or coarse. He is clean-minded and has a strong distaste for smuttiness.


There are fixed opinions, prejudices, and theories in the mind of Virgo that is surprising to one who thinks he is easy to get along with. He is — but don't try to let anyone change his mind if he has made it up. Ask to change anything but his mind, and he will oblige. He may love to be on the go, being a mutable sign; but he wants a fixed environment from which to function. He can make a good detective for he has the ability to find out anything he wants to know Without others knowing it Excellent researchers, nurses, and doctors are born with a Virgo Sun-Sign or Virgo rising. Scorpio on this house gives Virgo the power to penetrate and the persistence to stay with a project until he has come up with a solution. If he has brothers or sisters there can be friction, for Virgo is not always understood by others. This is partly due to his un-communicativeness for he is silent in defense of himself.


Virgo's home ground is important, and he has a great sense of security within himself if he is in his own domain. He is not one who likes to go visiting. As a rule, he enjoys his own home the best There is a strong sense of fair play in his nature. When he sees injustices, despite his timidity, he can be quite vehement in letting others know about it If Jupiter, ruler of this house, is afflicted, he can be quite critical and condemning. not easy to live with. When he uses his higher mind and intuitive perception, he is philosophic in concept and is able to bring great understanding to others. The fourth house is the roots of the being, the soul quality in the depths of the self. Virgo represents matter — the earth — and it is in earth that spirit must be grounded in order to gain experience and refine matter.


Virgo's self-expression is of the earth, earthy. It is practical and matter of fact He is the worker, good with details, but finds it difficult to get his feet off the ground. Saturn is the teacher and rules this house. Virgo is a good teacher and is often found in the field of education. He is apt to be a stern disciplinarian especially if Venus or the Moon is not as strongly placed in the chart as Saturn. Virgo needs more love in the makeup to soften the hardness and crystallization of Capricorn on the fifth house. He is not a giver by nature; disappointment in love comes when he does not give of himself. Through disillusionment and supersensitivity he builds walls to keep others out, forgetting that the same wall will lock him away from life. Where children are concerned, he does a good job of bringing them up but finds it hard to switch off the parent role to that of a friend. Speculation is a fifth-house affair and with Capricorn on this house, he finds out he cannot get something for nothing. He has to work for what he gets. He is not apt to be the life-of-the-party type, for he is serious minded.


The reason Virgo has jittery nerves and a highly geared nervous system is Aquarius' position on the house of health. His state of mind has a direct bearing on his health. He becomes hypochondrical when he thinks too much about himself and becomes too self-centered. Nerves are the difficulties the person in the body afflicts upon the body. Only the person in the body can readjust mental attitudes so that the body is eased and not diseased. Though Virgo likes to be alone at times, he does not like to work alone. N


Virgo's self-undoing can come by not relating himself properly to others. No man is an island and no one can be completely independent no matter how much he may want it so. We live in a world where everything has to relate to every other thing, for each is a part and not the whole. Pisces is the sign of self-sacrifice. When it is on the house of relationships, there has to be the surrender of the self for others. Virgo is apt to be self-centered unless highly evolved and when it finds itself in the house that contains everything but the self, it is often at sea. With Neptune ruling this area due to its rulership of Pisces, he is apt to encounter peculiar and unusual experiences and hard-to-understand people. This is where Virgos* ability to analyze and to learn discrimination comes in. If Virgo nags — and he can — he becomes overcritical — which he often is — no partnership can stand up against his withering fire. Virgo's role is a supporting one and according to his willingness to be nothing does he really become something. Though he appears placid and matter of fact on the surface, he is apt to be at the mercy of his moods and emotions and can be extremely negative at times. When he is in an emotional dither, physical activity is his need and his solution.

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