Time Changes In The Us By Doris Doane

This book is a "must" for the student for the Daylight Saving Times in the different states are not uniform. Prom February 1942 until the war ended the whole nation was on Daylight Saving Time all through the year. Often in different Btates the years had different daylight time changes.

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STEP 1: Find the birth date in the ephemeris for the year wanted. The Sidereal Time for that day is shown. Take the Sidereal Time for the NOON PREVIOUS to the birth time. If it is an A.M. birth it will be the Sidereal Time for the day before. If P.M. it will be the same day. If A.M. birth go back to previous noon adding 12 hours (noon to midnight) and then add True Local A.M. Time to the 12 hours. If using a midnight ephemeris the process would be reversed, and the 12 hours would be added to the P.M. birth instead of to the A.M. time. Example.' if the person was born at 7:08 A.M. in Boston you would take the Sidereal Time of the day before, adding 12 hours from the noon of the day before, to the 7:08 A.M., giving 19 hours 8 minutes before you add the true local time (T.M.T.). The 16 minutes that must be added to any Boston birth would make it 7:24 A.M. and that would be True Local Time.

STEP 2: From the LONGITUDE AND LATITUDE BOOK find the correct longitude and latitude for the place of birth. This will be given after the City and County. Boston, Massachusetts is on Page 46; Long. 71W4, Lot. 42N22. It is not necessary to use the 4 or 22. Los Angeles, California would be found on Page 9 and is 118W and 84N. There is a correction of 10 seconds for every 15 degrees of Longitude. This is very easy to calculate by multiplying the Longitude by 2 and dividing by S. The answer will be in seconds.

Example: 71 x 2 — 3 47 seconds correction for Boston.

118 x 2 — 8 78 seconds. 1 minute 18 seconds for Los Angeles.

This would be added to the Sidereal Time.

STEP 3: TRUE LOCAL TIME OF BIRTH: In the Longitude and Latitude book in the third column that has a heading "L.M.T. Variation from Standard Time," the time (in minutes and seconds) that should be added or subtracted to Standard Time is given. Also if it is Daylight Saving Time one hour must be subtracted.

Example: True Local Time for Boston add 15 minutes 44 seconds. To simplify matters, anything over 80 seconds can be called one minute. So add 16 minutes to Standard Time for a Boston birth time. This will be true local time for Boston. The time to be added to find out the Greenwich Mean Time is given in the last column. Add 4 hrs. 44 mins. to True Local Time for a Boston birth and it will give you 5 hours. This is the difference in hours between England and Boston. When it is noon in England it is 7 A.M. in Boston. When anyone is born at that time in Boston the planetary positions do not have to be figured. They can be taken directly from the ephemeris.

STEP 4: Correction of 10 seconds for every hour of True Local Time.

This can be simplified by multiplying the hours by 10 and divide the minutes by 6. Every 6 minutes Is a 1 second correction. Be sure that the answer is in seconds; if it goes over 69 seconds it must be reduced to minutes and seconds.

STEP 5: When all these figures are added together you will have the Sidereal Time at Birth Place at Birth Hour. In the Dalton Table of Houses find the nearest Sidereal Time to that sum. The Latitudes run vertically down the page. You will be given the signs and degrees for the houses that run from the 10th house to the third house cusp. The opposite signs with the same degrees must be inserted. The decimal points do not need to be put in the chart except for the first and seventh house cusps. Be sure you check the column for the degree number and not the number that is the decimal. Example: Page 6 — Lat. 48 — the 11th house cusp, The degree is not 6; that is the decimal point. It is 25.6 but the .6 can be left out Students often fail to do a correct chart because of this error.

This calculated Birthchart can be used as a sample chart. Do it yourself and then compare it with the one given here.

Person born at Boston, Massachusetts, on July 27th, 1968 at 7:82 A.M. Long. 71, Lat 42, Daylight Saving Time. There would be an hour subtracted, making it Standard Time — 6:82 A.M.

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