Isabel Hickey The Forgotten

"And there is the Forgotten One, betwixt heaven and earth; the Mediator, hitherto unspoken. I am the ingredient in the least and in the greatest, the Spark, where realized, to set the world alight with understanding. They who understand me mediate. Unrecognized I stand, for I am neither good nor evil, neither black nor white; an essence hitherto unrecognized by either one. A Bhade within a shade; the shadow's heart and yet the sunlight's joy. The scientists in laboratory play with Me and do not know Me. The high aspiring soul seeketh Me and hath Me in their hand and yet knoweth not of Me. The evil ones do clutch me in their grasp and use Me in destructive waywardness, yet know Me not as Saviour of their very selves.

"They lost me in the Cosmos, for I hindered their plan. I was withheld, for they wanted Btrife on your planet. They shut the gentle power of Love from earth and so unbalanced was the way.

"As pressure from the realms of Light is put upon the human-kind, all their viciousneas doth upward seep into the Light which helpeth to quickly transmute it to a harmlessness with the Light. Ah! Well it is that man's intent be known in outwardness; and so new leavening is taking place.

"Hidden long between the conflict of the higher and lower realm so Bearing was the conflict that I integrated not to BE. I am not of paradox however. Retroactive be the workings of the plan. What be not recognized by humanity cannot be real to humanity, cannot be penetrating, cannot insinuate itself to mortalnees. And yet I say that some of thee could be aware of Me if thou wilt recognize of my Being. Essential it is to know that a thing doth exist. It be not through a willfulness that I do come, but through a recognition. As eurely may I be felt as thou dost feel of Earth things.

I am the electron's very eesentialness. I am the filament of Light; and only will I be perceived and understood after polarity; for I be the Center of polarity. Of no color am I, but of feeling; feeling of the higher sensibility: I speak to the highest in and of you.

"Around the glorious New which cometh down be Beings greater far than Masters, Mentors guided. In glorious justice They will help to integrate mankind with their Eternal Selves, the Pattern and prototype of Man."


Isabel Hickey, or "Iseie" as she was affectionately known, was — and con-tinues to be—a source of tremendous inspiration and guidance for thousands of people. Isabel Hickey taught the use of astrology as a practical tool Cor Self-unfoldment and for understanding cosmic rhythms and cycles. In her early spiritual life, she had two teachers to whom she was eternally grateful. One was an Easterner on the path of devotion, the other an occultist on the path of knowledge and power. One of the most important principles she learned was that power, when divorced from love and service, can lead one into darkness, not light. She loved sharing the wisdom she gained through her studies, and her generous sharing of herself helped so many people toward a better life that her correspondence was filled with enthusiastic expressions of gratitude.

Isabel Hickey lived in Watertown, Massachusetts, for many years and was a renowned lecturer, counselor, healer, and metaphysical teacher. Sometimes known as "Boston's spiritual sparkplug," she was a Leo Sun in the ninth house, trine to Uranus in the first house, and inspired countless thousands of people to learn to allow the greater Self to live more dynamically through their personalities. She left this physical world in I960, but, as one of her students stated, "Anyone who has been touched by Issie is never the same." Her essence burns brightly in the countless lives she touched during forty years of learning, Bharing, loving, and caring.

After the publisher conceived the idea of combining babel Hickey's pamphlet Pluto or Minerva; The Choice is Yours with her large textbook Astrology: A Cosmic Science into a new paperback edition, Amy Shapiro was asked to help update and edit the combined work, in cooperation with Barbara McEnemey, long-time astrology editor at ORGS Publications. Isabel and Amy began their relationship as teacher and student when Amy was a teenager. Their professional activities grew to include founding astrological associations, joint lectures and seminars, radio and TV appearances, and promoting respect for astrology as a profession. Their mutual respect and appreciation is the main reason Amy was asked to help revise this new edition.

Therefore, Isabel's daughter Helen and the publisher both wish to acknowledge the contributions of Barbara McEnemey and Amy Shapiro and to thank them sincerely for their creative suggestions and faithfulness to the essence of Isabel Hickey's philosophy.


The gifts to be gamed from astrology are those of eternal value - clear perception, comprehension of the meaning of life, a greater tolerance and understanding of one's fellou> students We are all in this boat together,• toby not leant to know each other better?'' —Isabel M. Hickey

A perennial best seller in hardcover, this definitive work on the interplay of astrology, karma, and reincarnation is now finally available in paperback! This inspiring book can accurately be called a comprehensive textbook of spiritual astrology, and this new, revised edition has been expanded to include seventy pages of up-dated material on Pluto not included in earlier editions.

Isabel Hickey has long been recognized as a wise and perceptive guide to the deeper, more metaphysical aspects of astrology's mysteries. In fresh and accessible language, she provides a strong foundation for the beginner as well as new opportunities for self-knowledge for the more advanced astrology student Readers will also benefit from the new insights this volume will continue to provide as a handy reference txx>k

Throughout this book, Isabel I lickey emphasizes a spiritual perspective that shows how to use astrology as a roadmap to a more meaningful and fulfilling way of life. Her inspirational approach stresses our ability to tap into the power of our Higher Self in order to make changes in our character, and thus to shape our own destiny.

Isabel I lickey can truly be called tlx most important pioneer and popuLmzer of spmtwil astrology in tlx modem era One of tlx most influentuil astrologers of recent years, she la tured throughout the United Stales and u\ts an important teas herfor tlrousands wftose lives were transformed ibroutjb Ixr metaphysical instruc tion. Six believed in reincarnation and detluated her life to helping otlxrs become more attuned to the universal Lm>s that tfmde our lives

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