Mars in the Signs and Houses

SHU'S Is the planet ruling Aries and Scorpio*In Aries, it is the beginning of all objective manifestation. Aries is the sign in which Mars initiates activity on the outer side. In Scorpio it rules the inner life and involves the emotional and mental levels as well. Without energy, being could not manifest. Motion is necessary to matter if a universe is to exist. This energy must be directed and controlled, and not allowed to dissipate or escape in ways unwilled. Mars is the dynamic in life that drives over and through obstacles. The character which is lacking in Martian aspects never comes to grips with life.

Mars is a masculine, positive power. When it is too strong in a feminine chart (especially when afflicted to the Moon) it gives difficulties with too much masculinity and a dominating element which is very unattractive. When Mars is afflicted it gives temper, destructiveness tond aggressive action. When wisely used, it is courage, initiative and outgoing energy of a positive nature.

Mars has a great deal to do with the blood stream for it rules the energy flow in the blood stream. It vitalizes, purifies, cleanses and stimulates all aspects and organisms in the body. The muscular system is under the rulership of Mars. It has rulership over the adrenal glands (sharing the rulership with Saturn). When Martian force is running rampant, one must run or fight. When Mars is afflicted by transit or progression in your natal chart, leant to channel that energy correctly, for you must do something. Mars is closely related to sex. an aspect of the pairs of opposites. Mars Is the most unbalanced of the planets, and the one most in need of restriction and direction.

Mars is the symbol of the animal nature whereas Venus is representative of the human soul. If Venus alone governed the actions of individuals there would be no enterprise, no initiative, no strength to battle with the lower nides of the nature. We would not have the energy to meet the tests of life successfully. We call Mars a malefic, but is it?

Without energy there would be no activity or growth. Mars rules the right arm and represents the warrior who fights to protect the weak. Mars represents the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom. We have a healthy respect for the person who can put the fear of God in us, which is more satisfying than the love that can be walked on because it is sentimental and soft. Discipline is the keynote needed to direct the Martian force constructively.

Mars is concerned with the release of force in activity. Good and evil

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