Uranus in the Signs and Houses

According to the Greek myth Saturn robbed his father, Uranus, of the dominion of the world. Uranus was given the rulership of the heavens. Behind the Sun that is the ruler of our system is another Sun which is the real power behind our Sun. There is no power in the chart stronger than Uranus. It is the symbol of the Super Will when it is operating in its most constructive sense. The keyword of Uranus is "Behold I maketh all things new." The American Indians spoke of the Sun being a hole in the sky and said the real Sun was behind the hole. They were talking of Uranus. It is the one planet in the chart that you can do nothing about. It always operates through another person or through circumstances over which you have no control. What is in your power is how you will react. You have the ability to react rightly or wrongly.

No one can tell exactly how Uranus will act in your chart where progressions or transits are concerned. It is unexpected, sudden and unpredictable in its action. If it conjuncts or opposes a strong planet in your chart by transit there will be a change in direction, an unexpected turn in the life that will change circumstances for you. Uranus never leaves you where it found you. It never takes anything from you without giving you something better in its place. It frees you from the ruts In which you may be comfortably ensconced in order to bring new growth, new expansion and new experiences. Uranus has a seven year cycle and if it is in an angle, especially the first house, your life will run in seven year cycles. The 41st and 42nd year are important for Uranus has made its opposition point to the place it was at birth. The cycle of Uranus in its travel around the Sun is 84 years. So one gets a conjunction or opposition once in a lifetime to whatever planet it contacts.

If you would know whether Uranus Is the ruler of Aquarius, or if It is Saturn, note the positions of Uranus and Saturn in the birthchart If Saturn is stronger, by being angular cur powerfully configurated with the Sun or Moon, then the individual will be much more like Capricorn than like the new age Aquarian. If Uranus is angular, even in the charts of those not born in Aquarius, you have the new age ego who will not be bound by tradition, or the past. Saturn is the lawmaker. Uranus is the lawbreaker in the sense of not conforming merely because he is expected to do so. The new age ego marches to a different drumbeat than those who cling to the past Their only authority will be within and not in the outer world of appearance. It will be the spirit and not the form that will be of importance. Whenever you find Uranus in angular houses, especially the first and the tenth, then you will know this is an indi vidualist who will march to his own music and not that of any other person's making. We are on the edge of the age of Aquarius. A new keynote is being centered on the planet and this helps to explain why the people all over the planet are in revolt against the "status quo."

Always there is a going to extreme when there is a breaking up of the crystallized and old patterns. Later there will come a leveling off. The Fiscean age of limitation and restriction is dying and a new age is being born. Birth is always painful, but out of pain and suffering will come a rebirth for the planet

Uranus in the sign is not as important as the house it is in, and the aspects it makes. This is due to the fact that everyone born in a seven year period will have Uranus in the same sign. Uranus rules the changes that come to the planet as a whole and shows the trends in civilization as well as the nature of the Individual.

Uranus in Aries ushered in a new world in 1928. The egos born into this planet since then have been of a different nature than those born before that year. Due to certain Cosmic initiations, changes began that were to change the scheme of things as they were. We were to be stepped up in consciousness and a new world was to be born. In 1968 the opposition point to Aries brought crisis after crisis and the end is not yet in sight All the established values are being tested. Humanity is on the march toward freedom but not knowing what real freedom is, there is chaos and confuaion. Until we will the Will of our Higher Will, there will be no peace on earth or any ending to the confusion. Until there is true brotherhood on earth there will be no ending to wars. Do not expect it The geographical disturbances, the tornados, the hurricanes and the earthquakes that co many are prophesying are the result of man's misuse of God-given energy. The atomic testings are disturbing the atmosphere and the price we will pay will be great Only those whose magnetic fields are free of tension can come safely through the times of crisis. The lack of discord in the magnetic field of the individual is the greatest protection one can have. We cannot escape influences but we can choose what influences us.

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