Pisces Through The Houses

In the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, we come to the ending of the personality that started its pilgrimage in Aries. Freedom for Pisces does not lie in the valley of personality achievement but on the higher levels of spiritual growth and development. The symbol of Pisces, two fish tied together represents the two aspects of self: the personality and the soul. If the personality becomes the servant of the soul, all is well with Pisces. "Serve or suffer" is the keynote of Pisces. Where Aries is concerned with beginnings, Pisces is concerned with endings. Pisces begins where Aquarius leaves off, in the second house of resources and values. The values gained through the journey through all the other signs must be brought into full consciousness in Pisces.


Wherever Aries is placed in the blueprint is where the soul initiates its activity and begins to operate in the world of appearance. For Pisces, values and resources are of utmost importance. Not only must he feel successful in financial matters, but the uses of his personal resources are very important as well. There is great ambition to achieve. Capricornians want to achieve worldly success for the power it brings. Not so Pisces I He needs to achieve success in order to prove his own worth to himself. A deep-seated inferiority complex is behind his drive for significance. He is the one who is never satisfied, no matter how well he does or how successful he is. He is much harder on himself than he is on other people. With Mars as ruler of the second house, Pisces finds It difficult to hold on to money. Wherever Mars is ruler in a house, there is need for control. In this house there is a need to curb the tendency to extravagance. Mars hates to stop and think. It would much rather act first. Pisces can be very shrewd about money if Mars is well placed by sign. Mars does not wait for money to come but goes after it If Mars is afflicted to Neptune, the tendency to gain money through deceit and deception will bring great difficulties to those born in Pisces.


Being an earth sign, Taurus on this house wants to belong, to fed he is useful and necessary to those in his environment. There is a stubbornness in the Piscean nature because Taurus is standing guard at the portal of the mind. He can be far more fixed and rigid in thinking than (me would expect in casual contact with him. He seems easy-going and pliable.

It Isn't sol Folks in his environment know well his rigidity and inflexibility. Gemini is the most flexible of the signs, and Taurus is the most stubborn. Look to the sign in which Mercury is placed to know whether the individual is rigid or mutable in his mental attitudes. If Mercury is in a fixed sign, he will be fixed and stubborn; if it is in a mutable or cardinal sign, he will be much more pliable. He is strongly artistic and creative. There is a strong interest in music and art. In dealing with him people must not try to force conclusions upon him in any discussion even if they are right, they will be wrong I


Pisces does not like to stay in one place too long. He wants a base of operations — a home to come to — but he is not in it too much. He is too restless. He likes to have people around him but not the same people for too long. There is a dual aspect to the Pisces nature that is hard to understand unless one has a knowledge of Astrology. Pisces is two people, not one. Two fish: one is friendly, kind, outgoing, swimming around freely on the surface of life; the other hid» in the depths, remote, isolated, moody, and withdrawn, wanting no part of anyone. When this fish is in the supremacy, nothing you can say or do is going to be satisfactory. Wait One should not try to draw this fish into active participation. He wont come. When the tide changes, he will go back to the deep and the other fish will appear. If people involved with a Piscean would understand the dual aspects of this sign, life will be easier for them. Living with a Piscean is not easy, but it is interesting. One part of the Piscean nature will never be shared with anyone. If this is accepted, all will be well.


Hidden in this house of creativity and self-expression is the reason PisceanB are night birds. He loves the night (Moon-ruled), where the world is still and quiet He does his most creative work when he works in the late night hours. He has a strong imagination and is able to dramatize himself to the "nth degree." He loves the theater. There is a frustrated "ham" in every Pisces. Due to the Moon rulership here, there is a Btrongly maternal and nuturing side to Pisces — not only with his children, but in his love affairs as well. He yearns to mother those he loves. There is real devotion and loyalty toward loved ones. He belongs to an extremely creative sign and can appeal to the public through his ability to dramatise life and its possibilities. He has writing ability and can communicate his ideas more easily in writing than talking.


Work is the most important part of the Pisces* life, it is vitally important that his heart be in it. He can lose himself completely in work and service. He puts a tremendous amount of energy in his work. No matter how hard he works or how good his performance, he is never satisfied. Too many Pisces people have heart attacks from overwork. He needs to learn balance. All work and no play raises havoc with the body as well as the nervous system. Pisces obtains real recognition through the concentration power of Leo in the service station of Virgo. His real powers lie in the service he renders to others. If he tries to live for self alone, he is miserably unhappy and becomes a drifter instead of a door.


The tendency to choose a mate who is inferior to him in quality comes from Virgo on the seventh house. The underdog arouses his sympathies and, the needs of the other call forth his desire to help. Pisces marries beneath himself and usually regrets it, for there Is no common meeting ground where interests are concerned. Pisces seeks suffering, for there is an unsuspected but strong martyr complex in him. One of my Pisces students made the remark: "Let's face it 1 We are only really happy when we have something to be miserable about." Pisces is more critical than any other sign but Scorpio. Often he marries a very critical person and fails to see that this is a projection of his own critical quality craning home. He does serve his marriage partner and works hard to please. Often there are two marriages and the second happier thm the first. He is more realistic in maturity than he is in youth. The seventh house is the house of relationships as well as marriage, and he must serve others without expecting adequate return. Pisces is the sign of sacrifice. Neptune is the planet of obligation and renunciation; but it is also the "Cosmic Santa Claus" and teaches that everything we do for others, we do for ourselves.


The key to regeneration in any blueprint is hidden in the sign on the eighth house cusp. With Libra on this house, Pisces' keynote is cooperation not competition. Balance must come through sharing one's resources with others. There is gain through partnership. There is growth for him through marriage, even though it may be difficult In the physical body, Libra rules the kidneys. He must guard against difficulty in this section of the body. If he over-indulges where alcohol is concerned, this part of the body will suffer. Due to his physical sensitivity, alcohol can cause more havoc in the Pisces than to any other sign. Every organ in the body is an outer symbol of a psychological principle. The kidneys — ruled by Libra — are the purifiers of the bloodstream in the body; they filter out the impurities. Marriage acts as a purifier for the ego. Having to learn to compromise and relate to others purifies us from our selfishness and our self-centeredness. It is not by withdrawal from the arena of life that we grow a souL It is through participation and learning to flow unresistingly with the stream of events.


With Scorpio on the house of the superconsdous mind, Pisces seeks the meaning of life. There is depth in his desire to know its wiaanfrig He is not superficial and does not live on the surface of life. There is emotional intensity in his desire to know and understand the purpose of living. Pisces is not orthodox in the search for truth. He wants to understand the occult laws and investigate until he feels satisfied there is a meaning and a plan. He likes to travel and does so a great deal. There can be activity in publishing or higher education. He has healing power. If he chooses to work in the medical field, he makes a wonderful physician and healer. His quiet presence brings a blessing to all with whom he comes in contact


There Is executive ability and the ability to be a leader in the career. Money, work, and service are vital issues because Pisces has fire signs on the second, sixth, and tenth houses. He is ambitious and wants to be successful This is not so much a drive for power as a desire to achieve where service to. others is concerned. He wants to express idealism ip his career. He is able to reach the top in his profession because he is willing to work . very hard to do so. He is able to sell his ideas to the public due to Jupiter influence in this house. He is friendly and outgoing in his work with the public. This is the house where the friendly, outgoing "fish" operates.


Pisces does not want a great many friends. He would rather have a few dose friends and is "choosey" where his intimates are concerned. He is not naturally gregarious and does not like crowds. He is not a joiner. When he is through with his work, he prefers a good book and a quiet fireside to company. Because of Saturn's influence in this house, in youth his friends are sought in an older age bracket Hie is more comfortable with older people than with those of his own age. His goals and objectives are usually reached, for he is willing to work very hard to make them possible.


It is difficult for Pisces to feel hemmed in and restrained, but he does. Of all the signs, he is the one who feds he is doing a lifetime at hard labor in a "prisonhouse of skin." There is a longing for freedom in the heart of every Pisces, a nostalgia for the highlands of the spirit His psychic sensitivity is very strong. It Is difficult for him to cope with the harsh, dense world of matter. If he is an evolved Piscean, he can accept exile from his true homeland for the sake of service he came to earth to raider. If he is unevolved, he seeks escape from the outer world through drinking and often through drags. To this type anything that the pressure off earth living is justifiable. But the price is steep and the payment sure. Through descending into darkness, the fight is found. It is a lonely road, but it leads to light and love.


The last sign on the first house means the ending of the personality and the dissolution of the animal self. This isn't easy. The keyword of Neptune is sacrifice, and here the personal self must be given up so that the soul may come forth in all its glory. There is not a great deal of physical energy when Pisces is on the ascendant The emotional reaction to life Is great and drams energy from the physical body. Pisces is a dual sign, and there are two definite types of people with Pisces ascendants. There are the servers, the doers, not strong physically but who lose all thought of self in service to others. He draws energy from higher levels for he is tuned to dimensions beyond the earth plane. Calm, introspective, compassionate, and detached, he goes about his work quietly and with no fanfare. He is the "salt of the earth." Then there is the drifter, the dreamer. He dreams big dreams and vast schemes seethe in his mind; but he goes no further than dreaming. He Is the "lotus-eater", losing himself in the land of dreams. He cannot face failure, so he will not try. Plans on the ascendant is not practical but emotional in outlook on life. He is easily discouraged and is apt to be moody. Music is very helpful and feeds his emotions as food feeds his body. If he would learn to play a musical instrument it would help to harmonize his emotional equipment and balance his forces. There is a great lonliness in Pisces that nothing in the world of matter can take from him. The dark night of the soul is an into gral part of the Pisces incarnation. It must be so in order to release the soul from the bondage of the personality. A willingness to accept aloneness win set him free. The way is up for Pisces; not down.

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