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If libra is on the ascendant, then Aries, where the self projects itself into activity, is in the seventh house, the angle ruling sunset. When everyone else is ready to call it a day. Libra is ready to go into action. The power to relate to others should be his greatest concern. He comes into this sign to attain balance and equilibrium. If he had it already he would not be born in this Bign. The sign Libra stands half way between the strictly personal and material Aries and the impersonal and spiritual Pisces.


With Mars-ruled Aries on the seventh house, Libra represents "high windstorms and hurricanes, followed by calm." The Libra tendency to stir up a storm where other people are concerned is related to the Mars rulership. The stirring up of the energies of the partner usually starts with the Libra, but bo sweet is the Libra personality that the partner is at a loss to account for actions into which he is goaded by Libra. When Libra's sense of justice is outraged, he will fight to the death. Many of the war leaders are Librans. It is the angular Mars rulership that is responsible. Hitler and Mussolini had Libra ascendants, and former President Eisenhower is a Libra. In relationships, he has to learn to adjust but if the other fellow doesn't want to, there is war. Aries on this cusp brings strife and difficulties in relationships. Early marriages contracted impulsively in which there are many lessons to learn (Saturn, the celestial schoolmaster, is exalted in Libra) can be part of Libra's experience. An individual with Aires on this cusp would be wise to use the common sense of Saturn and not leap impulsively into any partnership, whether It be business or marriage. Because Libra Is a masculine sign it is a difficult sign for the feminine sex. There is a tendency toward domination and positivity that can give trouble where partners are concerned. Uranus* the planet of independence, is the esoteric ruler of Libra. Can one assert independence in the area which has to do with cooperation and compromise? Hardly.


This is the house of other people's resources as well as regeneration If Venus is unafflieted, there is a willingness to share and to help others attain their goals and objectives. With Venus afflicted, there is unwilling-

nese to part with any resources. There is a "this is mine and no one can have it" sort of attitude that can lock up the individual psychologically. The position of Taurus in any horoscope is where we are apt to lock up ourselves in matter by getting caught in illusion or its reflection. This is a subconscious reaction due to the exaltation of the Moon in Taurus. Breaks and disruptions can come if the partner's money is dealt with selfishly and unreasonably. This is the seventh house from Taurus' own home and there must be cooperation with "the other" or "others" if there is to be a free-flowing lovingness and shared experience.


There is love of travel due to a great curiosity about life and people. Libra's approach to religious philosophy is through the mind, not the mystical and devotional approach. It is through reason and logic he wants to know the why of the cosmic law, and his journey to the mountain top of spiritual consciousness is through knowledge and the occult path. On the personality level, the ninth house rules in-laws (third from the house of the marriage partner); and if Mercury is afflicted, it would be wise for Libra not to live close to his in-laws. Gossip and bickering would be a constant source of irritation.


Cancer rules the public, and this sign on the tenth house shows the power that draws Libra into a public career or work that has to do with the public. There is a subconscious feeling that enables Libra to know what the public wants. If the Moon is afflicted, this can involve many changes in the career, due in some measure to an innate restlessness in the individual With Cancer here, the mother would be a very strong influence in the life — whether for good or ill would be shown by the aspects to the Moon, especially in relationship to Saturn. For instance, with Saturn square the Moon in a Libra's chart, there would be too strong a domination from the mother. Because of the strong sense of duty and responsibility, the Libra will not be able to get free and break from the womb of the past" This blockage causes deep-seated resentment which is stronger because it is unexpressed. In later life, when the parent is gone, there is a feeling that life has passed the Libra by. Because of these conflicts, Libra often has difficulty with skin eruptions. Irritations of this sort have to break through and, if not talked out, will break through the skin. Sympathy and understanding must be emphasized.


There is a great friendliness and outgoingness in Libra. He is the diplomat par excellence for he is friendly and optimistic in his approach to life. Libra has many friends since he seeks to please. He wants to be pleasing and to be liked. His desire for approbation is very strong. In group associations, he shines because he is tactful and conscientious and has a strong sense of justice and good will. This is the house of goals and objectives; through kindness and the right use of bis will, be can achieve success. If the Sun is afflicted, obstacles and difficulties due to false pride and egotism will stand in the way of achievement.


With Virgo here, there can be a strong interest in health and a secret concern about health conditions. The twelfth house is the hidden side of the personality, the subconscious self which can mean subjective sustain-ment or self-undoing. If Libra is inwardly critical where other people are concerned (even though he may be outwardly friendly), there will be health difficulties with which he will have to deal. If he gives himself in service (Virgo) through understanding and compassion (the twelfth house is ruled by Pisces) he will have superb health. Wherever Virgo is placed in the chart, there must be service and no criticism. This is doubly so when it is on the twelfth house, for the keynote ot this house is "serve or suffer."


With the sign ruling the seventh house (others) on the first house of personality, it is the development of the Libra's relationships with others that is of primary importance. He cannot function as a personality, for he has turned the comer of the nadir of involution and is starting the journey back to "the Father's house". He is evolving out of materialism into a deeper understanding of the meaning of life. Thoughts of marriage relationships, partners are natural to Libra from childhood. He thinks in terms of what "we" shall do. His need for companionship is very great, for he does not like to be alone. It is difficult to get a clear-cut decision from a Libra. He sees both sides of the question so clearly it is hard for him to take sides. It takes time for him to form opinions and arrive at facts. He prefers to play safe, for he wants to be liked by everyone and does not want to declare himself even if a principle is involved. This is why many people consider him to be independable in a crisis. He will not stand and be counted in an important issue if it will put him in disfavor with anyone. Libra is forever trying to strike a balance — mentally and emotionally — but he rarely attains it. The scales dip to one side and then the other in an effort to see both sides and judge fairly. Back of it is the tremendous desire not only to please, but also to have peace at any price. In order to attain any peace worth having, it is necessary to function from the highest principles and let the chips fall where they may. Venus ruling this sign gives him charm and kindness, but Venus is apt to get lost 011 the personal level if it doesn't use the strength of Mars (ruler of the first house) to give courage and conviction.


It is difficult for Libra to be generous with his resources, for Scorpio's reserve and tenacity in the house of finances does not make for sharing tendencies. This Is why it is difficult for him to part with his resources or possessions. He clutches these too tightly because of a hidden insecurity. He is afraid of lack in his later life, not realizing' that "what is fear of need but fear itself." Libra is very secretive about his finances and personal affairs and will resent deeply any attempt to pry into his affairs. Wherever Scorpio is placed in the horoscope, there is a need for reorientation and regeneration; in this house, it calls for a new slant of values, an orientation toward spiritual values, for this is the half-way point between Aries and Pisces. Personality must die in order that the soul may come forth in all its glory. Then Libra learns the true peace that the world can never give — nor take away.


Optimism and cheerfulness are the signature of Sagittarius, sign of the higher mind, in the third house. An executive and legal type of mind and good judgment of character make Librans excellent lawyers. In my files, I have more lawyers born in Libra than any other sign. Libra, ruler of the seventh house, rules the lower courts; Sagittarius, ruler of the ninth house, rules the higher courts. With Sagittarius on the house of the conscious mind, it is not difficult to see why we have so many lawyers born in this sign. Libra is not a stay-at-home, for he likes to travel and explore far horizons, whether mentally or physically. Brothers and sisters have a philosophical trend of mind, and there can be literary talent in their family ties.


The sign of responsibility on the fourth house defines the attitude of Libra to his home and family. There is a strong link with the mother. With Saturn rulership here, a tendency to cling overlong to home ties and a resentment creeps in later life because "the umbilical cord" was not cut sooner. There is a strong tendency to selfishness in the roots of the being which must be broken or there will be much solitude in later years. Libra is property conscious. He wants to own his home and usually does. He does not like to be moving around, for he wants to put his roots in one place and stay there. There is strong pride in family ancestry. It is difficult for Libra to part with family heirlooms, for he is bound to family possessions through sentiment


Here is where the Librans "let off steam." Aquarius is the lawbreaker, while Capricorn is the lawmaker. You can be free of the law only when you no longer need it. Uranus' freedom comes after the discipline of Saturn if it is to be true freedom and not license. Libra can have the freedom of self-expression in this house if he has accepted the discipline of Saturn. Many Librans appear extremely convention^ to the world, but is isn't always so with Aquarius on this house. Unconventional love affairs are often part of Libra's incarnation, especially in his early thirties. The co-regent of Aquarius, Saturn, presents his Mil in due time, and libra decides the price is too high. Later in life, the understand» Ing gained through suffering is helpful in aiding others toward understanding. Trouble with children comes through the rebelliousness of Uranus. Libra should teach his children the value of discipline early in life; with Aquarius on this house, he will not be able to teach it to them when they reach their teens. If he spoils his children, with Uranus and Saturn as co-rulers of Aquarius, the parent will pay a heavy price.


This is the house of self-adjustment, and Pisces here can bring subjective sustainment or self-undoing. With Pisces in the house of health and service, Libra must sacrifice his personal supersensitivity to the needs of others. When he allows his emotions to run riot, the result can be ulcers. Too much worry, especially where his job is concerned, can lead to difficulties in the physical body. Libra is a hard worker and, with Pisces on this house, is very apt to overwork because of his strong sense of responsibility. Libra needs to leave his work behind him at day's end and relax with some creative hobby. He must learn to let his mind be the controlling factor in his service and work, not emotions.

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