Part Of Fortune

The part of fortune is said to be the most fortunate position in the birthchart. Be that as it may, it does benefit whatever house it is in. The symbol of the part of fortune is © , which is the symbol of the earth and so indicates success in worldly affairs.

The calculations for it are found by adding the longitude of the Ascendant to the longitude of the Moon, and subtracting the longitude of the Sun. The signs must be figured too so that you will know what sign it is in.

If you run into difficulties in subtraction, add twelve signs and then subtract. For instance, you cannot subtract the ninth sign from the third so you would add twelve and then subtract

Example: Ascendant is 23 degrees 46 minutes of Scorpio, Moon is in XI degrees 15 minutes of Cancer, and the Sun is 25 degrees 32 minutes of Leo — the calculation would be as follows:

Longitude of Ascendant 8 23 45 Longitude of Moon ->-4 11 IB

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