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To Thomas A. Jackson whom we love and respect for his support and encouragement and friendship through all the years we have known him.

We are grateful to all who encouraged us to gather together the ideas and the experiences gained from our counseling and research activities. We have been challenged to share our information to date. In no way are these thoughts the final and definite answer to the understanding of Pluto. We hope serious students of astrology will also share their knowledge and new experiences with Plutonian activities, so that cooperatively and collaboratively we all may benefit.

We sincerely thank all of the clients, students, and fellow astrologers who have shared charts and information with us and who thus have contributed significantly to this book.

Our thanks go to two other individuals who contributed their talents to assure the coming into being of our book: Edna Layton, our patient, diligent typist, and Helen K. Hickey, whose editorial skills added to its readability.

May the blessings you have shared come back a thousandfold.

Sincerely, Isabel M. Hickey

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