Neptune In Scorpio 19571970

This is the era of escapism. Some try to escape through alcohol, sex or drugs. Others do escape the pressure of the world through meditation and an inner connection with their real self. Medicine has taken enormous strides. Many of the souls born into bodies in these 14 years will pay past karmic debts through their parents' use of drugs. Scorpio rules generation, regeneration or degeneration. Neptune in this sign sounds a warning to choose the higher way for it's either-or where transformation or degeneration is concerned. Many deaths through violence. A strong interest in outer space is reflected on the inner side by interest in the inner worlds and after death states. The interest in the ancient mysteries will be greatly increased because of the chaos and confusion in the world. Many psychics and sensitives are bora with this configuration. If afflicted, they have been involved with the misuse of magic in past lifetimes. The opening of their psychic centers will cause obsessions if they do not go through the discipline of purification first Neptune afflicted in Scorpio will make the individual unreliable, irresponsible and unstable. Peculiar sex experiences if afflicted to Mars or Venus.

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