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Hie following examples include personal testimonials by clients and students as to their experiences of the effects of Pluto, along with some charts of well-known people with a prominent placement of Pluto. The author's comments are in parentheses, when it is necessary to diBtmgniqfr them from the individuals' testimonials.

"In regards to Pluto transits HI Bpeak of my own experiences, the only ones I know well and have meditated on. So far in my life Pluto has made two major aspects by transit. It went back and forth over my Sun-Venus conjunction. In those few months I graduated from college, met the girl I married and served in the Coast Guard. This was a time of great and concentrated effort in completing my thesis. At the same time I had a transcending love affair which brought with it vast strength and stamina, happiness, sweet dreams and the whole gamut of life's gifts. We were married when Pluto reached exact conjunction for the last time. Six months earlier marriage was the farthest thing from my mind. So it was sudden and compelling. That was the high side of those months. The low side was being enlisted in the service. Here man becomes part of the mass consciousness and loses all trace of individuality. I'd never felt at a lower point in my lifetime. It slowed to a point where I was counting minutes. This was the complete opposite to my timeless romance with all power. In the service I was powerless and devoid of all love, feeling, or even mental stimulation. So you are definitely right about the highest and lowest and it seems that we don't get one without the other. The second conjunction of Pluto was with Neptune. In this case it seemed to be the catalyst that activated my Neptune, Uranus, Mars grand trine. This time it took a couple of years to complete its action starting 3 or 4 degrees before the actual conjunction. Before this occurred I was strictly a materialist, pursuing society's goals and climbing the ladder in New York City. Slowly I became disenchanted with where I was going and decided it was time to stop and reassess my whole life, especially my goals and meaning of life. This time was a period of great inner struggle and a feeling of stepping off into the unknown. It was also a time of being introduced and guided through a series of drug trips. I was very 'lucky* in these experiences because a very evolved person was with me each time and careful planning went into each trip. A series of seven trips was the climax and completion of the Pluto transit and it was then that my rebirth had taken place. It gave me a completely new direction* new reference points, and a new consciousness.

"In both cases the transit has brought great change for the good. Of course the natal planets were in good aspect. At birth Pluto was trine Jupiter, It is now in opposition. However I will only be able to understand its effects in retrospect.

In summation, I sort of look upon Pluto in my own chart as a powerful force that will in this lifetime (because of its mundane position) cleanse and purify and bring about major changes in my life. Life certainly is a marvelous thing when you can catch small glimpses of the many potentials that lie ahead."

This is the chart of a woman who was left at Long Island Hospital in Boston as a ward of the state. Nothing is known of the circumstances except for the mother's name from birth records.

She was adopted at about two years of age. The adoptive mother died when she was six and she was sent to live with relatives. The father remarried a few years later and she went back to live with him and his new wife. The relationship with this third mother was very unpleasant and today she still has much resentment toward her.

She married a quiet hard-working man in 1957 and had two children. In 1960 she met another man (both of them had their Sun in Leo) and she left her husband. She has never gotten a divorce and seems to find some security in that fact. For the next four years she traveled a great deal, was a prostitute for a while and had two more children, each with different fathers. There has been a tremendous amount of violence in her life both coming to her and from her. She has also been involved in gangland activities.

She has a natural talent for music and is an exceptionally good artist She can be extremely compassionate to anyone in need of assistance. Most of the art works she has produced have been given away. She is very generous, even though she is now on welfare. If there's a stray, homeless animal in the neighborhood it ends up at her house.

(Pluto in the first house conjunct the Ascendant may be significant in conditions surrounding birth. Note that afflictions in wngnlar houses in fixed signs are very difficult because they are misuse of power and self-will over many lifetimes. When she was two years old Pluto in Leo by transit had made the T-square involving Sun, Mars and Uranus, a cosmic cross. At die same time Jupiter in Pisces by transit made a trine to Mars in the fourth house and went over Venus and Saturn in Pisces giving her a mother and a home. When Pluto came to square Mars in the fourth house her mother died. Aa Saturn moved through Gemini and was in the 12th house squaring Venus, Saturn and Neptune she was going through a karmic time that involved her father and her stepmother. In many ways this soul would be unable to be objective about circumstances in her life. This would be very true where any woman who filled the mother role was concerned. Venus, ruler of the 4th house, is conjunct Saturn and opposition Neptune. She would be a vary difficult child to raise for she had a will of iron and would refuse to conform.

Certainly violence is shown for she gave it as well as took it Her tieup with prostitution and the underworld would be connected with a love affair and an unwise choice of close partners. This is shown in two ways: Mars, ruler of the 5th house, co-ruler of Scorpio with Pluto, is afflicted to the 7th house Sun, ruler of the house of finances; and Sun opposition Pluto.

Her compassion is shown try the Cancer ascendant and Venus and Saturn in Pisces, but there would be a lack of discrimination due to the opposition of Neptune in Virgo.

If this soul will use her Neptune, ruler of the house of the superconscious, trine to Mercury (consciousness) and Jupiter (understanding) she can purge herself of all she has brought upon herself and go free into a life of service. Here again is proof that Plutonian power can he used negatively or posi-tively.)

"When Pluto transited 29 Virgo my son was hospitalized and I was told he had Cerebral Palsy or something similar to it. Pluto was in orb of conjunction to my Ascendant square natal Moon, trine Mars, and setting off the incon-junct aspect between Mars and the Moon in the natal chart

(The karmic pattern is shown by the Moon, ruler of the 10th house, sixth house from the fifth, child's health, and by the inconjunct from the Moon to Mars with Mars posited in the 4th houBe, 12th house from the fifth.)

"From that time I became very introspective and anti-social. I stopped seeing my friends and spent all my time alone with my son. I became very preoccupied with death and thought my son was going to die." (The transit of Pluto trining Mars ruler of the 8th was protection and he didn't die. The natal Mars on the hidden side of the fifth house, opposition Pluto, would show the purging necessary through a child.)

"The extremes of my interest in death brings out what you say about the extremes of Pluto. During this time I read everything Z could find regarding the life of Charles Manson. I was reading Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts also. Thus from the lowest to the highest. Isn't this Pluto?

"With the transiting Pluto square my Moon my first instinct was that the burden and blame were completely mine and to shield and protect my son from society. I know now that this I cannot do.

"This transit also caused a physical problem to my father. When Pluto con-juncted my Ascendant and squared the Moon, ruler of the house ruling my father, he was hospitalized." (At her birth Scorpio was in the third house, sixth house from the 10th having to do with her father's health.)

"Our charts Bhow a very strong tannic tie and this has brought up a whole new set of problems I know I must face.

"Pluto has changed my life completely. I honestly feel as though I had been reborn. During this period I have changed my physical appearance, my mode of drees completely, and I think of my past as another incarnation, as though it were another person who lived it."

This is the chart of a male, who was arrested May 10,1973, on charges of kidnapping, rape, and robbery. He has been in and out of serious trouble off and on for about two years previous to this arrest

He and two friends forced a young couple who were parked in a quiet lane to drive them back to the city and before letting them go, the three of them raped the girl. There was publicity about it in the local newspapers for three days. His mother is reexamining her values and praying for him while being supportive to him. His father can find no forgiveness and wants nothing to do with him.

Both parents have the Sun in Pisces; the mother has the Moon in Scorpio and the father, the Moon in Leo. Pluto was transiting the natal Ascendant Note the Cosmic Cross at birth in the four fixed signs: Moon in 18 Taurus in the 8th house square Mercury in 14 Aquarius; Mercury square Saturn in 21 Scorpio; Saturn opposition Moon; and all three planets afflicted to Pluto in the 11th house in 26 Leo.

This man's downfall started with his wrong choice of friends. The combination of forces in his fixed signs show karma involving sex and sensuality through many lifetimes. This time the dues would be presented and have to be paid. With Neptune by transit so close to a square to the Sun in Pisces we believe there was psychic obsession due to drugs or alcohol. By progression the progressed Sun was in coxy unction with the natal Moon and the progressed Moon in May was exactly square Neptune. With Uranus and Mars by transit square to Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 10th house, the public indignation was great There is a great possibility that full retribution will be demanded.

In this chart that was sent to us the following information was shared. "When Pluto was conjunct my Ascendant my mother had a serious operation and was at home for several months of recuperation. (Scorpio was on the 4th house cusp of the Mother at birth.) She was a teacher in a nearby school. A teacher in her school came to visit her. This man proved to be my future husband. Pluto remained on my Ascendant until February, 1969. We were married May 2,1959. It is not a particularly happy marriage."

(What a wonderful opportunity to accept the purging and go the higher way. Note the position of Neptune close to the Ascendant, ruler of the 7th house of marriage. No matter whom she would marry she would have to sacrifice her ego (Neptune in 1st house ruler of the 7th house) and give more to the marriage than she would receive. Venus square Neptune at birth is indicative of the necessity to learn the real meaning of love. The Pluto transit has given the opportunity to go the higher way.)

Medical Astrology Chart
Commentary on the Chart of F.M.

"I don't know if what I have found regarding Pluto is relevant as it to not in conjunction but something is definitely going on. I wonder if the transit of Uranus over Venus, Neptune over the Sun, and Pluto in Libra doesn't affect the whole chart as my attitudes towards love are slowly changing but changing drastically.

"First of all, I was abandoned at birth and in an incubator for about two months. All my life has been spent in seeking a fulfilling love on a one-to-one basis. It seems to have been the main motivating force in my life. As a younger person I attempted suicide on two separate occasions. It was always with the feeling of being so terribly tared that death would mean at least rest and peace. It would be not so much an ending but a pause to try and regroup whatever it is I am. About three days ago I realized exactly what you talked about I would have had to come bade and go through it all again, and that I did have the strength to go on as long as I drew on strength from the greater power.

"I am a recovered alcoholic. I used alcohol to ease the pain of lack of sel£ lack of accepting people as people, etc. I was divorced August 9,1972, and I thought my dream and hope of love and peace were ended. It was a terrible time as I am sure it is for anyone. I think I have learned a great deal from it But what I am trying to get at if I can even verbalize it is that I am beginning to see that my perfect one-to-one love relationship is not my primary motivating force anymore. At least as of right now. It seems that it is greater and more than a one-to-one thing, I am no longer dependent upon another for the warmth I seek, or the love I seek. In a way I have even drawn away from people to some extent. I question this, to some degree, but I suppose that time will show me if I am retreating or in reality finding the strength not to need the approval support and love from another in order for me to find happiness in life.

"I have become tuned again to a higher power. I meditate now. I ask to be shown the way, I say 'Thy will be done' even though I have no idea what that is. I wake up now and instead of feeling, 'why do I live?', I say, 'thank you for this day.' It is a bit of a shock to me. I don't know why this is happening but I really feel it has to do with Pluto and Uranus. I don't mean to imply that I don't want to have a good and loving relationship with another. I do very much, but the whole flavor has changed. If it does happen then I am blessed* On the other hand if it does not I am still blessed as I have found love is not dependent upon another person. Again I will say this is a direct antithesis to what I have always believed."

(A soul (solar) chart has been used for the exact time of birth is not known. With Venus square Pluto, the karma of this lifetime would have to do with no capital in her spiritual love bank. Saturn conjunct the Sun would mean selfishness brought over to be cleansed. She may have been in a male body and deserted her responsibilities as a parent Therefore she had to be abandoned in this lifetime. Pluto trine Mercury conjunct Mars, trine to Jupiter-Uranus have helped her come to greater understanding and to the regeneration necessary in this life. Due to Saturn conjunct the Sun she has great strength. The changes she mentions in her letter are due to Neptune's transits over her Sun as well as Pluto's transit in Libra. Uranus transiting her Venus has given her a completely new concept of love. How wonderful! We wanted to share her letter with you because it is so indicative of the realization that comes when Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are used positively.)

Here is a powerful chart that could be used constructively or destructively. With the Taurus-Scorpio axis so highlighted there was the strength of the bull and the cunning of the serpent. Jupiter and Venus in his Sun sign gave great charm and charisma. With Venus and the Sun in the house of relationships he had attracting power and could (and did) use hypnotic powers to accomplish his goals and objectives.

At the time of his conception his parents were under very discordant conditions. Note the Sun conjunct Venus square to Saturn, and the Moon square the stellium in Scorpio. A subconscious hatred and resentment against women was very strong. This is further shown by the Moon square Mercury conjunct Jupiter and going on to square the Sun and conjunct Saturn. The Mars in such close conjunction to Neptune shows he was obsessed and the tool of a force he little understood. That conjunction is in the fifth house (esoteric karma) and undoubtedly he had indulged in black magic in other lifetimes as well as this one.

Would you expect Pluto, his own ruler, to be trine his Sun? Again and again in our research we found we couldn't judge how Pluto would operate by its trines or squares. The total chart had to be considered. Pluto on the dark side of the fourth house is square to Uranus in the 12th house of self undoing. Pluto is inconjunct to Saturn at birth.

This man was one of the greatest healers in the United States for forty-two years of this century. He had a spiritual center in Boston and taught many souls how to become channels for healing. His ministry was aligned with the healing angels and in his presence even the most insensitive person could feel the magnetic force that emanated from him. He conducted his healing ministry and was of untold help to so many people. Isabel Hickey attended many of his meetings. He used a healing prayer given to him spiritually from higher planes of consciousness. Because this prayer is as powerful today as it was when it was conceived, we are passing it on. If it is used constantly it can be of untold value, not only to the person using it, but it enables him to be a healing channel to help others.

With Pluto conjunct the Sun in the 12th house there was tremendous power to help others. The Moon in Pisces in the house of the public shows the opportunity (Moon sertile Sun conjunct Pluto). The twelfth house is self-undoing or subjective sustainment. With four planets in that house, and the Moon (ruler of his house of resources) in Pisces in the 10th (house of the public), his subconscious was wide open as a channel to the inner planes. Saturn in Aquarius is powerful by sign. It is in the 9th house of the superconscious forces and square to the Sun-Pluto conjunction. The test for power would have to be faced. It came on the day when there was a solar eclipse on his Neptune. There was a large audience at his session that day. He stood up and said, "Prom now on you all pray to me, not to God. I am the Power." It was as though we saw an angel plunge from the heights of heaven into an abyss. All felt not only saddened but full of compassion. In the final analysis his brief need for power could not eraBe the many years of service and the benefits to 00 many of hia healing ministry. Within three weeks his Center was dosed and nothing more was ever heard of him. Later while talking to a great teacher about the experience he said, "No one is ever safe from the test of power. From the earliest stages on the path of discipleahip up to the highest heaven we can fail that test When an angel falls it is as though a living nerve was torn out of the Cosmic body of God and all heaven mourns." The realization came that the higher we go in consciousness the greater the fall if the ego isn't cleansed. Walter Devoe served the highest aspect of Pluto for so many years and then fell into the depths of the negative aspect of Pluto. Power is forevermore the test of Pluto but always the choice is there. Will we be a channel of the power or use that power for self?

The Healing Prayer

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