Pluto In The First House

Here is the necessity for understanding the instinctive ride of the nature. When Pluto is in Virgo or Cancer, there will be a deep-seated inferiority complex. The individual does not have control or mastery over his instinctive forces. Somewhat like the person with Neptune in the first house, he is never sure of his own identity. Many people with Pluto in this house are timid and unsure of themselves. They are usually gentle and very sensitive on the surface. If they panic or get upset they can erupt like a volcano, and everyone is surprised at the amount of anger that comes to the surface. If Pluto is in Leo and afflicted, especially to the Sun, the individual hides his insecurity by appearing bombastic and arrogant It is a cover-up for his lack of confidence in himself!

The personality needs regeneration. If too withdrawn, the person has to learn to come out into the world and participate, instead of retreating. If too aggressive, and the urge for power is overemphasized, then the self must come to the realization it can be used by the power, but not be the power. In the house where Pluto is posited there is great strength that can be used in a destructive or constructive way. The desire to use power must be overcome.

Reactions to the upheavals Pluto brings will be very important The negative Plutonian tendencies of brooding, holding on to hurts whether imaginary or real, the need to retaliate (vindictiveness) will react on the physical body as well as on the emotional vehicle.

Moderation is a good keyword for this position of Pluto. To retire into one's self refusing to share ideas, motives, dreams and ambitions can be just as damaging to the personality as the giving of one's self totally to whatever idea or cause one is moved by.

The Minerva aspect of Pluto in the first house is as constructive as the lower aspect is destructive. There is a perfect willingness to be a channel far healing and to be used by the forces of light The personality is dissolved, and the light streams through the vehicle blessing all with whom it comes in contact This aspect of the self comes through. The personality is dissolved in the solvent we call understanding. Pisces rules the feet in the physical body. Feet have always been the spiritual symbol of understanding. When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples it had a twofold meaning: the willingness to serve in perfect humility; and the cleansing of their understanding. On the wall of the Hall of Learning on the inner levels the Piscean Mantram was, "The disciple can stand in the presence of the Master when his feet have been washed in the blood of the heart." On the Aquarian Hall of Learning the Mantram is "The disciple can stand in the Presence of the Master when he can hear every bitter word as a cry for help and answer from the heart of love unstintingly."

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