Saturn In The First House

If Saturn is close to the Ascendant the birth has been a difficult one; the soul was reluctant to come in. This knowledge helps one to rectify timing. In every case of Saturn in the first house close to the Ascendant the birth is difficult for the mother. This position of Saturn gives early maturity; the person is born "old" and gets younger in attitude as he grows older. Shy and introverted. Makes an early start in life. Needs to cultivate self confidence and a sense of their own worth as an individual Has fear that has to be overcome. Ability to work hard and through determination, persistence and self-control can achieve success in life. Early life austere and disciplined and not apt to have a feeling of being loved in the early part of life. There can be a great deal of selfishness and self-centeredness if Saturn is poorly placed by sign or aspects.

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