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Leo: Ruled by the Sun.

A positive outgoing sign.

Fixed, fire.

The Sun is in Leo from July 22nd to August 22nd, approximately. It is represented by "Fire of the heart; the steady controlled fire of affection, the hearth fire." The keyword of Leo is T wilL' It rules the heart and the spine in the physical body.

Leo is the sign of self-consciousness, as Cancer is the sign of the instinctual conscious. Whether Leo people are constructive or destructive in their approach to life depends on who drives their chariot; self or Self. Leo people have great courage, but unless they have a sense of responsibility and are willing to take discipline of their own accord they can bring great difficulties on themselves. One of Leo's keywords is DOMINION. This does not mean dominion over others (a trap Leo needs to learn to avoid) but dominion over their own unsubjugated forces. Leo is the most vital of the signs and lias tremendous energy. Hey have a confidence and an assurance that strengthens those who are timid and augers those who are seeking the power inherent in Leo. Leo is the royal and kingly sign of the Zodiac. Id an age where Kings are a thing of the past Leos need the realization that the royalty of the Aquarian age will be the spiritual aristocrats who function through the heart and soul in real simplicity. What is simplicity but going to the inner heart of things and seeing things whole I Leo rules the inner center — the heart.

There is an ancient astrological aphorism: Leo rules by divine right and Capricorn by delegated authority. This is Leo's greatest stumbling block — authority. Leos will not delegate authority to others. They give it with one hand and take it away with the other. This is one reason so many Leo people die of heart attacks before they reach old age. They think they have to do it all themselves and in the process wear themselves out.

Leos' faith and loyalty to those they love is very strong. Being a fixed sign, once they give their affections they do not change easily. Where their opposite sign, Aquarius, is too impersonal and indifferent in relationships, Leo people are too attached where those they love are concerned. They have to learn true detachment. Can the Sun shine for itself or just one other? Only when Leo individuals become impersonal and give their warmth and affection to all do they come into their inheritance. Of all the signs they cannot live for themselves alone. All energy and power comes from the Sun which rules Leo, but Light and Power can warm or scorch, create or destroy. The solar radiation has the power to bring forth life, but Leos have to use that life wisely or pay a heavy price. That is why Leos' will must become God's will, or they are in trouble.

There is dignity, self-respect, courage and Integrity in the evolved Leo individuals. They are honest, direct and fully dependable when they are evolved; arrogant, egotistical and bombastic when they enthrone their ego where their Higher Self should be.

Their virtues are big ones as well as their faults. Love should become divine compassion before their regeneration is complete. The Leo destiny is a high one. No man can be a true leader until he is willing to be servant of all. The greatest gift a Leo can bring to the world is an understanding heart.

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