The Sun in the Houses

As the first house is the outward reach for experience, and the Sun represents the drive for significance, this is a good placement for the Sun. They are the executive types with leadership qualities, and they are happiest when they are in a position of dominance. They want the freedom of being on their own. There is courage, enthusiasm, dignity and nobility if the Sun is not heavily afflicted. If it is afflicted, especially lor Mars or Saturn, then arrogance and ego have to be overcome if these individuals would be a success in life. Too much of the Martian force in their magnetic field will drive people away from them rather than draw them to them. An attracting personality draws through the power of Venus and an unattractive personality repels through the force of Mars. Back of any planets in the first house is the energy of Mars, for Mars is the natural ruler of the first house. The Sun is the most powerful force in the universe. It can warm or it can scorch and burn. Let the person with a first house Sun learn to use it wisely and well.

SUN IN THE SECOND HOUSE—Keynote: to posse«.

Here the desire for power is concerned with resources, values and material success. With the Sun in the second house there is the power to attract finances and gratuities. Desire for material success is strong snd desire is potent. There is a strong stubbornness and with it a stability and a persistence. If they want something they never give up until it is attained. Because energy, backed by action, is extremely powerful they usually attain what they want. Where the first house Sun wants recognition on the personality level the second house Sun is interested in material values. If the Sun is unafflicted there is security where resources are concerned. If the Sun is afflicted there is ability to attract money but often there is no happiness with it.

SUN IN THE THIRD HOUSE — Keynote: to know.

This is the house of communications, taken for granted skills, the extension of the self into relationships, especially those near at hand which would be brothers and sisters. The Sun is not a fertile planet so often there are not many brothers and sisters but there is a good relationship with them. The Sun shines in the early years, and if the Sun is not afflicted the early environment is usually a happy and carefree one. Emphasis here is on the conscious mind and the mind is usually scientifically ori-

en ted. The individuals with the Sun here are facile talkers and are able to communicate ideas to others. For this reason they make good teachers, writers or lecturers.

SUN IN THE FOURTH HOUSE — Keynote: to establish.

Where the background of the third house (due to Gemini being its natural ruler) is intellectual, the background of the fourth house is Cancer, and there is an emotional undertone that colors the Son in the fourth house. Here the self-protection urge is strong. Self-austainment principle is very Btrong. The person with the Sun here is somewhat like a squirrel; gathering in more and more so he can have more and more to save him from the fear of not having. This is the one angle that doesn't give the assurance an angular Sun usually does give. This is the house that shows the roots of the person's being — the midnight side of himself, that which ia hidden in the depths and is not apparent on the surface. If you really want to know what a person is like in the depths of his being see what is operating in the fourth house. These forces or energies will tell you. The person with the fourth house Sun is quiet and mild but if the Sun Is afflicted do not let that mildness fool you. At the heart of this individual is a very strong .self, and that self is "me first" but it is so quiet in performance you may not perceive it for it acts subtly. The latter part of life is the best of the years when the Sun is in this house at birth. There is a strong pull toward home and mother in the early years and it is hard to cut the umbilical cord psychologically.

SUN IN THE FIFTH HOUSE — Keynote: to express.

Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house so the Sun is well placed here. This position of the Sun greatly stimulates the power of self-expression. The fifth house is the ability to do anything that marks it as yours; any effort put forth to distinguish you from others. This may be the children created, books written, affections displayed, pictures painted or what you will. Tests may arise from too much self-projection and too much desire for power. Though none of the textbooks say so, this is the house of hidden karma. It is not difficult to see why this is so. Will and desire (both attributes of self-expression) are the qualities that tie us to the wheel of rebirth. Act and create we must, but not for self-glorification. If the Sun is afflicted in this house it brings difficulties with children. Love affairs also need wise handling. Good placement for people involved with theater and movies, radio and television.

SUN IN THE SIXTH HOUSE — Keynote: to improve.

The person with the Sun in this house has chosen to come into this life with his individuality and his drive for significance set aside in order to serve and help others. This is the house of service to others. It is not a good position for the Sun, for it lacks vital force and the individual has to learn to take care of his body in order to compensate for the lack of energy. To be born with the Sun in this house, especially if afflicted, means the person has not given his body right nutriments in a past life and has neglected it badly. In this life it will be extremely important for him to take care of his vehicle, the body, if he wants to stay in it and be healthy. On the psychological levels the person is learning humility, often working in humble circumstances. The best work will be done in cooperation with others.

SUN IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE — Keynote: to relate.

In this house the accent is on "we" not4 me." People with the Sun in the seventh house have to learn to adjust to the demands of others to be successfully oriented where the basic drives are concerned. They are not allowed to consider their own wishes but must consider the needs and wishes of others. In marriage the partner holds the power. This can lead to frustration if not understood. The soul chose to be born with a certain pattern for the lessons shown therein are the necessary lessons for the present lifetime. We can't run out on any lessons we need. If we do we meet the same lesson around the corner. It might not come through the same individual, but the same lesson will be centered through another set of circumstances. Power lies in relationships with the Sun here and they must help others to shine. They must adjust to the demands of others if they wish others to adjust to them. The marriage partner will be the dominant one in the relationship.

SUN IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE — Keynote: to transform.

With the Sun in this house the keynote for the basic drive has Implications of the necessity for regeneration and transformation. The first third of the life iB difficult often due to the loss of the father or his inability to be a father in the true sense of the word. There must be the reorientation of the ego, and in this house the ego (the separated self) must die. In sharing, much that belongB to the personal self must die. The personal drive must be transformed and the resources of others are the important factor. Inheritance and wills are highlighted. Often there is money from the masculine side of the family. This position of the Sun would be good for anyone whose vocation had anything to do with the goods of the dead, or anyone having to deal with death in a vocational way. Insurance brokers and undertakers would come under this category.

SUN IN THE NINTH HOUSE — Keynote: to understand.

In this house understanding is born. This position of the Sun gives the religious leaders, the philosophers, the higher educators and those who deal in publishing and informing the public of higher truths. People in religious life often have this position of the Sun. It is the house of the Super* conscious mind for the natural ruler of the ninth house is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter—energy of the superconacious faculties. The basic sustainment is not in the material world but in the abstract levels of religious experience. This is the house of long journeys, but if the Sun is in a fixed sign often these journeys have to do with the spiritual realms rather than physical travel. If it is in a cardinal or mutable sign the person with the Son in the ninth house often settles a long way from his place of birth or marries someone born in a foreign land.

SUN IN THE TENTH HOUSE — Keynote: to achieve.

The material plane is the one that is important to individuals with the Sun in this house. Here are found the politicians and those working in the government. Here is the material ambition and the basic drive is toward success that brings prestige and power. The Sun in the tenth house shows the person who thinks in terms of his own importance. Naturally authoritative and dictatorial, these individuals need to aim for activity above self if they would feel secure. The drive for significance must be pub* Ucly useful in some way to bring security with the Sun in the tenth house. This is Saturn's stronghold (due to Capricorn as natural ruler) and Saturn is strict and undeviating justice. Any planet in the tenth house is tested hy Saturn but none so strongly as the basic drive for significance which is the Sun.

SUN IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE — Keynote: to transfigure.

This is the house of goals and objectives, hopes and wishes achieved or not achieved. This is also the house of friendships and when the Sun is found in this house the goals and objectives are realized through frieqjs. There are those who think friendships are not important. Those who are much wiser know no man is an island. Many times the objectives in life are achieved by being a friend, or having a friend who can help toward the fulfillment of goals and purposes. With the Sun in the eleventh house the basic drive for significance is tied up with a strong desire to achieve certain goals and recognitions. Without friends this will not be possible. With afflictions to the Sun in this house the wrong kind of friends can play havoc in the life.

SUN IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE — Keynote: to transcend.

The twelfth house shows what we are in the depths of ourselves; what we have brought over from a past life to work out in this one. It is the house of the subconscious mind and shows what lies hidden in the submerged and unknown part of ourselves. The signature here is "serve or suffer" and we can choose which we will do. But the choice is limited to "either — or." These individuals work behind the scenes rather than out front. They make good doctors, researchers and those who can work well with those limited and afflicted in some way. Early conditioning may be affected because of the father. If the Sun is heavily afflicted in this house the individual is his own worst enemy but he can change the pattern if he so wills. If this house is highlighted by the Sun, limitations in the life are due to conditions that are directly tied to the misuse of energy. The person with the Sun afflicted in this house has allowed his ego and his destructive drives to have their way in past lifetimes. Now the bill is presented and must be paid. The bill can be paid through service rather than suffering.

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