The Perversions of Plutonian Power

• In June 1914 Pluto eritered Cancer to stay. One month later when Pluto we« in two degrees of Cancer, World War I began. The UJ3. entered the war in April, 1917, wher Pluto was again in two degrees of Cancer.

• In July 1939 Pluto entered Leo to stay. At the end of one month Pluto was in two degrees of Lea England declared war on Germany and World War II began

• In 1957, Pluto was in two degrees of Virgo and the Southeast Asian War was on.

• In 1972 Pluto entered Libra and with Pluto in two degrees Libra the undeclared "World War HI" (the Vietnam War) was supposed to have stopped but the American bombing continued. At the time of this writing (June 1973) with Pluto in 2 degrees of Libra it does not look as though the war is ended regardless of what the government tells us.

Violence is often associated with Pluto. It can be representative of organized evil as well as organized good. Organization is one of the keywords applicable to Pluto. It is a strange force. It can activate a group to be for more vicious than any one person would be by himself! The Mafia, Hitler's Storm Troopers, Charles Manson's followers, and the Hell's Angels are manifestations of Pluto. Feeling no attunement to the Forces of Light and their own true identity, they find a sense of belongingnesa in a group that gives them a sense of importance. They feel they are part of a group that has authority and thus can frighten others into submission. As part of a group they do things they would never do on their own. Singly they are cowards. In mob psychology the mob acts at a for lower level of consciousness than any one person would act by himself. As for as mass consciousness is concerned, the use of this energy is destructive rather than constructive. The atom bomb is the destructive use of Plutonian energy.

Pluto has a special rulership over groups. People with an angular or prominent Pluto have the ability to work with groups. Any planet is prominent if it is in an angular house or configurated strongly with the Sun, Moon or Mer. cury. When the destructive side of Pluto is dominant then the resourcefulness and power inherent in this energy is turned against society. The individual begins to prey upon society. If powerful enough he becomes the ruthless dictator. Outside the law he operates through mobs. Inside the law Pluto operates through committees and groups dedicated to upholding the law. The Watergate Committee investigation of the undercover activities of those in power at the White House is indicative of Plutonian energy. Pluto always operates as a dichotomy, one group polarizing or opposing another group,

Next to group activity, the conflict of opposing interests iB most indicative of Plutonian energies.

A prominent Pluto in a birthchart gives a great sensitivity to the inner planes. These individuals can take the high way or the low way, contacting the forces of light or the forces of eviL Note Charles Manson's chart in the last chapter of this book. The invasion of the wrong forces iB clearly shown. It is easy for individuals with a prominent Pluto to develop extrasensory perception and contact the inner planes for good or ill.

Pluto operates undercover, and even astronomically operates eccentrically. It remains out of bounds where the zodiacal limit is concerned. Its orbit is different from the other planets. It moves through some signs in thirteen years, but takes thirty-two to traverse other signs. The average time in a sign is about twenty-six years.

Only as individuals can we change and grow in consciousness and lift the planet to a higher level of Beingness. Then the higher side of Pluto which we call Minerva (Wisdom) beginB to operate. The forces of Light and the world servers are connected with the higher aspect of Pluto. All Black Magic is the misuse of Plutonian energy. The dark forces use the Pluto force destructively and thereby bring on their own destruction. It takes strength to be a devil. Most of what we call evil is ignorance. Organized evil is beyond the comprehension of the average person. The forces of Light and their work is just as little understood. Always and all ways we can choose which is right for us.

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