Leo On The Fifth House

Here we have the dramatist, for people with Leo on this cusp dramatize themselves and love the center of the stage. They give full attention to whatever interest, romantic or creative, has their attention at the moment. If the next moment this attention has changed, does it necessarily imply that their interest is superficial? Aries burns out quickly if he does not have continual replenishment. He remains loyal and faithful if he feels that at all times he is the center of his world. He is eager for attention, naively accepting even flattery along with appreciation. These are Leo characteristics, for Leo is the natural creative sign, deeply centered, deeply self-aware, and wanting approval constantly. Leo here makes good teachers, and Aries is able to dramatize his knowledge and make it simple enough for the child to understand. He is a born gambler and spectator. He gambles his money and his possessions — and he gambles his heart as well.


This position gives Aries considerable ability for detail work. Mechanical calculations interest him, as well as all kinds of research work. He is the born historian. This sign also makes him a stickler for neatness and cleanliness. As regards health, Aries on the ascendant and Virgo here may give trouble with the intestines and liver. When Aries is sick, he is «it to be the most irritable of all the signs. Interest in health makes him take an interest in diet and right eating. With Virgo here, he gives willing service when it is required. He acts rather than promises to act If you ask his help, he gives it though he has a reputation for impatience. Nevertheless, when he has a job to do, he coordinates details excellently with practical common sense. He never hesitates to offer his services. Because the sixth house rules health, when his fiery interest is aroused, he is capable of any amount of hard work, even to the point of wearing his health down.


With this position, Aries is never happy unless people share life with him in some way. Aries is sentimental as well as idealistic. If he is made to feel that he is a fine person, Aries innately thinks he is, he will share to the point of sacrifice. What is more difficult for him to learn is that sharing is reciprocal. The basis of sharing must be mutually satisfactory and not only as Aries sees It. Because his personality patterns are ruled by fire (fire signs on the first fifth, and ninth houses), it is difficult for him to see others' frame of reference. This is one of the stumbling blocks in marriage, for if he sees the partner in his own per* sonal context, this does not allow the other individual expression. Aries gets along best with one who understands him and accepts him as he is. Sentimental appeal and mental companionship hold the marriage together. The wise partner of an Aries ascendant person avoids direct contradiction. With tact Aries can be lead by the nose. Remember, the nose is ruled by Mars, his personal ruler.


With Scorpio on the eighth house of death and regeneration, the strong physical urges of an Aries ascendant are easily understood. Aries renews himself or begins life anew through the obliteration of the self in the marriage act. His reaction to love is simple and direct and implies no sentimental tie in ruthless Scorpio fashion. His sentimental attach* ments derive from other facets of his nature. His power for self-regeneration stems from the exalted solar force that flows from the foundation of life. If Aries wants to do so, he can arise from the worst trouble and, gathering' up his forces, cfin start life anew. He loves life but faces death and dissolution objectively. This is why the Aries motto is "do It yourself," for no one knows better than he does that whatever is made over or regenerated must begin from within. Inside he is emotionally uncertain. This is why he clings to the objective realities of life. Aries is not quite sure he can go all out in faith and trust. He can but someone he trusts has to install this belief in him.


An Aries ascendant loves to travel and is apt to do a great deal of it He has a broad outlook on life and his mind is enthusiastic about religious or legal reform. Aries has a very strong prophetic sense and should follow his impressions. He is optimistic and cheerful and always feels there is something better around the corner. In him, hope springs eternal — and why not? Jupiter rules the ninth house. The ninth house rules the highest mental concepts; his imagination and whatever within him is far-seeing and prophetic. With the sign of prophecy on the ninth house, Aries takes it for granted that he can go forward with all that is new, pioneering, and yet to be.


Capricorn on this cusp is conscious of worldly position. He is conservative in those matters which could be detrimental in any way to his reputation. He looks on the world with rather cynical eyes. Aries knows that he can't get anything for nothing. He is not a coward but unless forced to the wall, he is apt to sidestep trouble. So if he gets unpleasantly involved he may decide the best thing to do is to make a break. This will be more in petty issues than big ones. If a thing is big enough, he will stand up against all kinds of hardship and abuse because of being in the limelight It is the Capricorn quality of wanting to get to the high places and retain the place gained that is responsible for the conservative business and professional reaction in Aries. He wants no smirch on his reputation.


Aries seems to have two entirely different sets of friends: one group of persevering type whom he usually meets in business or in governmental or executive positions. The other group consists of people who are the Uranians met unexpectedly at odd moments and whom he likes spontaneously. Needless to say, Aries is wise if he does not try to mix these two types. He has friends of all kinds and enjoys group interests. He is discriminating. He is "hail-fellow-well-met" with everyone, but he chooses his friends. He is interested in humanitarian concerns and has bigger objectives in life than others may think who consider him self-centered. He is self-centered, but he goes out from that center to help others.


Here is where the compassion and sympathy of the Aries-horn is found. Aries does not want anyone to know he is sympathetic and always willing to help, so he hides this phase of his nature under a brusque surface. He is far more sensitive than he would have you know. Pisces on this cusp is the reason why he decides to go out of circulation every now and then. He needs to be alone at times. To maintain his strength and increase his efficiency, he needs time to rebuild the energies he spends so freely. He has a strong and keen sense of personal service, and no sacrifice will be too great for him if be has lightened someone's burden or brought comfort to someone in need of it

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