Taurus Through The Houses

With Taurus on the cusp of the first house, we find Aries, the starting point of the self, in the twelfth house. Taurus begins where most other signs are inclined to leave off. When a task looks almost hopeless to other people, Taureans pick it up and carry it through to a successful conclusion. They have the energy to put new life into a seemingly lost cause.


With Aries on thiB house, Taurus has an active subconscious life. He is seldom inwardly defeated unless he himself throws in the sponge. His destructive tendencies arise when anyone tries to teat- down his self-confidence. It is difficult to understand Taurus. The personal ego makes its start in the twelfth house of secrecy« The motives of life and action are hidden from the beginning. Taurus may appear frank and open, but don't let that fool you. He is not as open as he appears. His feelings are strong, but suppressed. He has a fiery temper when aroused, is inclined to hold resentment, and is not apt to forget an injury. He feels misunderstood. He suffers from troubles he brings on himself, but it is hard for him to see this fact. The higher type is a leader of humanitarian movements, but he works from behind the scenes rather than out in front


There is great personal charm in Taurus because of the Venus ruler-ship. Often there is a loving personality and good looks. Taurus is the sign of values, and Taurus tends to appraise each new person he meets in a way that makes others feel — "can't tell whether he is for you or agin' you" — which is not the impression he Intends to create. He translates experience into something that has meaning to him personally or he cannot use it. He learns far more from direct experience than any other way. You can talk "at him", and he may appear to be listening and agreeing, but it does not register if he does not want it to do so. He likes to put people and experiences into patterns for it gives him a sense of security. Not always do the patterns and the people fit as he would like to think they do. Taurus vising usually implies considerable Inertia which might hold him back, for his reactions are slow and methodical. It is impossible for him to jump to quick and rapid conclusions. He has to establish the idea that the new has something in it that he can use. He wants to be liked, but sensitivity to any rebuff, imagined or otherwise, can make him retreat into himself and become very moody.

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