Neptune In The Twelfth House

Feeling of being cribbed, cabined and confined strong. Stress on the subconscious levels due to extreme sensitivity. With Neptune afflicted, this individual feels like an exile far from home on a foggy night and he cant see where he is going. Deep-seated loneliness that only connection with the Higher Self will abate. "Serve or suffer" is the keynote here. Excellent position for doctors, nurses, or those who work in hospitals or institutions.

Neptune represents social responsibility. Reveals the pattern of social obligation showing how the individual will conform to group consciousness. Neptune subjects you to the group and shows where you must conform to the demands put on you by others. Uranus is the freedom guaranteed by the group. Neptune shows us the cosmic debts we must pay.

Ed. note: Far discussion of Pluto in the sign», see pp. 293-299; for Pluto in the houses, see pp. 300-808.

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