Sixth House

House of self-adjustment. House of work and health or lack of either. They are tied together. The busy person has no time to be sick. Food, clothing, comforts and domestic pete. Mental or physical conflicts resulting from the expression of the Ego. As such it depicts any enmity between the dweller in the body and the physical body, out of which mental, nervous, or organic disease may develop.

It is an obscure arc, since the nature of service rendered or received

Is more or less personal, unobtrusive and routine.

It has been termed the house of Service in that it portrays one1)ยป

capacity to serve, as well as the character and qualities of those who serve him; his employees and dependents, and his relations with them.

Sixth house action is generally under the person's control whereas twelfth house inhibitions, repressions and frustrations spring from causes over which the person has no control.

Working conditions if you are employed are shown in this house.

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